Man Fatally Shot by Celebratory Fire During Wedding Procession in India

Man Fatally Shot by Celebratory Fire During Wedding Procession in India

A man was accidentally shot and killed by celebratory fire during a wedding procession at Badnagar area of Ujjain, in Madhya Pradesh state, India on Sunday 27th March, 2016. The man, who happens to be the groom’s father, was shot and immediately collapsed to the ground.

Some people have no business handling firearms. It’s the guy second from the left – he’s the least visible of all shooters, because he stands behind the guy on far left. But while others point their rifles at the sky, he points his directly in front of himself where there are people. Plus he seems confused and unsure how to operate the gun. A guy like that simply should not have been handed the gun in the first place.

While I do think that celebratory gunfire at a wedding is a stupid and dangerous custom, such gunfire in general does not have to be dangerous. When done right and by competent people, it can have an impressive effect, such as during funerals of fallen soldiers. But in the hands of drunk wedding guests who don’t know how to handle guns, let alone handle them safely, they are an invitation to turning what should be the happiest day of a couple’s life, into one of the saddest.

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    1. Okay, just so you know, shooting up in the air is just as dangerous. The bullet has to come down somewhere, and sometimes that’s in the head of an innocent miles away. With the velocity it would pick up due to gravity, it’s a lethal projectile.

    1. India has a system where the brides parents has to pay the Grooms family a large amount of money in what is known as a dowry. This is despite the fact that there is a large population of males than females. I guess the grooms father won’t be enjoying that money anytime soon.
      On another note, I thought this was unfortunate and gruesome, but this is the fault of the grooms father walking into the middle of the fucking firing line. But I don’t really care, no more than I care for the man was accidently shot in the head by an AK47 in some raghead wedding. I appreciate our western culture and gun safety that prevents this kind of stupidity. All that tragedy is something that I think we all want to keep OVER THERE, and prevent that monkeying from sliming its way OVER HERE.

    1. Persian…there was a singer in England about 15 years ago who managed , somehow , to reverse a car over himself… How the fuck ?
      Brian Harvey it was , and he blamed it on a baked potato ! I’m not even kidding

  1. At the VA cemetery near where I live, the color guard fires blank rounds from their rifles during a burial with honors for soldiers. The families usually can’t tell the difference. They also fake “taps” on the coronet with a recording. Kinda shitty…

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