Man Is Beaten and Clubbed to Death for Thievery

Man Is Beaten and Clubbed to Death for Thievery

I hate thieves as much as the next guy, but beating one to death is not punishment fitting the crime.

I don’t know much about this video, but it appears to be from South America, possibly Brazil. It depicts beating and clubbing to death of a thief. It’s incredibly surreal how everyone around seems very casual about witnessing murder in real time.

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      1. I find it funny the way these fucking Da Silva no-marks hesitate to hit the guy until he’s clearly down and staying down.

        I guarantee half of these fags wouldn’t hit him had he had a proper chance of defending himself.

        “Oh hang on, I’ll stand close and let someone hurt him first. Now I’ll do my bit”.

    1. Oh John, PLEASE! Calling these low-brow cretinic pondscum “animals” is an insult to our non-human earthly counterparts. No animal on this planet besides humans attack each other in great brutal soulless hordes like this unless its to defend their young, their homes or for food to survive. These creatures are “monsters”. Sub-human. While granted, material possessions in 3rd world countries must be much more difficult to obtain than in our more civilized countries, murdering the perp serves no logical purpose at all. Its certainly not teaching him anything. The poor, luckless dude’s brain done been stomped/bludgeoned right out of his skull! Can’t so much as the teeniest THOUGHT stay inside it now!

      Then again, before we all start trumpeting TOO much morality & self-righteousness here – i know of a huge number of so-called ‘upstanding’/’law-abiding’ citizens in several democratic advanced countries like my own, who, given the chance without fear of prosecution/punishment, would commit just as vicious & brutal an act upon someone if they caught them pilfering something THEY treasured! The Law is there to ensure that we exercise self-control and help us keep our baser natures in check. god knows, not a one of us are angels down deep inside.

  1. there is a fungus called candida… It’s roams through your veins in your blood.. It litteraly devoures you while you are still alive.. his favourite dish is BRAIN CELLS. the host became crazier and crazier. I think in brazil there’s a massive pandemia of fungus candida. be save all of you.

    1. Interesting. And there certainly Is an obvious lack of brain cells alien brazilians (the brazilian retard gene could be this Candida, then…hmm.) and violence for no reason. These “people” are funny. Like middle easterners, its like someone went back in time a couple hundred years and handed out modern weapons and tech/meds to the indigenous populi.

    2. Candida essentially is yeast. ?All healthy adults have normal candida flora on our skin, in our gastro intestinal system and in the mucous membrane linings ( eg. Lungs) ?Women also have candida as normal flora in their vaginas, and quite often develop what we call ‘thrush’ when the infection fighters, the neutrophils a type of white blood cells, are lowered. ?Women will experience and itchy pussy if affected. Both genders can get thrush of the throat too, with the only symptom being a mouth full of white plaque.
      Now it is true that fungal infections can take hold of an internal organ, but this is only really ever seen in people who are immunocompromised like cancer patients or people with HIV who bath with barbie dolls. It can cause abscesses in the affected organ and again you will find that growth of white yeasty plaque. Quite often fatal if systemic, the death is caused by the
      candidemia but likely death was not far off anyhow from the mechanics of the underlying disease. Sometimes it is introduced by intravenous drug injection. An intravenous therapy of the drug Caspofungin, will kill all 50 species of systemic candida quite rapidly but as I said, for immunocompromised patients if they have developed this condition it’s often to late. Forgot to say that the over use of antibiotics is often responsible for allowing candida take hold in the throat and vagina.

      Always remember people, and this is sooo important, never ever take antibiotics that you don’t absolutely need. You have all heard of superbugs, which were everyday bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. Over prescription of AB by doctors for viral conditions like the cold and flu has caused a major issue in that it is likely in 20 years, that all AB will be useless. Pharma companies do not invest in antibiotic research because there is just no money in it. So there are no new AB in the pipeline to fight these superbugs. Very scary shit if you ask me because we will soon return to the days of really common infections like appendicitis and meningitis being 100% fatal.

      1. Everything you said is absoloutly true Dutchy. What freaks the shit out of me is that I’ve been to countries in the world where you can buy antibiotics over the counter without prescription. We are just paving the way for some kind of ‘plague’ pandemic through ignorance.

