Man with Exposed Penis Shot by Traffickers in Field

Man with Exposed Penis Shot by Traffickers in Field

I suspect this could be Brazil again. According to the info I got, the victim was shot to death by drug traffickers.

The video starts with the victim already seemingly dead, or close to it. There are two gunshot wounds visible in his throat. To add insult to his death, the traffickers pulled own his pants and exposed his penis.

The shooting took place in some kind of field next to a road and railway tracks. After unloading ammo into the corpse, the killers take off and leave him there to rot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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33 thoughts on “Man with Exposed Penis Shot by Traffickers in Field”

  1. I wonder if he got killed because of his small wiener. There are gangs in Brazil that are looking for guys with huge cocks and when they get a recruit with a micro penis, they tend to kill them off.

    Why would the gangs be looking for guys with huge cocks? Why are Indians getting sliced in half by trucks? Who cares!

  2. They always expose the pecker for birds to peck at. I guess it’s supposed to be humiliating? It has little impact on the victim I would say. It’s also probably the least of worries for the surviving family. Proof that logic isn’t part of the equation in these events.

    “They won’t care that he’s dead, but if I expose his dick! Oh boy, will that be devastating!”

  3. Ah well. Came into this world in his birthday suit, might as well depart in it.

    I think the traffickers take the insult in this one though. I can visualize happy feet bouncing about as they grasp his clothes and yank them down. All the while within inches of the very thing they’re attempting to use as a humiliation tactic. Jokes on them.

    Homophobia tends to be scarce down that way, if not already close to non-existent.

  4. Is this from Brazil? I’m anxious to know because my brother got kidnapped and he looks like the guy in the vid but it happened in El Salvador. (Another shithole). Please if anybody knows where this vid is from please comment. We haven’t found him yet

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