Man Defending Himself Against Attacks from Woman Gets Killed by White Knight

Man Defending Himself Against Attacks from Woman Gets Killed by White Knight

Since its inception, Best Gore has been solid in busting myths that are promoted by the mainstream press as truths. For example, without Best Gore, one could be easily tricked into believing that Thailand is a safe vacation destination, when more foreigners are murdered in Thailand than in the rest of the world combined. Similarly, one may be tricked into believing that Canada is a free country where people can express their opinions without interference by the regime.

Another fact that has been proven a hundred times over is that Brazil is the single most pussy whipped country in the world. By a vast fucking margin. So even though I didn’t get any backinfo about the video below, I have a strong feeling that it could be from Brazil for a simple fact that it features the biggest white knighting loser cucks you have ever seen.

The video shows a man being abused and assaulted by a woman. He only defends himself when she attacks, and limits his defense to just countering her attacks.

But even though the woman is the aggressor and the man victim, instead of busting the bitch, a white knight gets in the victim’s face and pushes him by the arm. But that were obviously not enough, so a complete mangina of a simp other faggot then smacks the man in the head with a motorcycle helmet like a total loser from behind, knocking him to the ground and according to the info I got, killing him.

Brazil or not, what a bunch of fucking cucks reducing themselves to eunuch servants for a shot at validation from females in the vain hope of getting their approval.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Man Defending Himself Against Attacks from Woman Gets Killed by White Knight”

        1. @Bubba I SO agree with you! Very troubling but AWESOME book! The detaila of what he did! The caves with the big, hungry rats eating his victims alive, what he did to the guy that was accused of raping a mafia members daughter, etc…and then coming home cool as a cucumber! DEFINITELY a must-read to all of you who haven’t seen it. Hope at least some of you will read it and underatand what I mean! Enjoy!

  1. Seems he forgot the # 1 rule of street fighting….pay attention, be ready for the random asshole that would strike you from behind given the chance. He had fair warning when the first guy pushed him that maybe there would be unfriendly crowd participation….still that helmet made a nice thunk sound.

    1. Hey @ Rayf – you’re alive ! That is a relief as i can now stop having to scour through every video on the site to try and find out if something sinister was at play with you. So still kickin?
      Ah thats great – Well done brother !……

  2. It looks bad for him because he could have pushed off with his arms and retreated. Instead he comes at her with a blinding rage releasing some powerful kicks which could have really damaged her.
    Not defending her but he was probably stealing from her. That’s the impression I got. Like he did her dirty. If he would have been a true gentleman about it like a stand up guy he wouldn’t have alarmed the other men with such aggression. He’s no loss. I would of jumped in as well. He acted like an animal. So he had to be put down.

    1. Though I don’t necessarily agree with you or the write up I will say there’s not enough evidence to place the blame on one or the other. This video only shows how it ended and not how it started.

    2. I agree no one knows what happened to lead up to this…but I think if it was his fault the other men would have been involved from the jump. It appears they just white knighted probably in hopes of impressing her to fuck…I hate faggots like that…

  3. Women want(ed) equality. So… woman goes to hit man. Man goes to hit woman. Congratulations. You got what you wanted.

    I see she backed off after making first contact. Too late, skanky bimbo.

    It’s was funny when he decked her with his foot.

  4. The skank barely touched his cheek and for him to swing then use his full kicking power on her was out of line! But it seems the entire bunch was drunk and acting crazy and stupid. But that helmet to the back of the head wow!! The fucking hit heard around the world!! If it killed him I would not at all be surprised cause that shit was brutal and if by miracle he survived break out the coloring books and finger paints for this guy to keep him occupied while drooling in the corner somewhere cause he just got knocked back to Pre-K!

    1. I can’t say who started it here. Everyone is drunk. If the dude died, it wasn’t the helmet strike that killed him. It was the way his head smacked the pavement. Brutal.
      The slaps the skank delivered weren’t much but at the end of a drunken night out a half naked skank should expect some punching and prodding.

  5. He got into her face which is an act of aggression she retaliated and hit him for it I’d say they both are at fault it definitely wasn’t a fair fight with the white knight stepping in and using deadly force though he should be locked up.

  6. Looked to me like he was attacking her and aggressively too, it won’t have been the first time hr beat a woman but it is certainly his last, personally i’m glad that fellow hit him with the helmet, did the human race a favour, not because he smacked a skank but because he’s a cunt and deserved to die. i often play this one again to cheer myself up

  7. “even though I didn’t have the information”, “but I have a feeling that”

    It has always been like this, a retard stupid narcissist piece of shit. The one who “outsmart” the world. The one who knows all. The one who advertises the self-proclaimed so-called “truth”.

    You, sir, are the problem of this world. Not even the murderers in the videos you’re publishing. You spreads your own beliefs. It would have been okay of you at very least acted as a reporter who publishes only what happened and not with whatever YOUR OWN stupid brain thinks is true.

    What makes your judgement better and more reliable than others?

