Man Beaten to Death on the Street in Vietnam

Man Beaten to Death on the Street in Vietnam

This CCTV video is from Vietnam and it shows a man getting beaten to death on the street in broad daylight. That’s however all I know about it. But it looks to be the case of “Catch him, he’s a thief!

The victim is seen running being pursued by two men. An individual on the street crosses his path and knocks him out with a head kick. One of the pursuers then hits him in the head with a rock, while the other stomps on his head. The man who stopped the escapee then starts having second thoughts and intervenes in the pursuers continuing to bash on the motionless body.

The victim is later carried away, presumably to be taken to a hospital by motorcycle. Apparently, there was no helping him anymore.

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  1. I swear people are losing the grey stuff when it comes to compassion and common sene! Everyone walked or rode past, the guys who beat up the dude came back to see what would happen and tried to blend in with the crowd. The 2 good samaritans were diong wuite well until they picked the guy up and more than likely killed him.

    1. Compassion was never there, unfortunately. Common sense isn’t common sense. It’s truly sad to watch people not give 2 shits about another. Pisses me off when people go out of their way to have a look but not assist. We (usa) are already heading in the same direction, it won’t be long.

      1. I think a lot of it is people are fed up with the justice system. There is no fair justice anymore. Someone ruins your life with a violent crime or takes a life and there is a slap on the wrist. Just a domino effect leading to the collapse of America.

    2. I agree. Never touch anybody and just comfort the victim until professional help arrives. That rock to the top of the head probably did severe damage to his neck and spine also. And then these guys pick him up and continue to screw up the guys neck and spine. He was probably brain dead anyway though. That was a lot of hard shots to the head.

  2. So did the dude in the white simply carry a piece of concrete with him at all times in case something like this went down? How odd. The few times I had merchandise lifted from my store I never once thought to grab an object that’s so massive that it would kill him. Hurt, break and maim, yes. But just as my life isn’t worth losing over an argument or a promiscuous women, this chink stealing isn’t worth it losing his life, even if he is caught. Knock a couple fillings out and maybe take an eye, but a life? No. Maybe I’m becoming too soft.

    1. Yea, what’s going on there? There’s another bloke that gets chased around the corner at the very beginning as well. Remind me not to walk down that side street, I’ll skip the cooked dog they sell down there from a kiosk.

      CAUTION sad dog story. (What is wrong with these people)?

  3. Any leftist liberal I’ll tell you that Vietnam is such a magnificent, wonderful place. Such beauty to be witnessed, a holiday maker’s dreamland. ” Oh you must go there at least once darling, really, it is so very captivating ”
    I beg to differ after seeing just this camera’s angle.

  4. I cant help but to notice the clusterfuck of motorcycles in the background… 😐 Those are hypnotic… looks like a swarm of cockroaches… Also i couldnt help but to notice that Vietnam is still intact after ‘muricah set their foot there… Oh right, ‘muricah lost the war there… 😆

    Those guys that came to take him away are the same dudes that appear running away in the beguining of the video, so i guess they his friends. Also, i dont think hes dead, but just unconscious.

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