Man Eats Newborn Son in Front of Crowd

Man Eats Newborn Son in Front of Crowd

Some behaviors are just too difficult to comprehend. No matter how many horrible things I witness, something always worst comes along that dwarfs everything else i’ve seen up until that point. I guess that after having seen so much of what human beings are capable of, I shouldn’t be surprised by any of these actions, but I still am.

A man ate his newborn son in front of dozens of people in the province of Tabubil, Papua New Guinea. After the police arrived he claimed he was in a state of shock. No shit.

Now, rumors vary. Some say the man was part of a religious cult, others say he was suffering from depression, and then others, like me, say he was simply nuts. Short of a handful of brain cells. And there are a whole lot of people worldwide with the same, or worst, lack of brain matter as him.

Not surprising for the fact he is from a country where not more than 50 years ago Cannibalism was still widely practiced. It was common in many tribes of New Guinea for the relatives of the diceased to eat the body parts of dead family members in an attempt to preserve their spirit within them. Women had this peculiar practice where they would wear certain body parts, such as feet or hands, of their husbands as a necklace. Many bizarre things happen in New Guinea. Not to mention the infamous shrunken heads.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. Yep, got a head like OJ. big fuckin head that guy had. But WTF??? Another victim of spice??? Either way, at least I’m looking at a picture that scares me more than your puppet avi. Fuck me, but it’s been a bad week.

      1. Tell me, you’ve all asked for some spattery from the US. If my self inflicted loneliness mixed with meds that make me feel kind of numb, im going nuts inside my skin.. I know a lot of you think Im an asshole, and I can be, when I work and work and leave the lot…by myself… Get off the redline, by myself. Go myself..don’t sleep 3 days outta 5..And why? I’ve hurt so many people that I’ve loved by exacting devient behavior almost in their face. Who goes to his grammas funeral with his then wife..goes, cries, then calls a friend to go out while my family went to a wake..who but someone like me meets a girl at a Burbank pool hall…leaves his best friend, goes to her home. Finds out that she’s WB Lawyer..long story , I arrived to my familys home around 10 am. I made up a really stupid story about grieving with my Best friend. Failed, cause he called my families home to ask if I was back yet. You might think that Im a moron, but that ex of mine stayed around for several more years. Fuckin yep, that felt good to get off my chest. Now…ideas for a good black milk self inflicted snuff scene? If you’ve read this far, might as well put in your suggestions. Im still going to post until I can’t take it anymore, then Ill give you an American splat

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        1. What you did isn’t actually that bad. You act like you molested a family member or something, just look at the shit people do that ends up on this site. Any madness you’ve created is far from reversible. First thing you need to do is try get off the mess, as it’s not your true self calling the shots when you are on them. I know from experience man, and I know it’s easier said than done. The way I look at it, I am if the opinion that my free will is stronger than any chemical and ultimately I call the shots as to what I take. Don’t let factory made chemicals dictate your actions. Best of luck with everything man, rise above the bullshit.

          1. Yea, but that’s not even close to the worst I’ve bone. Im fucking remorseful..and Hella tired of hearing endless stories indirectly . I still never share my history, cause people who’re in the businesscan say.whatever and do whoever they want. meds and rum kicking in finally. Z listen to to the crucifux Wisconsin album…pure gold. Dre, thank you for being cool with me. Ive gotta go now

          2. Hey BlackMilk I agree with what Johhny said! I’m very impressed with you actually BlackMilk for even recognising what you have done in the past! Its actually the most positive thing you have done so far in your life, right? Do you know what that means? It’s means you are already halfway there to recovery! To a change! That is an accomplishment. Look at is as a process not an event. You most certainly must speak with your Dr as some anti depressants can give you suicidal feelings and thoughts.
            You are most certainly NO failure.
            And and a MAJOR point too…..Yes us sickos on here like gore but I speak for myself and I am sure many many other BG members YeS we like gore but we don’t want to see a fellow BG member of our strange but somewhat satisfying “Brotherhood” Do himself in in front of us all! We would much rather see you turn ALL of what you have done so far in your recovery into a positive thing and live a happy life.
            Your actions from now can show your remorse, by how you treat your family from now on.
            Listen buddie hold your head up high! I have made many bad decisions in my life but you know what! I can’t do anything to change the past so no point beating myself up about it. I can definitely do something about how the future turns out! Go for it BlackMilk you CAN turn this around BG Brother!! All The Best x

          1. The trajectory milk was on leads to one of two places; he’s either dead or in ZOG prison doing Buck Rogers time. Pour out a 40, mkyan1, and move on.

      1. @blackmilk.. there is alot of good advice people have given you here. you still have time to change your life although you may feel it is the end I can assure you it isn’t. you can see what you have done in the past and that you don’t like yourself for it but if you start making things right then people around you will forgive you. you speak so much of the past well the past is the past for a reason and you now have control of your future. The guys are right you need to come off all the stuff only then can you really make a call on your future. see how many people care about you and we don’t even know you, you are never alone. talk to your family or your friends you need a support network people who can pick you up when your down. I really hope things work out for you and we don’t want to see your remains on here thankyou very much πŸ™‚

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      1. Jew baiter , I seen that shit on Nat Geo , a load of the elders get the young villagers who are about to come of age , hold the poor bastard down , and carve the shapes into their skin with a sharp instrument , when they finish , their torso bares a resemblance of a crocs head , it’s said that it wards off danger , then they wash them , again holding them down , completely ignoring the screams , it’s brutal !

