Man Fatally Shot in Chest While Riding Motorcycle

Man Fatally Shot in Chest While Riding Motorcycle

In the town of Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, a man was shot dead while riding a motorcycle. The photos suggest that he was shot square in the chest, possibly directly in the heart.

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12 thoughts on “Man Fatally Shot in Chest While Riding Motorcycle”

  1. If it wears Flip-Flops, rides motorcycles, carries, and uses a gun, and has at least 10 family members, or friends with Da-Silva as a last name, and the fact that most also live in a Favella,,, then you can surely bet your bottom dollar that they come from good old Brazil… Ahhh, Beautiful Brazil, land of few opportunities, but a fuckload of Great Gore. 🙂

  2. It’s a sad day in Brazil when a guy, who might be gay/might not be, on a motorcycle is the person getting shot. Normally you would expect two guys on a motorcycle fishing with live ammunition, but instead, we see here that one half of the team has been eliminated.

    Luckily for us, tomorrow we’ll get a new batch of gore and the image of today’s gore will be replaced with new and exciting images and we’ll forget all about this dead biker.

  3. Its refreshing to see one of the cop trying his hand by smudging all that blood on the victims chest thinking its a canvas ……….
    but not so very refreshing is that there are no flip-flops on the scene ………. he was shot because he was biking bare feet .

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