  2. In the movies, killing is really dramatic. The music, the way people react. But in real life, there is no music, it is not as dramatic. It’s a lot less cinematic. Even the way they call people who kill psychopaths, but they call them heroes in the military. I think it’s all brainwashing to get people not to kill. Someone is not necessarily a psychopath because they kill. It could be like when a lion kills a zebra. It’s just nature.

    1. Well, not so much in my state. While it is very pro gun, I would never recommend killing even an armed intruder in your own home. Shoot to incapacitate. If you kill the criminal, you are going to spend the next couple years in and out of court defending yourself even if you are not formally arrested and charged. The state and DA will sue you because now they cant make money off of that criminal,so they’re gonna try to get it from you. And you bet your ass that any family the “victim” had will also sue the fuck out of you even if they know he was a piece of shit. So if you wanna kill, make sure you have as shitload of money.

      I do not recommend killing at all. Please, learn the law in regards to actual LAW’S definition of self defense in your state.

      But us first w orlders are more sentient and intelligent than these…creatures who act solely and instantly on emotion.

      1. I suppose it?s all a matter of perspective. In the above video the murder was wrong because they could have just beaten him and let him go for what it was worth however if I had a burglar in my home and he had a knife in his hands I would consider it survival and kill him if I could.

        In this world we live in second guessing yourself in a survival situation will only get you killed, better to be sued than dead I say.

        1. Veritas. Also much less risk of being sued for shooting to kill than if you just wound or paralize the intruder, you definately will be sued in a civil suit and forced to pay medical bills , rehab, loss of income. etc. i know
          laws vary state to state but in texas, az. ak. and a few others if you are attacked it is always better to exterminate such vermin ! less paperwork for the cops also a dead man tells no tales that might not `agree` with your version of the `real` story, AMEN.

          1. That is so fucked up! Are you saying in the USA the intruder can sue you for medical bills if you shoot them in burglarising your home??

            Another example of how your government does not look after it’s people. Can’t believe a government would allow it’s citizens be put at financial risk like that. Man your govt. hates you.
            Every other country, the robber goes into hospital gets better at the govt. expense, then gets his sorry arse thrown in jail. There would be a social meltdown if something like that was allowed to happen here…..

    2. Roma Gypsies are no more or less problematic than Irish Gypsies or what locals like to call them, “pikey’s”. Or our government “traveling community”. Or myself “thieving CUNTS”. But a bad word said about a “great community”, blah, blah, blah will have you hung. Cunts. All of them really do need the chamber treatment tho. From a great ‘actor’- “I FUCKING HATE PIKEYS” lol.

    3. No. That’s just giving wicked people permission to let out a darker intent for less of a trade. I guy steals an apple so I slice his throat? No where near justice. If you believe in this then maybe your parents should have smashed your head against the wall at first signs of disobedience. Your logic, just saying.

  3. Same old same old .

    Lack of empathy , uncontrolled emotional response , pack mentality , thirst for blood , no remorse , no perception of right and wrong , no understanding of rehabilitation …. the list is endless .

    All consequences of genetic malfunction due to in breeding .

    1. i can see where people might confuse poor genetics with generations of poor educational standards, poverty and oppression. mob rule can strike anywhere and at anytime under any antagonistic circumstance that compels people to take action

      1. That compels people to take action ! , mmm , nice theory .

        Miscegenation in western nations nations will , if not stopped ,eventually lead to the same thing . Misfiring brain cells due to race mixing , and faulty genes . As is found in nature .

        1. Agreed ewe the list really does go on. So many things need to be addressed but personally I wouldn’t mind seeing them put out of their misery quickly instead of trying to reform a bunch of retards from the jungle.

          Think there should be a multiple question everybody should have to answer before being allowed to live in society. If they fail and are classed as a thug, retarded, a Jew or a jungle bunny! They should be taken out the back and shot!

          Or put on an island where the only way accessible is by helicopter and we’ll make a gameshow out of it.

        2. @ewe Agreed with everything you said except the inbreeding part..I believe these cunts,bastard low life son of bitch did not receive proper education due to their government malfunctions.What Monkey see
          Monkey do
          The Baboon
          will try it too.

          1. @gladiator74 . I agree . Added to the totally messed up gene pool ,the lack of proper education can only lead to these backward situations .

