Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head

Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head

I didn’t get much in terms of background info, but I have a feeling it’s again from our favorite country that’s totally owned the world of gore since the first minute of 2017.

The video shows a man getting brutally killed by pickaxe to the head. He’s also stoned, bludgeoned with a 2×4, and with pickaxe embedded in his skull, he’s shot.

Props to Best Gore member @TheAlchemist for the video:

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101 thoughts on “Man Brutally Killed by Pickaxe to Head”

  1. Strange how, for some people, witnessing something like this is completely normal. The people in the background are chatting away as if they were at a birthday party or something. Meanwhile, some guy is getting his head chopped.

    If Albert Einstein had gotten his noggin chopped to pieces, the Germans would have probably beaten us to the nuclear bomb. If Bill Gates had had a pick-axe implanted into his skull, Japan would have beaten us to the computer revolution. The point is that that person that you have given yourself the pleasure of killing could have been the person destined to save the world. You might have postponed eternal peace, freedom, and happiness for all of mankind for another decade, even for another century, just because it made your testicles feel heavier for a day or two.

    1. What bullshit talking, they may also have killed a Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy on the making, or a future bankster, we don’t know the background to have indications if he was a potential saviour or destroyer (seems the latter, as I understood it to be gang related by what they say). And did Einstein engage in the Manhattan Project, I thought that he didn’t…

          1. First of all, I love Cadbury chocolate eggs; they’re delicious.

            Second of all, are you still mad cause you saw your mom sucking my dick after fucking her in the ass? She loves uncut Salvadorean dick, dude, get over it. You’re gonna have a half-breed, step-brother soon.

            Third of all, if that does happen, I really hope its you wielding the axe, so I can embarrass you in front of all your buddies before they shoot me down.

    2. With what I’ve been seeing on BG, these guys are usually drug dealing scumbag gangsters or an alleged rapist. It was probably gang affiliated retaliation. Most likely the Brazilian sluts in the back are there so the guys can have a contest to see who can pee in their butt from the farthest away!

  2. I guess it was gang related, or maybe some sort of vengeance to the killing of friends, as the killer says ”here, it’s for what you’ve done to our little brothers”, it’s the same phrase I heard on the other videos with gang related violence, like the prison massacre…

  3. The guy says “this is for the little brother” “For our brothers” I believe it to be another fight between factions of Brazil, at the end of the video the guy says “now let’s roll it”, probably they played some kind of body or buried … By the way of and speak they must be from the Northeast of Brazil, or from the North, regions where the rebellions are going on, in the background one hears a song, it seems to me that there was some show near the scene of the crime …

  4. “You thought it was over,
    It’s not over.
    I came back, I brought my axe!

    ..Axed in the back
    Pick through the neck
    Dead like the rest
    Molested and left
    Limbs split in half
    I ruptured their flesh
    Puncture wounds
    To the head.”

  5. Yes, this was in Brazil, for revenge for what they are talking about, the accent is from the north of the country, and despite the state of Paraná where I live to be considered Brazilian Russia, the north is better known as slaughter.

  6. They need to have gotten started with spades first and thereafter the pick-axe should have followed
    Hey the dude got dug in deep and If it was for a hunt for something precious the pick- axed guy had it all chewed up before and had ingested within deepest deep recesses of his guts. So this exploration seems to have ended on a futile note.
    There is no mistaking that the country this time over again is the same old crazed up totally insane BRAZIL .
    BRAZIL you do suck …… and if the tourists think yours is a paradisaical abode then they better stay fore warned and better still fore armed if they wanna roam those acres of hell on earth .

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