Man Buried Alive by Fake Syrian Army, Audio Changed to Fool Sheep

Man Buried Alive by Fake Syrian Army, Audio Changed to Fool Sheep

Zionist masters financing Syrian insurgency must have threatened the Fake Syrian Army terrorists that checks would stop coming if they don’t produce some serious results. That’s about the only reason why there’s been such an increased try-hard activity on behalf of the terrorists to take the brainwash of the sheep into a whole new, ridiculous level. In a desperate attempt to save their checks, the terrorists resorted to such ridiculousness as stealing the Mexican Narco Beheading by Chainsaw video to get the sheep to bleep in their favor.

Coincidentally, this new, desperate push to win the bleep of the sheep is a synchronized effort by several propaganda production teams. Like Mexican Chainsaw Beheading, each other video released as part of this initiative is fake, but some fooled the sheep better than others. One of the more successful videos is a piece produced by the Syrian Movie Studios in which the Al Jazeera hired actors dressed up as Syrian soldiers and buried an unknown man alive.

Now, to your average dumbed down sheep, this would look exactly the way the Fake Syrian Army intended it to – sheep would get disgusted and start bleeping against Bashar al-Assad believing everything the special effects team of the Syrian Bollywood presented them with. To those of us who still have brain left and can see beyond the veil on the terrorists’ faces, this is a great attempt at a believable propaganda, but nevertheless, nothing more than that – a propaganda.

It’s clear that the Syrian Movie Studios want to become the next Bollywood, but like in movies by their Bollywood counterparts, the soundtrack dubbing in this video sucks and give away its fakism right away.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the man who’s being buried alive appears to chant Allahu Akbar the way Sunnis do, but the chant continues without any change in voice even after he’s struck in the head with a rock and also after his head is already up to the nose with dirt.

This video, my friends is a fugazi. Don’t be a fucking sheep believing everything the terrorists say. The single fact that Hillary the Obtuse speaks in favor of the terrorists should raise every flag on your bullshit radar right away. When someone who hasn’t let a single sentence that wouldn’t be pure bullshit out of her mouth in her entire life says something is one way, you can rest assured the likelihood of the truth being the opposite way is immense.

The Fake Syrian Army are terrorists on a genocidal rampage. It is an undeniable fact that the first casualty of war it truth. Trusting either side would be foolish. But what Fake Syrian Army is doing in Syria is so blatant only a utter sheep would voice their support.

Fabricated video of a man being buried alive which fooled so many sheep is below, including rewinds of the part where failed audio dubbing is evident. This video was sent in by many people. You all have my thanks, but there were just so many of you, I wouldn’t be able to list you all on here. And I don’t want to list just a few cause it would be unfair to leave the others out. I apologize in advance. I’ve been really overwhelmed with emails lately and can’t keep up anymore.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Man Buried Alive by Fake Syrian Army, Audio Changed to Fool Sheep”

    1. obviously these people are MUSLIMS !!

      They are fucked up culture = to be honest !! Don?t know why US, UK, NZ, AUSSIE, Europe countries even allow these asshole cultures in our countries !! Bunch of terrorists !!


      Seen so many on this website where most muslims beheading each other !! No wonder there are still ghosts still roaming on this earth !! Coz of these horrific killing. Why wouldn?t be there Ghosts !!

      So sad we live in this world with MUSLIMS/SYRIANS/PAKISTANIS/IRAQI?S they think/do alike !!



          1. @baked, can you please send me some seeds? Oh hang, the old lady down the road has ‘opium poppies’ growing in her front yard, so don’t worry!

  1. Ok maybe im just dumb here fellers..and I know I happen to be surrounded by some highly esteemed individuals..Can someone feel me in on the fake syrian army? Whats that all about? I did some reading and they say its Israel behind it…Can someone feel me in

      1. @Carnal…of course it is not the real Randy. Someone just trying to get attention. Think about it…nobody here uses their full real names and pics, so why would someone famous do that? If I was famous, that would make me for sure use alternate identity.

        1. I’m sure it’s some dude that has a picture of Randy in a leopard skin speedo over his mattress. He probably just wants to fly a jet into the ass of a space ship… If I’m wrong Randy fill me in on the true story

    1. The fake syrian army…….. FSA…….. are a bunch of wannabe dickwads with little or no monetary support hence the shit video.

      Who and why would anybody want to support a bunch of renagade fuckwits ?