    Why should the world or anyone in here should believe you? Only because folks send you videos of fellow humans’ pain and suffering? And you call this “truth”? What are you sir? A five?

    Your assumptions, beliefs, are not better nor reliable than anyone else’s. But what makes you are the living piece of shit is how you act like you’re the “know all”, “see all”, or the “truth giver” but in fact you’re nothing more than a self-obsessed pathetic who’s drowning in his own ego.

    1. art_sarawut He does tend to be a bit opinionated but it only goes to prove there is no such thing as unbiased reporting. The grown ups here still go by their own opinions and won’t be swayed. Mark often talks about sheeple but surely a sheeple is someone who simply would agree with everything he says. He should appreciate us for not being sheeple. This sight is missing most of its videos now anyway as they’ve been taken down.

    2. Well he has access to these videos…maybe on some of them he has a little more info than us viewers…maybe you don’t like the back story or the opinions who gives a fuck…but I think people like you are the problem…also learn to type in English…finally if you’re going to talk shit about someone’s ego…don’t be guilty of having an ego yourself…obviously you think you “know it all” if you think you can put someone in line n confront someone as if you’re speaking for everyone. I like the commentary and back stories, especially BG line on women…suits me….and….I watch my daily gore n bullshit with fellow BGers…..that’s possible because Mark put this together…so u can shut the fuck up because you haven’t done anyone any good in here or provided any service…honestly I hope you get banned and ur profile erased…lol

    3. I can’t say Mark isn’t biased but I can’t abide you saying he’s a narcissist and self-obsessed as he’s allowed me to argue with him at every turn and never banned me or deleted my comments. He allows complete freedom to debate. However, what you typed wasn’t so much debate as personal attacks and that doesn’t always go over so well as it serves no purpose.

      1. itsplaster Yep, narcissist and self obsessed is way over the top, we all have an opinion but to attack someone personally is a different thing. I still enjoy seeing that black fella getting his lights knocked out though.

      2. God damn straight! We all might not agree with him, but he most certain all-in for Freedom of Speech, and i respect that very much.
        As for this video, yeah, i don’t believe he died by that blow tbh, maybe got some brain damage but not death. at least not yet.
        Best wishes to him tho, losing brain cells ain’t a joke.

    4. Twinker from Thailand is upset because the shithole full of faggots has been exposed for what it is on Best Gore. BTW, as confirmed by numerous Brazilians in the comment section, everything I presumed about the video was proven correct to the absolute last dot. So yeah, I do know what I’m talking about because I live with my eyes open and base my opinion on proven facts. Over and over again, it has proven to be the only reliable source of truth. Just as it is truth that Thailand is the biggest shithole on the planet.

  8. I see the real problem here: not the skank, not the fella, the old alcohol is the culprit. Lol. As far as this skirmish, it’s hard to say what happened but somebody put a lot of muscle into swinging that helmet. I would think he’s not dead just from the number of concussion I’ve seen and such, but it’s definitely a possibility if the contact was made in the right place. I hope they’re all okay and sober up and chill out.

    1. He got what he deserved. He had absolutely no respect for himself or for women.

      The man thinks that if a woman hits him then he is automatically entitled to retaliate “all out” because he is just so fucking superior. It sickens me to see him use full force against her. This is not defending himself… once he retaliated with full force, he became the aggressor.

      Well, thankfully he is dead now 🙂

      1. Thats why when a bitch needs to be dealt with
        beause she’s abusing you physically, you show a bitch
        Who the TESTOSTERONE is
        And you put a bitch out with one punch end of story.
        Turn her lights out…
        Send her to sleep…
        buenas noches…
        bye bye, bitch
        see you mañana.

  9. Did he really dieded? For sure?
    That’s awful.

    I bet that simp mangina who struck him with his helmet is probably regretting it.
    One second you’re just a guy. Another second you’re a simp. Yet another second you’re a killer.
    Boom, your life is changed forever! In seconds!

    That woman didn’t know how to fight. It’s obvious she had no physical co-ordination whatsoever and was not really a threat to him. If it was a guy, I would understand him having to protect himself.
    If I was him, I wouldn’t hit her. I’d just put my beer down, grab her by the wrists and calm her down.

  10. Much thanks to BG for pointing out a few things I hadn’t thought of. The video evidence provided on this site validates many of the points you make, usually in aggregate. I feel that I am a much more cautious person now than before I started following BG. For the better.

  11. Thats why Brazil has such a high murder rate, because of dumb shit like this. Like, obviously when youre dirt poor in Caruaru and all you do is sit under a street light and drink with Mulatoes and Pardos youre not gonna ever think twice about the life you ended casually because its so mundane and natural over there.

  12. if you slap me, I’m gonna slap you back. I’m gonna slap your head off. Once you put a hand on me, I turn violent. Natural instinct from back in the days. Don’t hesitate, don’t show fear.
    I’m a very non-confrontational guy but once the first punch is thrown or the first shove done I only see someone who needs to lay under me and apologize for what he did. Regardless if it’s a man or woman.

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