Man Beaten to Death in His Home

Man Beaten to Death in His Home

Very scarce information came with these pictures but the man was allegedly beaten to death with a stick in his own house. And allegedly this happened in Thailand. People in pictures, including the victim are ugly enough to fit the profile of Thai people so I’m gonna assume the story is reasonably accurate. Besides, we’ve had pictures from Thailand where medical examiners both posed with corpses and pointed fingers at them which is also seen in this set.

There is an object next to the beaten man that may have been the murder weapon (stick). It looks like a modified baseball bat sized down to fit the mighty build of a Thai twinkie, but could be just a broken table leg. Either way, the murderer(s) didn’t mess around too much and left once the victim stopped showing signs of life. His head still looks like a head, which is a bonus cause many murder victims who die this way end up with their heads smashed to shits… just do the search.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Wow. I love how you talk about the Tai People. They’re beautiful people with pretty Golden Brown and Bronze Black skin. And you know what else these so called cretins have that the real cretins in the USA do NOT have? They have the best healthcare system in the fucking world and it doesn’t cost them hardly anything. Stop thinking you’re superior because your not. You’re no where near superior to anyone.

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