  4. The thought process ( I am assuming there is one) behind this is just so over my head….I really don’t believe in this mob mentality argument. So to keep my belief in the good of world order, i really have to think the young men (kids) who committed this crime had another reason for doing it, which was apart from the theft. I get the feeling from that video, these couple of boys knew the ‘thief’ from school or the village and instead of being in their group of friends, for some reason he was an outsider, a loner, a little bit different to the other boys and they never let him forget it. The hatred they developed for him, for being of something they did not totally understand, is the most human of reactions. That ultimately was his down fall and when the perfect opportunity presented itself, to the others he was very quickly selected out of the gene pool and all the other locals maybe knew what was happening because there is a big chance the same violent ending unfolded for ‘the awkward geek’ back in their day too…..

    1. sorry @Dutchy, there are people and not always in the most impoverished areas who will make all the polite noise of civil behaviour until a moment like this comes along.
      while that fellow might well have not been very close to those men, his disposition amongst them need not have been so low for something like this to befall him. they carry the oppression of poverty and injustice in their breast daily and when the outrage spurns civilised thought before mob mentality, it is sadly found close to the surface

    2. Unfortunately Dutchy we never really know the full story behind the lynchings. So it’s difficult to make a real assumption about their reasons for doing it. I’m sure a lot of these guys getting beaten to death deserve it. But one thing I definitely am sure of is pack mentality. It’s like when everybody used to run over in school to watch a fight happening. Humans have an insatiable appetite for excitement and nothing gets the blood pumping quicker than violence. I think that’s why a lot of people come here. Not necessarily my reasons but I’m sure there’s a few. The easiness of being able to join in when someone is defenceless is to great. You gotta ask yourself if these guys were here on their own do you think that half of the victims would end up dead with there heads caved in? Personally I doubt it very much. Pack mentality is very real and shall live on forever unless people realise it’s a seen less act of violence towards another human being. But asking people to do that when they are fucking retarded is a very big expectation. I applaud you for trying to steer clear of admitting the fact that people are barbaric animals but the videos on BG don’t lie. It’s a real shame it’s like this dude. 🙁

    1. @nybadguy : does ny mean New York? Do you live in the city, New York? I am thinking of booking a holiday to City, New York at Christmas time. You see I want to experience a white christmas and the movies always make it look pretty special. The travel agent put a major bummer on my plans when she told me that it rarely snows at Christmas there. Is that true? Or should I still come, bite my lip, close my eyes and hope for the best? I’m a bit over eating prawns, surfing, playing beach cricket and getting burnt to a crisp
      on Christmas Day…..

      1. Yea. I’m in NY. It hasn’t snowed Christmas day in a few years. But there was to much snow this year. You should at least experience NYC once in your life . there’s a lot to see and do. Plus NY pizza is the best in the world

  5. I’m so glad right now that I dont live in that part of the world… 🙁
    I dont know what chills me the most about this vid- the murder itself or the lack of emotion of the vitnesses.

  6. It would appear that there was a “anti-semitic” attack outside the Jewish museum in Brussels today, a few dead.

    If you also look at the larger political picture throughout Europe it is clear that more and more people are aligning themselves with right leaning political parties and the reason for this is easily understood.

    If you take away the populations ability to have a say, to make change in a ?democratic? manner they will turn to direct action instead.

    Mass uncontrolled immigration and extreme greed among the corporations have turned the lives of the indigenous working class populations of first world countries into shit.

    Mass unemployment, crippled state sector, high taxes, out of control private sector, these factors have turned even the previous liberal minded into advocators of direct action.

    Our governments, our corporations, fully understand that their extreme actions create counter and equally extreme reactions and the more they push the more the people will resist, rightly or wrongly, morally or unmoral, it has proven to be this way since society began.

    Stones and ripples.

    1. Too true my friend! I think what we see is meant to look chaotic and random, but in fact is carefully contrived to slowly take our liberty and money. people are easier to control when they are scared and hungry. who would have thought Kiev would go the same way as syria two years ago? If the theory is
      true, then nobody in any country is safe, the corporations and the banks run everything and the governments do what they are told. As long as the majority are oblivious or too thick to care, the cancer will spread.

      1. belarus will be the next target for the imf/eu/cia crowd…if they can “pacify” whats left of the ukraine that is,or use the ukraine as a diversion while they try and rape belarus,vlad putin is onto them….greedy feckers that they are

  7. Yet again it is no surprise this kind of behaviour has manifested from such a country. These people see this so often it has become the norm. I feel for the ordinary people of these countries. They have become SOOO accustomed to this they can now just walk by while this happens. Sad.

