Man Is Executed While Playing Opossum in Brazil

Man Is Executed While Playing Opossum in Brazil

Man Is Executed While Playing Opossum in Brazil

This guy seems to be faking it before getting blasted in the face. He changes facial expressions after each blast. He probably felt every hit. His executioners laugh with excitement to find out he was indeed playing opossum.

Got to love the flip flop-less gang with the rake. They quickly executed the guy so they could get back to removing dead grass from the farm.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Man Is Executed While Playing Opossum in Brazil”

  1. So is he roadkill or jungle kill? Judging by the soil being red and the shit Portuguese I think I hear they are in some Northern shithole of Bra’ziw. The poor fuk was working picking fruit judging by his gloves and head gear. Poor Brasileiro he never saw it cumming. Right in the mouth too. Talk about a money shot!!

        1. Oh i know, those Christmasses ??? when you really believed santa actually cam down the fucking chimney, how innocent, the retard feels that way about murder, heaven

  2. Look at all the cancer comments on this video… And then people wonder why the world is how it is… Because of these creatures commenting. Each one of these creatures need to be on bestgore. 🙂 I wonder how many of them are Jewish? Not too sure about you though MattJack666, so far, you’re alright in my book, but the rest of these ‘people’… Man… They need to jump off a bridge.

      1. Sorry Nicholai, you may be a good guy and yeah, you’re right… Definitely in some sense. But I just hate some of the people on here, who sit on here cracking jokes about children being abused, let alone dying… Then these same people race-bait as well. I mean, I have no problem with them being racist (we all are, to some extent), but there’s limits to the shit… I just find it funny, I hear very little shit-talk about Jews, but a massive amount of hate against blacks and any other color that isn’t Aryan… Also, if you know how Jews operate, they hop on social media all the time pretending to be ‘White’ (Aryan) gentiles, either making Aryans look bad, or race-baiting… Click this link here…

        This picture right here sums it up to a T.

        1. haha

          listen richard, accepting any race is difficult and trust me i fucking know. ive had to live with blacks and jews, in the same house and in the same complex.

          im telling you man, the white man has the hardest deal.. but youve got to go through with that shit and accept.

          no idea how hard it is to accept jews though I KNOW THAT . but youve got to, otherwise you are not half the man you say you are.

          its not the time for wars and genocides any more, thats what has been done and is being done by retards nowadays….

          1. @MattJack666

            It’s not fucking funny dude. 🙂 I’m 26% Native American, the rest of me is White European… Mainly British and German. My great, great grand mother spoke full blown German, she didn’t know any English at all. My Father’s side of the family is from the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, I’m even enrolled in the Sioux Indian Tribe and he’s a Sun Dancer… So accepting other races for me was always quite easy. I also got two black siblings, we have the same mother though, who is full blown White. I love all races… All races have hearts, all races know dignity and respect (to some extent), but there’s only 1 race that shows no respect, no dignity… And that’s the Jewish race… You say the white man has it the hardest out of all the races? Well guess what, you can blame the Jews for that one, but I’m skeptical that you truly do feel that way… Because there’s a number of Jews on Bestgore, but you don’t seem to care about them. You should though…

            And I’m not one to say which race has it worst (because of the Jews of course, which make up the smallest minority on the planet, yet control more than half of the world’s wealth), because honestly… I don’t know, second, I don’t want to further the race-baiting that’s been going on by Jews pretending to be gentiles on Bestgore, which I’m pretty certain that’s the case… We’re all victims of the Jews, and the Jews will continue victimizing us all if we don’t put a side our differences and stop going for each other’s throats, but theirs… We don’t need to unite as in race-mixing, or living together, we only need to know who the true enemy is… It’s the Jew.

            Speech by Adolf Hitler on the Jews…

            Speech by Malcom X on the Jews…

        2. The reason why im a big racist is pretty simple. These fools cant behave In my country. Raping our women, trying to bring their fag culture in our country and these lazy worms even wont work. They live by our taxes here, because of those lazy shits our taxes are high af. Also some muslims and niggers used to bully me when I was small kid, after that I beated one of those goatfuckers after provoking me, was bout to choke him for real, the fag started crying like a bitch. They think they are some tough shit cuz they fight in gangs and cant do a man vs man. Yet we think hitler was a psycho. He was… But a psycho who was doing the right thing. I hate jews as much as everyone else.

