Man Executed with Multiple Head Shots

Man Executed with Multiple Head Shots

An unidentified man was found shot to dead in the street of a neighbourhood on the outskirts of the city of Itacoatiara, state of Amazonas, Brazil. Police found that he had been shot in the head at least seven times, sending brain and skull matter flying from the force of impact of the shots.

Although not positively identified, he is believed to have been connected to drug trafficking in the area. Cool, I’ve got a new bowling ball.

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        1. I’m a recovering Roman Catholic too brother… I never got hit by a nun but I’ve held bibles out to my side so much that’s probably why I got big shoulders to this very day… 😎

      1. Sounds like my day sweetheart…
        Worked a fourteen hour day just for an emergency job…
        Even though it was a good payday @am0ur…I hate northern Virginia traffic… 👿

      1. I always hated getting a big ol chocolate bunny only to find out it was HOLLOW! :'(
        Of course I’d still eat it. It’s fun to bite the head off 🙂

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            And yes, Tucker can absolutely come by to play, she’d probably be a lot better at the game than mine. My cats are so incredibly cute but my god they’re dumb 😆

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        1. Happy Easter @tas!! He may be embarrassed but that doesn’t mean he won’t eat what you bring 😆 I always loved Easter because of the egg hunts and candy. Maybe I’ll do one for my cats and hide treats around the house and see if they can find them. I think I’ve officially become a crazy cat lady 😆

      3. @LF, that’s so sweet ( literally), give her a big hug and be thankful for such an awesome Mom!
        When I was 7, the Easter Bunny did not come to our house. Momster told me I was BAD, therefore no goodies, I did not believe her. Next morning, run to the front door…nothing! Looking back I’d bet the neighbors were quite impressed with her behaviour!

        Happy Beaster!!

        1. God I hated your mom from the very first story you told me and it gets worse with every new story. I am so sorry you had such an awful childhood. Your mom is a piece of shit. Hearing your stories and others on here about their bad mothers really makes me grateful for my mom. She is an extremely dedicated mother. I will share my mama with you, my best friend has already adopted my mom as her mom too. She’s probably old enough to be your mom anyway because she had me late in life. I’ve said it before but I think you’re so strong for going through that shit and turning out so amazing.

  1. When i first saw City of god (2002) I fell in love with brazil. But allways thought there’s no way its as violent in the real as it is depicted in the movie. Boy was i wrong. Its allmost like a fairy tail compared to the reality.

  2. Its remarkable that the guy almost emptied his bullet chamber sending the brain and gray matter flying all over the place in bits and pieces
    The killer picked him up to be his Cabela’s Clear-Shot Value-Pack Target but the funniest scene that always stands out the most is that with most murders happening in Brazil have the Flip-Flops hating to depart those legs that wear ’em .
    S pranced danced and fucked around with

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