  8. We all seem to feel strongly one way or the other about this, but what I got from watching this video is it would be a safe place to ride your bike.

  9. This is brazilian portuguese, but I do not think this is Brazil.

    But, wait. By the sound the wood in his head… Yeah, definitely this is in Brazil, no doubt about it.

    Here we have a proverb that stats “to beat the shit out o someone with a dead cat until the cat meows”. I think that was the occasion.

  10. Always wonder after they have killed the dude how the go home and carry on with normal life, most of them probably have a wife and kids, wife ” what do you do today my love” husband ” nothing much babe, just beat someone to death, same old shit, what’s for tea”.

          1. I can’t wear them myself, I have quite possibly the ugliest looking toes in the world, even when am holiday abroad it’s trainers all the way, no one needs to see my toes, it took me a good year before I allowed my girlfriend to see them, pretty harsh on me haha.

  11. They could stopped beating him earlier,enough for brain damage to learn the lesson,but i’m not competent to defend or regarding anyone without evidences however this is cruel and overreacted

  12. It is indeed Brazil. According to what they are saying the video he robbed the mother of one of the beating guys. Some people arround were also accusing him of robbing other people as well.

    about 2:37 or so one of the guys says (the louder one): “only in his face, only in his face yeah”

    then the other says: “let’s just kill him now”

    then the first agrees: “we have to kill him, we have kill him.. because when the police arrives it’s over”

  13. That lynchings seem to be great village fetes in South America and Africa.
    Thieves should be beaten hard, but not to death.
    That’s not a relation.
    For raping, murder or child molesting it’s ok to kill him, but not for stealing.

  14. This was totally uncalled for. I don’t care what he’s stolen. You don’t trade a life for an object. Street justice is just an excuse to let out the darker desires of the uneducated and deprived, releasing their stress on others. The man was clearly beaten and down, couldn’t even defend himself if a child was attacking. He had his punishment served undoubtedly at this point. One would hope he learned from it. But then they saw him moving and went right back in. I hate to say it because of a point made earlier to me (viewing anyone less than human goes along the same ideology of white supremacy) but when you see this you can’t help but feel they are completely inhuman. If I was there, i’d defend the criminal. That was so not worth the punishment laid out for him. I’d let him get beat, he’d be deserving of that at least been when you bring in brick, boards and beating a from that can’t very well defend himself let alone lift a single limb. It’s too much. Another country that’s losing my respect.

    Some say street justice (in other words vigilantism) is better. In a way I kind of like the idea. You catch the dude red handed, you teach him a lesson then and there. No money wasted on court and all those other expenses, you teach the dude lesson (and hopefully he/she learns from it), and perp doesn’t have to waste part of his life in jail. The huge setback with that however is stuff like this.

    An object is not worth a human life. People’s emotions turn them into hideous beings with no control, no compassion and no intelligence for that matter. You leave justice into the hands of the uneducated and hate-filled, mistakes are more likely to happen. Even if our laws are looked down upon. At least they are more fair than others. Granted he deserved a beating to teach him a lesson. But he certainly didn’t have to lose his life over it. Also bringing forth another case of street justice where a kid was accused of child rape. He was beaten and raped to death himself by the community, and only later did they find out it was a false accusation made against him. Innocent kid whom contributed toward society, was going to college to be an accountant and helped around, died for nothing, betrayed by his own people.

    One dude pointed this out to me. Just a side note. When you see people like this and you call them something lower than humans, someone pointed out to me that kind of thinking is no different from White Supremacy. I can see what he’s talking about and I believe that is wrong. it invokes racism and you believe a man should have rule over another just for the color of their skin. Sometimes, however seeing this… Just sickening..

      1. Don’t be retarded. I’m nothing like the people here that get off on this. You don’t know the reasons why I’m here. I only created the account to chastise some of the sick twisted minds on here and educate the ignorant. As there seems to be plenty of both on here. I also see this to keep my eyes open to what humanity is really like, rather be indoctrinated by religion and media to dictate how I should feel about a certain group or race.

        One of you types just told me I should enjoy stuff like this. WTF is up with that? they didn’t go through what they go through for your fucking entertainment, regardless of the purpose of the site.

  15. How do “these” people think its okay to do this? I understand an ass whopping or cut the right hand off, or 3 meals a day, a gym, reck time, t.v and what not for a few months but this? They are definitely going to regret fucking up in town and having would be friends do this to them.

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