Man Clubbed to Death by Young Ex-Cons

Man Clubbed to Death by Young Ex-Cons

Isn’t that just the best fucking photo you’ve ever seen? The medical examiner is finger fucking the dead dude’s brain through crack in his skull. Or maybe he wanted to hook the corpse by the crack to swing him into a coffin. Brilliant!

On Sunday December 2, 2012 a man by the name of Jocimário de Sales was hanging out and drinking with an ex-con nicknamed Gaguinho (Porky Pig) and his fellow cronies. Fueled with booze, Jocimário got into an argument with young ex convict and that quickly lead to a fight. Aided by his cronies, Gaguinho clubbed the man to death. The incident happened on Rua Projetada, in bairro Mutirão, town of Cupira, state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Why would you go drinking with someone who’s nickname was Porky Pig?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Man Clubbed to Death by Young Ex-Cons”

  1. His kids in Brazil aren’t smart enough to talk to each other without some kind of anger towards each other. But when they get into a fight someone’s going to retaliate so if they don’t Kill the person then….. There’ll be retaliation. Vicious circle. Walking tours for World Cup visitors. Lol

  2. Thankfully, the medical examiner did his “exteme pointer,” and stuck his finger in the hole, where a piece of this guys skull was missing. We’d have had a hard time figuring out where exactly the wound was otherwise. How embarrassing, killed by a guy nicknamed “Porky Pig”….”th tha tha thats all folks”

  3. I was just watching a docoumtery about the Brazilian gore newspaper ‘Alarmo’. They were following around one of thier photo journalists as he went to crime scenes. Interesting to see how they got thier pics. He said for his last exam in his final year they had to be present during an autopsy. They were all told to bring breakfast with them which they then had to eat while watching the autopsy, only in Brazil huh? crazy.

  4. Put some wood chipper trailers in some places these “ex-cons” live in so when they fight and kill each other instead of wasting carbon coffins we can watch FV’s inserted into said machine. Stray dogs won’t go hungry . When will we see swords from infomercial knife shows being used. Hahah ha

  5. The medical examiner was putting his finger into the hole at the back of the skull to check to see if there was ever a brain in there; well he had to check because the dead idiot went drinking with Porky Pig!!!!

  6. Some guys will just put their fingers in any hole that has hair around it.
    Speaking of holes with hair around it, I’ve had to make another trip to the ER over the weekend, this time it’s kidney stones. Painful as hell and the worst is yet to come. Aside from the fact I’m already peeing blood I can expect to pass the broken down stones any time now…ouch.

    1. I’ve had kidney stones, Very painful indeed had me walking hunched over into the ER.

      However in my case they gave me some drugs, I relaxed for a while and when I went to piss they were all gone, didn’t hurt one bit.

      Here’s to broke back having the same results!

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