Man with Eyeball Dangling Out of Skull Performs Agonal Breathing

Man with Eyeball Dangling Out of Skull Performs Agonal Breathing

Man with Eyeball Dangling Out of Skull Performs Agonal Breathing

No backinfo about the video, but the South American flair is hard to deny. I don’t know which country in the region it’s from, though.

The video shows a slouched young man perform agonal breathing. When his head is lifted up in order to put a wrap around the apparent gunshot wound, it is revealed that his eyeball is gangling out of the skull. If he was like Gene Simmons, he could maybe lick it.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video.

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176 thoughts on “Man with Eyeball Dangling Out of Skull Performs Agonal Breathing”

        1. I reckon at this point it’s not really worth the effort… He won’t be needing it where he’s going! Snip it off maybe to keep things neat.. Reminds me of that scene in Kill Bill where Uma squishes the eyeball between her toes… Gah!!

    1. But the dumb cunt filming did a poor job. Man I would have been holding up his head with one hand and zooming in for the close up shot of his gobstopper. FUCK YEAH. Then played it back in slow motion, while drinking cognac and listening to Mozart piano concerto No 21 in D major. fuck.

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  2. he probably shot himself with a .32 ribolbar from under the jaw upward and the bullet went through optic socket, exit from upper left of his forehead,
    as he still trying to breath there is a chance the bullet just missed the cerebellum.

    1. Dumb shit if the exit wound was through the temple it would have taken the side of his head off.
      The bone is soft around the temple region. The bullet is still lodged in his brain, namely the frontal cortex region, making him lame and unable to respond to the pain, as a normal person would, for instance, thrashing about and screaming. But the cunt can feel it.

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