Man Filming Random People Captures Assassination Attempt on Himself

Man Filming Random People Captures Assassination Attempt on Himself

Man Filming Random People Captures Assassination Attempt on Himself

A man minding his own business appears to film a random situation with buddies, when out of a group of seemingly random people passing by, one pulls out a gun and fires at the man. The vertical video thus captures the POV of the assassination attempt.

The shooter follows up with more rounds, but the cameraman appears to still be well enough to run for his life. He doesn’t have the time to shut the camera off, so it keeps recording, but the picture swings about with his hand as he runs.

It definitely seems like he got shot, but it doesn’t sound like any of the shots were fatal. I have no idea where the video is from.

Props to Best Gore member @vkzn for the video:

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      1. @XXX i couldn’t comment on your page so i will leave the comment here, nice profile photo, happy live leaking my fellow comrade im new here so im just getting used to things hope you are doing well during the virus and stuff

    1. Its Brazil, happened in 2018. There is a young man that stands up as soon as he sees the shooter and says: pode quebrar = break it (slang for kill him? i dont know) . After some ai ai ai ais, the guy says to someone he got shot and asks for help. I dont know if he died.

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  1. The guy is speaking Brazilian.

    He’s screaming “Aí aí ai ai caralho aí ai ai caralho”, which basically mean “ow ow ow fuck ow ow fuck fuck”.

    Just Brazilian flip flop idiots who could all die

      1. @Regina Phalange

        Darling,,, I Am always very sincere when complimenting somebody, my good Best-Gore Sister. I Would never do such a thing as mocking you girl, as i myself have been mocked over, and over because of my beliefs only, so trust me girl i know the feeling. So take it from me, you truly are beautiful, and your partner is very lucky to share their lives with someone as pretty as yourself.

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