          1. @Nicholai

            I do agree with you, to a good extent… Don’t get me wrong, but you have to understand… It’s okay to dislike them, but to hate? Hate is different man… These people are capable of love and compassion, just like you… Got families of their own. A soul, a heart… Each race has their own strengths and weaknesses… Where blacks lack in intelligence, they make up for physical strength… Reason why they age slow, dominate in sports like Boxing, and so forth… Whites are more intelligent, but less intelligent than Eastern Asians, but yet more creative… Reason why whites have invented more technology that has contributed lot to human civilization to this day, Eastern Asians are more intelligent, but don’t have the creativity whites do, nor the physical prowess blacks have, but they’re able to crunch those numbers fast… My point is, each race serves their own purpose and if we were to unite and actually learn to work together, which can only be done without Jew manipulation… The world would become a utopia… The reason why most humans act the way they do is because of Jew influence and the influence of religion, like Christianity… Which is Jewish in origin… Do your research Nikolai, just find out how deep the rabbit hole goes… Just how controlled humanity is… And you’ll start to figure out, that we’re capable of living and working together, but we’re manipulated not to. Jews on the other hand are different… They don’t work, but parasite… Blacks and Arabs are capable of working. Jews are not. People truly need to understand this… I truly don’t believe one race is better than the other (when it comes to gentiles)… I could be wrong, but I doubt it… Each race is balanced, in a way(s)?

        3. Well they messed with my family for no reason, If they are able to love, they should no fuck with other families, I was Innocent kid back then… Not racist at all until They made me this way.. The hate became deeper and deeper when they kept going. So its their fault that I think this way, If they would have been good lil boys and know what Is respecting others… It would been other way around. Its pretty much late. ISIS was last nail in the coffin, those fuckers are in finland now, these people made my living harder… Thats why im racist. BUT… there is few compromises… I know few good black people… Few good muslims etc… I accept them, they arent like most of them. They are also racist towards us. Maybe history has a big part on this too why modern world is what it is… And history cant be changed. Russian has big respect from me since ISIS Is tasting their own medicines. I like russians even tho we fought them at WW2, I grew up with russians since my father has russian woman. They are good people when u rly get to know em. Just the kind of people also that u should not backstab or u piss them off.

          1. Yeah, I hear ya Nicholai… I too been bullied when I was younger, also did some of the bullying myself… Usually, I think it was out of jealousy… Someone’s sister or girl liking me… Stupid shit like that, but the people that did most of the ‘bullying’ were Jews, although I’m sketpic to call it bullying, as the Jews can only ‘bully’ people when they have an unfair advantage over the person… You can clearly see this on Bestgore, as they attack in numbers…

            As for you being racist (like extreme Racist, like some of the Jewish race-baiters in the comment section), I don’t think you are man… Not at heart. I don’t think any gentile is, whether they be white, black, or yellow… I hope you’re a gentile anyways, lol, assuming that you’re not a Jew yourself… And if you’re not, make sure you never lose your humanity bro, because that’s what makes you better than those ‘damned’ souls… I know this first hand, as I myself am starting to become one of them… If not in this life, maybe in the next… But I hope not… But I want to do as much good, before that happens… If it does…

        4. I do respect your opinions, And u seem to be a guy who has common sense, but I also see u have a lot enemies here. Also I can guarantee im not jew. Rather shoot a bullet to my brain and hope better luck in reincarnation than live as A parasite. Even tho Im racist (for many many and big reasons) I still have morals… I help my own race, Im kind to the people that are kind to me. I respect veterans in finland that fought at Ww2, I donate money to them, but whites are not also 100% perfect. There are dumb Politics and president etc that runs my country. At the end im still proud to be finnish. Beautiful country and women.

          1. I do have a lot of enemies here, mainly all (if not all) of them are Jews pretending to be gentiles, a few of these people are quite open about being Jews themselves like MattJack666 and SkippyJewBoy… You’d be surprised just how far the Jew goes to manipulate society, to influence the masses… They do it as a people, a community… They’re taught this from an early age… Reason why they’ve been expelled from many countries in the past, like Spain for one.

    1. This guy had cancer too? Well, you’re right, that’s not funny at all. At least they killed him before the cancer rotted away at him.
      Also, to be fair, I think yours was the first remark about cancer. Not cool dude.

      1. I suspect IllegalSmile to be Jewish, I also suspect Danaconda to be one as well… Right along with ‘Honkey’Kong… And I think there’s more of them too… To any gentiles reading this comment, please… Be aware of the fact that the Jews ‘pose’ as gentiles all the time. These people are constantly race-baiting for a REASON, and another reason why they’re here on Bestgore is because they like to watch gentiles die and suffer… I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these people do this shit in real life. Note, that these same people laugh and take joy out of the death and suffering of children. If you don’t believe me, go to videos on Bestgore that are related to child abuse and/or death of children and you will see the names I listed there making fun of them… Making sick jokes out of their deaths. I’m not kidding… and unfortunately for them, I don’t think you’re allowed to delete your comments on Bestgore either, so I’m assuming they’re still there, so they can’t go back and delete them in order to cover up their Jewishness… Don’t be fooled by these people… They influence gentile behavior by race-baiting. It’s a divide and conquer strategy. (Screen shot taken of Jews pretending to be white on Twitter, in order to promote the belief in ‘White Privelege’)

