Man Fatally Stabs Own Brother Over 1,000 Pesos in Cali, Colombia

Man Fatally Stabs Own Brother Over 1,000 Pesos in Cali, Colombia

Man Fatally Stabs Own Brother Over 1,000 Pesos in Cali, Colombia

In Cali, Colombia, two brothers got into knife fight because one owed the other 1,000 Pesos (about $0.30 US). The fight happened in broad daylight in front of the La Fortuna shopping center as dozens of people passed by.

Both Richard Anderson and Deivi Daniel Mocha Chimbolema worked in a parking lot for motorcycles. The two reportedly started arguing over the money and as their argument kept escalating, soon enough they pulled out blades and faced each other off with knives in their hands.

In the midst of the shouts of passers-by, Richard Anderson delivered a deadly stab to the chest of his brother Deivi Daniel and then finished him with two more stab wounds, leaving him lying on the floor.

According to Colonel Fabián Ospina, deputy commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police, the 22-year-old victim was taken to a health center, but died due to the severity of the injuries. Colonel further confirmed the murderer has been captured .

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173 thoughts on “Man Fatally Stabs Own Brother Over 1,000 Pesos in Cali, Colombia”

          1. @kahlua (Schadenfreude)

            “His name was Mocha, he lived on the second floor. He lived upstairs from goons, in one room that slept thirty-four. If you heard something here, ‘aight, some kind of trouble like a knife fight, just don’t ask him how he is, just don’t ask him how he is, just don’t ask him… ’cause he’s dead.”*

            Also, I’m loving the Kahlua/Mocha connection. I’m not even a big coffee drinker and I’m craving a cup of the ol’ java right now.

            *Suzanne Vega “Luka”

          2. @Brokeback

            Ah, 1987… I do believe I had only recently weaned myself off of banana clips and hairspraying my bangs into the stratosphere. (Yes, young me unintentionally helped destroy the ozone layer. Oops!) Good year for me-and-mine entertainment-wise… My sister got one of those newfangled VCRs and my parents finally ditched the bunny ears and had the Living Room TV hooked up to basic cable. Still two years away from the family’s first cell phone… a huge dark gray monstrosity that my sister had installed in her car. Stylin’! (Not!)

        1. they do have the same last names. Richard Anderson Mocha Chimbolema and Deivi Daniel Mocha Chimbolema. Mocha is the father’s surname; Chimbolema, the mother’s one. Richard Anderson and Deivi Daniel are the compound first names.

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  1. I’d give pretty-much anything for another day or two with my late brother. Take both my legs off above the knees for just a couple of hours out in a boat fishing with him on our favourite trout loch, or drawing our lines across a rippling pool on the Bladnoch over a back-end Salmon run on an overcast Galloway October day.

    I suppose there are “brothers” and these sort of Columbian Dago, drug-mule, rent-boy, Lucky-Sanchez “brothers”. So what is 1,000 peso worth? About half a loaf of bread in Berlin around 1929?

    Dem kinda bruddas deserve one anudda.

      1. My family were born both dirt-poor and piss-poor. We led a hand to mouth existence. Never any money left overfor treats or nice things. Never had a bike, never ate out anywhere, never saw new clothes in my entire upbringing. I had to borrow the fare to leave home. Left without a single penny to my name.
        I don’t think there was ever a single point I can remember in my growing up where I couldn’t have sat down and eaten a full meal.
        Post-War working-class Scotland was a tough break. We would clear each other’s dinner plates if there was any left-overs someone couldn’t eat – but that was rare. It never meant I would knife my brother for a loaf or a spare part for a motor-cycle.

          1. They are just Columbian brothers. Perhaps biologically they “might” have had the same father. But they were never brought up as brothers. They were raised as animals. This shows.

    1. @Brokeback

      “What have I told you boys a thousand times about fighting!?!”

      “In my defence, with the current exchange rate, you only told me thirty times.”

      “Don’t you sass me, young man, you’re not too big to put over my knee for a good wholloping! Now go apologize to your brother’s corpse this instant!”

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