Man Clubbed and Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison

Man Clubbed and Stabbed to Death in Brazilian Prison

Video from a Brazilian prison shows inmates dragging, clubbing and stabbing a man to death. The video doesn’t show it very clearly, but I suspect that much, if not all of the clubbing was done with machetes, so it was more like slashing, than clubbing. Those blades were probably dull, though.

I like how while the guy is being massacred, the calm music is coming out of the facility’s speaker system.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. This whole thing about reformation seems not to be working out that well, even in developed countries, much less in developing Brazil. They seem not to be doing reformation the right way, as a shitty labor camp would be more effective, so at least in a worst case scenario, they would be giving back their labor to society, instead of just scratching their balls all day long. There’s a greater problem that is the need to eliminate some dangerous elements, who can not be reformed. That said, we don’t know the background to the video above, maybe he was a paedophile rapist, or something along these lines, and got the well known special Brazilian treatment.

      1. Take it from me as someone who spent about half my adult life in prison (12 years) that there are simply some people who need to be locked away from society FOREVER. Most gruesome thing I saw was a guard was beheaded by an inmate at Lompoc USP in California. The first guard to respond ran to the scene and slipped and fell in the guards blood. Started throwing up IMMEDIATELY. Saw a female guard get her front teeth broken out of her mouth and raped by a pack of Mexicans too. And of course the random guard on inmate violence sprinkled with a splattering of inmate on inmate rape with broomsticks and the like. Stabbings, beat downs, etc etc. Shit goes down in those places. I seriously wondered if I would make it out alive or end up with a life sentence for protecting myself. Dudes go in with a little and end up with allot of time for doing just that.

  1. You think somebody would take a stab, er .. a swipe, uh .. a crack at that lake in the background? Doesn’t look too well guarded from here … Unless it’s filled with piranha or something, which may be a more inviting scenario really

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