      I’m not real good at conveying my opinions but as sure as shit there are others here who can………… Stay tuned

    1. Heyyyy I could agree that arabs are fugly as hell(I’m being honest sorry fellow arabs) in general but the language is really pretty if spoken by an educated person. I mean when I hear texans or australians speak english I really get annoyed by their accents.
      Try looking up interviews by arab celebrities and you’ll change your opinion(I think) if not…okay each their own.

  2. Sorry folks but I can’t help myself with a correction here.
    Sheep BLEAT not BLEEP, fck’n near pissed myself laughing when I read it.

    That dude in the hole reminded me of ROTTEN STENCH…….. OMG, what is happening to me.

    The Fake Syrian Army Terrorists can be assured that we are watching and waiting in anticipation for their next feeble attempt at propaganda and dare I say HUMOUR.

    Obviously they’re struggling for cash I mean. how’s the quality of the video, for fucks sake FSA, invest in a decent video camera PLEASE, because I get really sore facial muscles from grinning and giggling like an idiot watching your pathetic videos.

    On second thoulght, don’t bother, a laugh a day keeps the depression away πŸ˜‰

  3. The pressure on his diaphragm would have been too great for him to yell “Allah Akbar” as convincingly as the video shows in fact the motion of his head shows that he is basically in a lot of pain and just trying to get the last few grasps of air before he is sent to Heaven

          1. The dude on creepshow fed his ol lady to the crate monster. I was talking about feeding my woman to the crate monster… She was on my nesrves yesterday…. If you were asking about the head nod, look at my picture and figure it out

          2. @Carnage I was asking why you wished you had a crate. I was drunk, so I asked in an asshole-kind-of-way.

            I don’t usually ask about people’s avatars. The answers I get are too weird most of the time.

  4. It woud’nt surprise me if the hole he’s in is lined with timber or whatever in which he stands and there’s a top on it and a THIN layer of dirt on top of that.

    I’d like to see 2 minutes more of that video πŸ˜‰

    Huh Huh……….. whatcha think ?

    I love the word FUGAZI and Donnie Brasco is a great movie.

    1. The media is just as woolly as the rest of the sheep. I think fox news should change the animal that represents them. But, all the media stations are as stupid as fox. Sheep watch the news to guide themselves into the nearest cattle processing plant

  5. If only the species “FV” could comprehend the science that billions of dollars and the smartest of FV’s have come up with. All of this religious nonsense would be done with… “Reality is the devil” (reference to the water boy)

  6. That’s It!! I have solved the mystery!!
    Buried dude is Throwing His Voice!! Yeah, like Jeff Dunham! That’s why his mouth isn’t moving and no puffs of dirt or rock are being expelled…even though he is supposedly saying quite a bit…..
    Okay well…it sounded good…lol
    baaaaaad sheep, stupid baaaad sheep….

  7. Saw this a few days ago & I agree, total pseudo bullshit. You kno these peeps like to make a spectacle of everything.. but the video starts after hes buried and cuts off right as they LIGHTLY toss dirt ever-so-lovingly around his head. If it were real they’d have shown his bloody body/face thrown into some deep hole filming his strugges as hes violently buried. <3

  8. Fake Syrian Army: The Movie just gets better and will soon be airing in a movie house near you. I must say though the camera angling is getting steadier so it seems they are getting more advanced with experience. The acting still sucks though. They will always the chance to air their talents on BestGore so they can home in on some extra filming techniques and as always we the readers will get to critique their future works.

  9. Check this out……….. And I quote :-

    A Sierra Leone-registered ship, Lutfallah II, which began its voyage from Libya, stopped off in Alexandria in Egypt, and then headed for the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, carrying a large consignment of arms and ammunition believed to be destined for Syrian rebels, has been intercepted by the Lebanese navy, BBC said.

    The owner of the Lutfallah II said he was unaware of the weapons because “the law doesn’t allow me to open and inspect the containers.”
    But Reuters reported that some of the arms were labeled as Libyan.

    Russia has accused Libya of supporting the Syrian rebels and providing them with weapons.

    The ship was now being held at the port of Salaata near Beirut and its cargo of containers, bearing light, medium and heavy weaponry, were taken away by the Lebanese army and held in an army base ?under lock and key.

    Can you imagine if the FSA got they’re mitts on this load…………… Scumbags.

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