Man Chops Up Woman with a Scythe, Gets Killed by Her Son

Man Chops Up Woman with a Scythe, Gets Killed by Her Son

On May 10, 2012 a man got into a violent argument with his wife, neighbor overheard and tried to mediate but it angered the husband who picked up his scythe and chopped her up. The screams attracted the attention of victim’s son who in turn picked up a knife and struck the attacker in the head, killing him.

It all went down in the town of Piçarreira, the municipality of Mombaça, 296 kilometers from Fortaleza, Brazil. The male victim was 33 year old farmer Edilio Paulino de Souza. Prior to killing his neighbor with a scythe, he also attacked his wife Ana Paula Nascimento with a knife. Her wound were not mortal but she needed to be hospitalized.

Female victim was 49 year old Maria Francisca Rodrigues de Oliveira. She ended up looking the worst – near decapitated with the scythe, badly cut across her face and with an amputated lower arm.

22 year old João Paulo Rodrigues da Silva, son of the female victim fled the village after the murder of his mother’s killer and has not been seen since. He’s considered to be a fugitive from justice.

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64 thoughts on “Man Chops Up Woman with a Scythe, Gets Killed by Her Son”

      1. @drccoco, I have not thanked you for all the gruesome finds you submit….thank you. Are you aware of the current theory that you are not only submitting said material, but are somehow….involved? I do NOT subscribe to these foolish conspiracy theories, and have nothing but respect and admiration for you!!*screams* Please don’t kill me! Seriously, thanks alot for your submissions!! 😉

  1. You knew a da Silva had to be involved in this mess. Just like a Brazilian to kill the mediator instead of just telling her to shut the fuck up and get the hell out of his house! Now they’re both dead with the wife in the hospital. WTF???

  2. Do they have cops in Brazil? The fight must have been quite brutal from the get go if the wife was already getting stabbed.

    I could imagine her screaming hysterically – maybe that’s how Brazilians communicate normally – I don’t know, but there should have been an indicator that the cops probably would do a better job in “mediating” than a highly trained neighbor entering into the argument.

  3. Or perhaps the true story is that the husband was secretly banging that neighbor lady on the side. The wife found out about it, or even walked in on them in the act, and killed them both on the spot. The victim’s son overheard the ruckus and came over to investigate, so she killed him too and quickly buried his body in the field. Then she slashed herself a little with the knife and just made up the whole story of the husband’s crazy scythe attack and the son’s revenge and subsequent escape!

    I mean it’s really hard to understand why any guy would want to kill his ugly nagging harpy of a wife and his nosy bitch neighbor with a scythe, you know, for no reason.

  4. Some men need to realize … “you don’t own her you dumb-ass mthr-fkrs,…you can’t control her feelings and in most cases a female has a better vocabulary and access to words than males and some males can’t communicate and just go into kill for ego and supremacy mode then attack… and resent theirselves on death row or incarcerated or dead”….if her son wasn’t there…would she be alive?…most likely her son didn’t want to do what he did…or maybe he was a mean shit I don’t know…either way one mean shit will hurt no one no more…

    1. @Shadow…”has better vocabulary and access to words???” We all have the same access to the same words but some people don’t put as much stock into their education as others.

      Please don’t buy the current marketing and hollywood stereotyping that portrays todays males and father figures as idiots who couldn’t survive without the sensible intelligent wife who runs everything. It flies in the face of the womens rights activists protesting the fact that the majority of CEO’s, VP’s, and other senior managers in this world are males, and you don’t get to those levels with a limited vocabulary or inability to communicate effectively.

      Now, will men sometimes get violent in an argument? Sure. It’s called testosterone. Women would do the same if they had the same levels of it coursing through their veins.

  5. Because of Best Gore, there’s no way in hell I’m ever visiting Brazil. Oh and the game Max Payne 3 (which takes place in sao paolo brazil)definitely reinforces that as well. In places like that you’re bound to run into a corpse or two as well as as a shady street gang within the first few days of arriving there.

  6. FrappuDew on October 25, 2012 at 3:23 pm said:

    Not only am I left handed, but I?m also a lesbian. If only I wasn?t white? I could be a superhero called ?The Incredible Minority?.

    That’s f’kn hilarious.

  7. Oh man that’s brutal. What is a scathe? It looks like it leaves you worse looking than a machete attack. My god I can’t imagine what terror you must feel when someone is welding a dang machete running at you…..note to self always carry a gun if I am ever in Brazil and Thailand.

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