Man with Cuffed Hands and Fabric Over Head Shot Dead on Public Road

Man with Cuffed Hands and Fabric Over Head Shot Dead on Public Road

Here we go again – another day, another cold blooded execution out in the open in Brazil. We just saw a video of a similarly brazen execution in a public space in Brazil, and now this…

The video depicts a man with hands cuffed behind his back, and some kind of fabric (a shirt?) over his head to torment him with sensory deprivation, getting shot multiple times by gunmen.

The car is seen driving down the road just as the shooting starts. And as was the case with the previous video, the killers unload it into the guy, but appear to miss most shots taken, despite close proximity to the target. Ammo must cost next to nothing in Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Man with Cuffed Hands and Fabric Over Head Shot Dead on Public Road”

    1. Even then it would still be risky there are numerous incidents of people being shot in the head and surviving. Although it depends on alot of factors 2 shots is pretty standard when it comes to execution. In the case of this video it appears that almost 5-6 shots ricochet off the road leaving very few from the amount fired hitting the target. Not going to claim it wasn’t done by amaterus though obviously they are.

  1. This video made me laugh my ass off. Brazilians just don’t give a fuck at all. Mexicans will cut you to pieces, but in a secure, secluded area. This type of shit just happens out in the middle of the town square.

  2. But I don’t understand it, the law in Brazil prohibits citizens to carry a gun without a permit outside their homes, how can it be, perhaps if we do just like the mainstream media says and prohibit the sales of arms altogether it’s gonna solve the problem, then the marginals who infringe upon the laws won’t be able to get their guns, after all, some of them are even able to get RPGs, now, I wanna see where they’re gonna get them after we prohibit arms sales.

  3. Curious if they would’ve shot the people in the car if they actually hit him when they pushed him over the curb to eliminate any witnesses. Looks like they intended him to get hit first. I’m thinking too much into it. They missed a lot of shots at a non-moving target, so common sense tells me they’d miss all shots at a moving target.

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