Man Gets His Chest Open with Machete by Own Brother

Internal Organs Exposed Through Massive Hole in Chest

Oh Pernambuco, how I missed thee…

On the night of this Sunday, February 5, 2017, a man was slashed across chest with a machete by his own brother. The slash left him with huge hole in ribcage that exposed internal organs.

The brutal fratricide took place in the district of Lage Grande, in the rural area of Catende, a municipality in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The ex-convict, 25 year old Rafael José Araújo de Souza, was killed by his brother, 23 year old Josinaldo Araújo de Souza Filho.

Rafael reportedly threatened to kill his sister and his brother killed him to defend her, because according to the brother, in the past Rafael had killed his mother and drank her blood (taking this one with a grain of salt, you should probably too).

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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69 thoughts on “Man Gets His Chest Open with Machete by Own Brother”

  1. “Rafael teria ameaçado matar sua irmã e seu irmão o matou para defendê-la, porque no passado ele tinha matado sua mãe e bebido seu sangue” que?! Parece coisa do Sensacionalista

    1. @felipe-s
      “Sounds kind of sensationalist.” (online translator)

      It makes me wonder if the surviving brother had to make up something quickly to calm down his neighbors before they attacked. Then again, for all we know, the dead brother may have actually done it.

      *edit* Re: ‘killed his mother and drank her blood’

        1. @leavebrazil
          Ah! I may have missed the specific reference, but at least I guessed correctly that it was probably made to sound more ‘sensational’ than it was. Thanks for the heads-up, now I’ll understand it when I see it again… and with as many submissions as we get from Brazil I’m sure I’ll see it again!

  2. He killed his mother, brother killed him because he threatned to do the same to his sister, and tomorow we will find out that her sister killed his brother too because she decided that she cant trust males… 😆 What a family…

  3. The guy killed his mother and drank his blood and was ballsy enough to return to the family and then threaten to do the same to his sister ? Sounds like they never should have let this one out of the clink

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