Man Extrajudicially Executed by Police in Quezon City, Philippines

Man Extrajudicially Executed by Police in Quezon City, Philippines

Man Extrajudicially Executed by Police in Quezon City, Philippines

On Tuesday April 21, 2020, a 34 year old man, a former Philippine Army corporal, was extrajudicially executed by the police in the Pasong Putik area of Quezon City, the Philippines.

According to the police, the man had a gun in his sling bag, which they use to justify his killing. Eye witnesses and family members however claim the man was unarmed.

Here’s the CCTV video of the shooting:

Here’s a ground level POV video filmed vertically by a cop on his cell phone:

And an aftermath footage filmed by a witness:

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63 thoughts on “Man Extrajudicially Executed by Police in Quezon City, Philippines”

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  2. also.. i m with the cops here.

    dude was slowly going to grab something in his bag, then he suddently go quick like for pulling a gun at 1:20 in 2nd video.

    definitly a death move with a cop pointing a gun at you. cant blame the cop.

    1. That ex military suffered PTSD from 2017 back in Marawi. His family is shouting at the cops that he is sick. Still the cops shot him in the chest and in the head. They shouldve taser him or maybe shot him in his knees.

    2. im from where this happened. the man who was shot had PTSD for fighting in Marawi. The people on the scene were already telling that to the cops and they responded with ” We don’t care, we WILL kill him.” that happened before he tried to reach for something in his sling bag.

          1. @Nick
            Hey Nick,
            That’s all good brother, as long as we have fun, and keep it somewhat on topic.
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          1. @insidgeI
            Committing Fraud,,, The Murder Of Millions,,, Theft,,, False Advertising,,, Child Porn,,,
            Kidnapping,,, Torture,,, And Finally,,, Impersonating Decent Human Beings, lol. 🙂

            But Feel Free To Add More Guys/Gals cause i’m sure that we could go on for days, but my right hand index typing finger is already killing me.

  3. What!?
    No, “Stop resisting!”.
    No,”Stop going for my gun!”
    Not even a, “Drop it!, He’s got a GUN!” before you blast.
    If you’re going to kill someone, at least try to act a little.
    Make a show out of it, like they do in the US.
    Give it some entertainment value.

    1. They are not serial killers, they are trained cops, and they did the right thing, the cop wanted the guy to drop on the ground, but he didn’t want to comply, because if he did comply, the guy wouldn’t have got shot, and the way the guy pulls something out of his bag was so aggressive, that’s why he shot the dude to protect himself, even though he has no gun on his pack, some cops from a different country would do the same thing

  4. Ahhh the Filipinos…..The beaners of Asia. This is how they treat their own kind, someone who served their country…..Now it all makes sense to me as to why they are always willing to steal and swindle my money via Xfinity customer service. They take from everyone, including their own. What a shit stain of a country…..

  5. Pfft…that ONE COP with the gun WANTED to kill that dude. He stood so still with that thing pointed, i thought my video froze. this was premeditated. it was his turn with the only gun in the police force and “..dag-nabbit he was going to shoot it off”

  6. This post lacks information.

    So apparently, the ‘suspect’ was identified as a retired (PTSD) soldier. The man shouted at quarantine control point guards “what are you looking at?” in an aggressive manner and proceeded to his destination. Later, the cops approached them with a Master Sergeant pointing a gun at the guy because they thought he was pulling a gun in his bag. The cop shot the guy twice when he’s trying to reach his sling bag, and even after he got shot, he still managed to take off his sling bag and tried to throw it to the police, everyone of us guesses the man’s intention was just to show what he has in his sling bag.

    You can watch a full reports here:

    You’ll not understand some parts, I do because I live in the country. I got info from these outlets first before getting reliable news report about the incident.

      1. I never claimed ABS-CBN and CNN Philippines reliable news networks, I always thought they’re biased against politics. Do you always make assumptions and make up stories like that?

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