Man Gets Face Brutally Sliced by Machete

Man Gets Face Brutally Sliced by Machete

An emergency response team was called to a road accident on the outskirts of the city of Frei Miguelinho, state of Pernambuco – Brazil.
When they arrived at the scene however, the reality was much different.

26 year old Valdir Lopes de Souza Junior had been brutally attacked with a machete and was lying on the road in agony. He presented several stab wounds throughout his body and his face had severe cuts. It’s simply amazing how anyone can still live for any amount of time after suffering such tremendous injuries. And despite the paramedic’s best efforts, he ended up dying in the hospital.

The motive for this crime is still unclear.

Although it looks extremely painful, the huge quantities of Endorphins his pituitary gland was producing probably numbed much of the pain he would have otherwise felt, and he was more in a state of shock than intense pain. Don’t get me wrong, it is painful but if for some reason our bodies weren’t able to anesthetize themselves, it would be a lot worst. Our bodies developed this incredible adaptation to give us time to react and allow us to survive perilous situations. It reminded me of that guy who got his leg completely skinned, and didn’t appear to be in the pain we would assume someone who just had it’s leg completely degloved would be.

And yes, he was alive when the photos were taken.

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      1. Brutal!!
        I wish we had cell phones with cameras back in 2001 when I was in my accident. I spit out five front teeth and had my bottom row sticking through my bottom jaw. That’s bragging rights right there, spitting teeth out.
        Would have loved to share here.
        Can’t tell any more. Scar mostly gone and $7,000 of bridgework, I have a nice smile again. But of course what I went through does not even compare to this poor guy!!!!!

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