Man Bleeds Out on Street After Being Attacked with Knife

Man Bleeds Out on Street After Being Attacked with Knife

According to the info I got, the man shown bleeding in the video was attacked with a knife on the street, and eventually died from rapid blood loss. Passersby attempted to apply pressure with clothing to the wound in his upper chest, but the discomfort the victim was experiencing prevented him from sitting still, and when he lent forward, the blood gushed out, suggesting a major artery may have been severed.

I don’t know where exactly this happened, but the language spoken sounds Spanish, so it could be one of the Latin American countries, verdad?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Man Bleeds Out on Street After Being Attacked with Knife”

  1. I’m sure he wanted to sit still but the blood started to fill his lungs. He sat up to cough and the blood came shooting out. If not from the loss of blood, he surely would have drowned in it. May he dream or cinco demayo

  2. Its Brazil yet again and there is no mistaking sir .
    The fella was to die anyway but the crowd just eased off his miseries with all that commotion of theirs that went on in the backdrop unabated .

    1. No, it´s spanish language, and that papi papi papi used for addressing strangers is very common in Colombia, Venezuela and Central America, never heard it in Mexico. If i have to bet i say Colombia.

  3. Looks like he might of got it in the Lungs, as he was chocking on his blood, therefore he had to lean forwards every so often to expel the build-up of blood from his airway! Goner, he is. 🙁

    1. Been stabbed six times and had a lung collapse and had to have tube inserted in my lung to drain the blood for a few days…
      When I got stabbed I didn’t feel absolutely shit, just felt like if I was been poured with lots of hot water…
      Blood is really, really warm to not say hot, very hot…
      The wound the doctor made to insert the tube hurt like a motherfuck, it hurt alot
      But only half as much as when they removed the tube after a few days…
      Super painful shit…

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  5. He’s spitting blood. We can also see he has a stab wound on the right side of his upper thorax. This means 2 things: the knife pierced the subclavian artery and/or the subclavian vein, and that the knife also pierce his esophagus. It’s impossible to survive that.

  6. Pretty sure this is the first video where a victim was actually being assissted and not just filmed. Wow maybe they are becoming civilized. Naw who the hell am I kidding, he was probably just trying to find his wallet.

  7. it looks like my homecountry colombia cause they talk like that but it could be venezuala they talk like us. till this day stupid kids kill for drugs shoes phones and other stuff or just because they are in rival gangs it hasnt changed since i was born. that makes me sad

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