Man Dies in Back-Aching Position in Toritama, Brazil

Oh my god, that position is hurting me just looking at it. I was never the most acrobatic or limber person before my surgery, but the post op back pain I’ve been experiencing more and more over the years just from sitting in one spot too long is kicking in to full gear just looking at this…ugh.

Anyway. Murder occurred on the night of January 30th, 2016, in Toritama, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was identified as 27-year-old Walisson Maxiliano da Silva, aka “Lai”. He was gunned down while sitting outside of his house. And caught completely off guard, by the looks of it. He leaves behind a wife.

I guess the neighbours thought he may have just passed out and spilled his cranberry juice. Apart from the gunshots…

Also: The winner of the latest Caption This Photo Contest has been determined. Check it out here. Props to Best Gore member, DeadOhioSky for kicking my ass into gear.

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        1. Seems I’ve worked a miracle and bestowed human status on a chair.
          But I do not profess to drink from the douchebag of life…not without the cord to sip it through anyway.

    1. @LF, I’ll massage you darling!!! And we’ll start with youre little foot and then,…eww, wait, i hope that doesnt mean you only have ONE foot…or one little and one BIG!!!!! Ehhhh, i still love you <3 😉

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