  1. OMG baby wasn’t even his, She was adopted.. Acting Western provincial police commander Peter Philip confirmed the horrific act. He said the man entered his home at Wanbin settlement at around 10pm and started an argument with his wife who was nursing the baby.
    Chief Insp Philip said after strangling the wife, he grabbed the child and started bitting its head, neck and bosom.
    ?The child was crying in severe pain. The wife alerted neighbours who attempted unsuccessfully to take the baby from him because he was allegedly possessed by evil forces. He?d displayed unusual strength,? Chief Insp Philip said.
    He was finally overpowered by task force police who led him to the police station. He said the man allegedly told magistrate Patrick Monouluk: ?I won?t give you the baby because God tells me to eat the baby. It?s a threat to me,? when he asked for the baby to be handed over to him.
    The ?cannibal? is from the Highlands region and married to a woman from the West Sepik Province.
    Chief Insp Philip said the baby was again eaten in front of Mr Monouluk and the pursuing crowd.
    PPC Philip said the couple adopted the baby girl from the wife?s niece, a single mother, on January 26.
    (?airaland Forum article)

    1. well I could get into a debate about how this is mild compared to another instance but Fuck that I need some sleep damn it its 5 AM over here and I haven’t even slept yet too many post to cover still and I still have to get a review out for a few anime and cartoons… but I can get into that on my tumblr page…

      But ya this gut has a few too may screws loose…

  2. Cannibalism used to be fairly common in Papua New Guninea, my ex-wife lived there for around 5 years and no, she wasn’t born there.

    The practice is supposed to have been suppressed but may continue in more isolated regions.

    Certain fractions of the Korowai in SE PNG are purported to still engage in cannibalism but this may be designed to pull in the tourists.

    Remember; trying to make something ‘anti-social’ or illegal just tends to push it off the radar and everything becomes just dandy.

  3. This life has taught me that there is only one god…And its name, is death.

    Death is our state of being before birth, and it is our state of being after these shells wear out or become too damaged to function.

    One could say that death is our natural state. No matter how “good” or how “evil” we are, the outcome will always be the same. I don’t believe in any ultimate reward or ultimate punishment. I believe that the energy which powers us will become something else.

    What I’m saying is that if this man was that child’s father, perhaps death was the best option for it.

      1. Nothing upsets me more than this. I can never finish videos of babies/children being harmed and/or killed. It’s definitely my weakest spot since I’m a mommy as well. Some should never have the pleasures of having or being around kids. That guy especially, what a nut case. looks like it’s not his first kill.

  4. Smh. That’s so… Blah.. Extremely disturbing to see this. I’m almost desensitized to these sorts of things except for when it involves children. But.. As I’ve stated previously… Least that lil pluckler won’t have to face a life in this world.

    It’s incredible how the human mind can conduct one to commit actions like this and basically feel no remorse or anything. Just goes to show how primitive and underdeveloped the human race is.

        1. @JotunheimPrincessim.
          i’m certain your aboriginal beauty on the outside is matched by the intelligence and strength of your esteemed tribe on the inside

          i applaude the ?athabaskan chipewyan? as they get ready to take canadian federal garbage of a gov’t to court over tar sands.

          1. Why thank you!! Gracious of you to say so. Truly amazing knowing I’m nay the only one proud of my people’s actions against the fuckers ruining this county! Wish them luck!! I know I do.

  5. I live in Micronesia – hence my screen name, ‘Rota’….(look it up, if you are bored)… Papua NG is in our neck of the woods and make no mistake… the people cling to their savage AND I MEAN SAVAGE roots. In the 1960’s Rockefeller’s son was captured by roaming cannibals and eaten. Murder, mayhem and all manner of fucked up behaviors are a daily reality.

    Homes are built with ‘Rape Gates’…. self-locking steel barred doors …. that woman can swing shut as they are being chased through their house. Teachers from both Australia (PNG is administered from Australia) and the US are put in barbed-wire compounds with armed guards toting automatic weapons.

    If a white person is caught out on the street at night, death is not a certainty, but it’s a coin you don’t want to flip too often. Walk through shopping areas and have your arms sliced with razors carried by the local ‘ruffians’…. Roving gangs of orphans intent on doing grievous harm or killing. The place is so fucked up it defies description.

    Go into the hinterland… Forget it. You don’t come out.

    They sacrifice new borns in the hinterland regularly – this one just happened to be filmed.

    here is a headline from the local paper and certain sets the tone for Port Morseby… the ‘nation’s’ capitol:

    Yes… dog ‘arrested’ for biting penis…. Only in PNG

      1. I work in shit holes like this… Saipan, Pohnpei, Chuuk… It’s fun and exciting. I have found Jap fighting positions from WWII with ammo still in the guns… Ready locker ready to go… I have pics of 75 MM arty.. ready to go.. if not for the rust. It’s amazing. These sites have not been seen since the war. Might as well have fun in this life

        1. That’s fucking cool, little places that time forgot, awesome. You should grab some of it as a souvenir. I was in the harbour in Gdansk in Poland where the nazis first attacked Poland. There were a few old isolated buildings there, there were bullet holes in the walls and even some furniture from back in the day. It was cool.

  6. If All you have to do is beat a dog with a newspaper to get them to eventually behave..I’m pretty sure if they beat this nigger with a bat or a HUGE niggerbegood stick of some sort he’d eventually stop eating babies, and or die..either way it’s a win/win.. πŸ˜‰

  7. He’s a PNG warrior. His hand to hand weapon of choice, The Baby Mace. I believe this type is known as a “Nelson”.

    Those can hurt badly and even prove fatal if they sharpen the teeth on them, which they do. This particular kind of weapon has been used by man for more than fifty thousand years. It seems he’s about ready for a replacement as they don’t last very long in combat. They take quite a long time to make, but they are not very valuable and, for the most part, are treated as disposable.

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