          1. Hehe, that’s cute… Yeah, my mother is a whore, no doubt about that… Not a whore at heart, but in her mind… Definitely. Anyways, that confederate flag reminds me of the Jewish American slave trade… Do you know it’s a fact that most slave owners (about 60% of them I think) were ethnic Jews, where as 40% or less were actually White? Yeah, true story. 🙂 The Jews were heavily involved in the slave trade, owned most (if not all) of the ships that transported slaves as well. Even the crews were ‘manned’ by Jews I believe…

            Click the link and find out for yourself…;_ylt=AwrJ7F1cs2RbcBgAppRXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0bm1vYjRsBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQTA1MjFfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw–?p=Jews+Slave+Trade&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t

          2. My first boss did a tour of duty at Treblinka and had a commemorative tattoo to show for it. Basically died of old age at 68.

            Not all Jews are devils, but I guess if you have to err on the side of Justice, I’ll grit my teeth and let majority rule. Sorry, Jake.

        1. Stop whingeing bro, it’s just black humour,none of us give a flying fuck whether u think the comment sections have been infiltrated by Jews or not , take off your tin foil hat and enjoy some Brazilian gangbangers getting their brains blown out……… point is, lighten up dude!!!!!

          1. People should care by the way… As their lives are being influenced by these fucks, and the result IS the shit you see in the video. Not to mention, if everyone wore a ‘tin-foil hat’ as you finely put it, our Jew-owned governments wouldn’t be getting away with HALF of the injustices they get away with, not to mention, people like Nikola Tesla and others who could have made a giant contribution to this world with free energy and other such technology would have, without being stopped… Earth would be a utopia… So yeah, fuck you. 🙂 You can also thank religion for that… Like Christianity, which has held us back scientifically, by hundreds of years… CLICK THE LINK TO KNOW THE TRUTH! but don’t trust their Gods, as their Gods are Jewish as well… Satan and his Demons (the E.T. that work with the JoS) destroys lives… but the JoS is a good website for information, regardless… and they offer quite a bit of it.

  3. @dragonwolf13

    im not going to get into it on bestgore, but i grew up under my mums husband who is a high up zionist jew, i grew up with older half hew stepbrothers who were criminals. the youngest 6/8 years older than me i cant remember was in prison for assault, and the older is dabbling in big politics through his job… trust me i know these cunts… but life keeps serving them up to me to deal with.

    you have to be better than these cunts its the only way.

    and it takes yeeeears of struggle to make it, i know.

    but they are concerned with money and reproduction, but the truth is there is a stage of human evolution coming to an end and few will be left…. this is no fantasy.

    so fuck you all.

    1. Lol, if that’s the case then you’re probably Jewish yourself… Probably another reason why you ‘get off’ on watching these death videos as well… The only reason I suspected that you weren’t Jewish, was because you looked like a gentile… But now, you saying that you’re directly related to Jews and you actually have Jewish siblings… Now I’m starting to change my mind. No wonder you get along with everyone so perfectly on here, without having huge arguments…

      In fact, I hardly ever see you argue at all. But I have seen the comments you made on Bestgore and those are suspect… How you laugh and belittle a lot of people that die in these videos that are shown on Bestgore… Must be the Jew coming out, hmm? As far as I’m concerned, you also push the white supremacist stuff too, don’t you? Like I said, I don’t got a problem with that though, but it’s just the way you do it that concerns me… But anyways, since you admitted your Jew connection and that you have a family filled with the parasites, now I know not to trust you… Thanks for your honesty… Not sure why you were being honest though… if this isn’t some form of reverse psychology… Or if you guys really are just that confident, maybe a little of both? I know I already sound like a crazy loon, and no one is probably going to believe me, but oh well… Fuck you too! And fuck all you kikes.

        1. I doubt that… Very few Jews marry ‘goy’, as far as I’m concerned. And what’s an Eeijit? Is that a Hebrew curse? Lol. Save that shit for the synagogue man… You could end up exposing yourself on here. Always a chance you know?

          1. Wow… I wonder how many gentiles are named Richard? Like millions, perhaps? It’s a common name. Not sure what your point is? Matt… What’s your last name? Shekelstein? Goldberg? Goldbloom? Cohen? Borowsky? Schartwz? Am I close?

  4. Murder must be secretly or openly legal in Brazil. What a terrible country full of terrible people. A good Brazilian would be hard to find and it would be doubly hard for that rare good Brazilian to stay good due to their hostile ways and environments.

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