Man Brutally Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Guy at Night

Man Brutally Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Guy at Night

Man Brutally Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Guy at Night

CCTV video from I’m not sure where shows a young punk brutally beating an older man on a tiled floor at night. The victim is clubbed and stoned to what without a doubt is death. I can’t imagine anyone surviving being hit in the head with stoned of that size this many times without perishing. The loss of blood from the victim is also rather telling.

The victim was reportedly homeless, which may very well be true. Whether his homelessness had anything to do with the triggers for the attack is unknown. Either way – holy shit. The guy went total savage on that dude.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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  1. Just read that some Trump hating asswipe gunned down a bunch of Jews. I hope we get that video too. I guess I’m supposed to be more offended than normal because they were Jews or something? I really don’t give a fucking shit, my bills still keep coming and I still have to work to pay them. And I still have to do what society tells me to do in order to stay out of trouble. Why should I give a flying fuck?

    1. Well, because everyone is thinking the same as you “I need to think about myself first, if I want to have good things in life. Why should I care about others”, and this is the very reason our world is fucked up. All other reasons stems from that.

      That’s why you should give a fuck, bro.

        1. I would disagree. Of course your situation might be different, but a fucking shit load of people not just doesn’t give a fuck, but actively fucks others to get the things just to boost their ego – luxury cars, appartmens, power, status in society. When in reality a human being just needs food, shelter, love, and a bit of freedom to fulfill the most happy life.

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  2. Looks like a Philippines bus station. My guess is the old guy had been calling that pavement home for longer than the shopkeeper was willing to allow. Probably has built up over some time to get to this. 99.9% chance the murderer is in the nearest shop, 16+ hours a day, making about 500 peso ($10). If it’s Philippines, 99.9% chance no charges will ever be laid- (respectable business owner beats homeless vermin to death- good riddance, would be the general flip consensus).

  3. This “young punk” is doing a great job of cleaning up the streets one black homeless guy at a time.

    Seriously, you are out for a stroll in your city, do you want to be looking at black homeless people who should not even be in your country in the first place? I think not.

    Good Riddance,
    A. Hitler.

    1. Normally I would agree. I assume, though, that you’ve never experienced a homeless guys sleep fart wafting across your face while you’re waiting for the bus.

  4. Most of the population are only a few pay dates from being homeless. A few months with no income coming in and many people would be on the streets.
    It is always good to recognise where you actually are… not where you are dreaming you would like to be.

  5. Were those big rocks or coconuts? They way they bounced and rolled away they looked like coconuts, not that a coconut couldn’t be deadly. Anytime I see a weaker, vulnerable person being brutalized by some fucking gutless coward who picks on weaker targets I only wish that they same treatment befalls them!!

    May this dickless faggot be beaten to death himself agonizingly slow!!

  6. wtf i am looking at ?

    i see a guy, maybe homeless, sleeping… and another guy sit by the road .
    then the guy sit wake up, walk around, came back with a pipe or something. and hit the sleeping homeless guy multiples times.
    then the sleeping homeless guy dont give a single fuck and get back to his sleep. and then the other guy came back and hit him with rocks and finish him by exploding his head with a wood plank ( wich broke in same time).

    wtf is this ? a homeless deal that turn bad ?

  7. This must be Brazil as the most savage merciless place on Earth.
    I hate teens and kids. Especially demonic power tripping hateful scum like this.

    -I would give whatever it need to see him on Best Gore from prison, being tortured for hours.

    1. Same for me bro those ages where people think they know it all and feel invincible. They feel like they can get away with anything but you have to admit that at one point in your life you were also like that. But fuck I want to bash their fucking heads sometimes acting hard, smoking, drinking like there is no tomorrow then crying like little bitches when they go to jail, get pregnant or get fucked up real bad.

      1. .. Y’know this could easily be Ireland.. Seein that the guy layin down didn’t want to talk to him.. He went and got 2pieces of Blarney stone for the guy to “kiss”.. Now, not only does the guy have the gift of gab… He speaks dierectly to God… Fukn outstanding..!

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