Man Found Floating Face Down in Yala, Thailand

Man Found Floating Face Down in Yala, Thailand

Haven’t seen much from Thailand lately. This comes from the Southern Yala Province. A man was found floating face down in the shallower end of canal. Looks like it could be a drowning until we turn him over. He’s clearly suffered a beating of some kind. Although the cause of death has not been officially determined.

15th May, 58th at 10.00. Found floating in the canal water Agostino vigilant. 8 in. – The. Bannangsta e. Yala know Mr. inventions fair-skinned, 58, address 133/89 Moo. 10. Sateng outside. Muang. Yala officials hydroelectric dam, some weird. Do not yet know the cause of death.

Some weird, indeed.

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    1. @AmOur, he may have been dead before being dumped into the river. The coroner will check for water in the lungs and if there is any then the cause of death will be drowning and because he wasn’t tied up it may be ruled as accidental depending how bad his other injuries were.
      I know this from watching Quincy (the original TV coroner) when I was a kid growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Even back then I had a fascination for death. I also used to burn ants with my magnifying glass and pull the wings off butterflies.

          1. They say that’s a pre cursor to homicidal behavior. Which I don’t believe. Fact of the matter is, I never killed things growing up, for fun, but homicide scenarios cross my mind daily.

    1. (true story)
      just eating in an thai restaurant today and the waitress have come with food, put it on my table and … i dont freaking know why…. just pointing my food and say “here it is ! bon appetit” .
      i mean.. wtf , the plat was just in front of me in my table, just like if i m blind to not see where my food is.

      so yeah, definitly an traditional thing for thai peoples

    1. @Soup man, his 8″ cock probably stuck into the river bottom when they tossed him in face down preventing him from rolling over for air.
      Having a big cock is not always a good thing…not that 8″ is all that big.

          1. @LF, *shudder* “double fisted” that sounds so bad, doesn’t it LF. I would not like anything like that at all. On a different topic, I wonder where @wicked mama is? I miss her, she has intelligent things to say.

          2. @tas

            It sounds pretty fucking terrible. I don’t want mine to get that stretched out. I’m good with how it is now lol. I was wondering the same thing yesterday. She hasn’t been on in a while it seems. I always enjoy her comments. Hopefully she’ll be back soon.

          1. @LF, of course! Oh, I love that sort of thing too, I have a blow up lounge chair which I use in the ocean on a very calm day, I tie it to the little jetty so I don’t drift out to sea! (I sometimes nod off on that thing, it’s so peaceful) I live in a town called Busselton which boasts the largest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. (it’s nearly 2km long) I would love it if you google Bussleton and have a quick look.

          2. That sounds like a lot of fun @tas. I just looked it up and it looks amazing! I would love to visit there. The water is gorgeous…I really want to go to the beach now lol.

          1. I’ll probably have to wait until next year as it’s getting cooler. But this fall I plan to visit some haunted hotels and mansions and get the crap scared out of me 😀

          2. @L.F., that sounds like so much fun…can I go with you? I will pay for all the hotel rooms and I will do all the driving. I promise not to scare you with my cock…I’ll turn the lights off first.

          3. @BB, Aussies are really starting to get into Halloween, I have always celebrated it with my kids, we go trick or treating every year. Some people tell me “that’s an American thing” NO it’s bloody not! The Americans like to celebrate it, but it’s an ancient European date, Pagan or something? We T or T for the lollies, nothing more (well my kids and I love to dress up) once we were given a tin of creamed corn, lol. 😉

          4. @tas, most of the houses around me are always decorated for Halloween. The only problem is that the next day the streets are littered with carved pumpkins and candy wrappers. There are also the odd group of bad teens who set out on Halloween night to throw eggs at houses, cars and even kids out trick or treating. I still like to get all zombied out and walk the streets for the fun of it. My kids think I’m nuts.

          5. @L.F., can we bring tas along too? She would enjoy the haunted houses and hotels as much as us and she seems like a cool person to hang out with.
            Also it’s been a while since my last threesome and I’m sure she’d like to ride my cockasarous too.

          6. @Bb, I would definitely come, I am not scared of the dark at all. I’m not scared in scary, old creaky houses either. I might be scared of your Dickasaurus Rex though Brokeback?

          7. Haha of course @tas can come. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday too. I love horror movies and getting scared. Fall is also my favorite season…it starts to get a little colder and windier and I love the sound of the dead leaves on the street. Plus when you rake them into big piles you can jump in them 😀

  1. In the 2nd snapshot the guy with the white shirt looks all stunned and baffled whereas the same guy in the successive 3rd shot looks quite at ease .I wonder why must they have military police come over to investigate crimes like these …. is land of Thais without civil police ?

    The one dead and floating most probably was out all decked up in jeans with a nice leather belt around his waist & shoes .

  2. I guess face down he was trying to hold his breath and give David Blaine a run for his money as an endurance artist ; but hey, look what happened !

    His floater stunt failed him miserably 😥

    I wanna gloat over this hey hey hey 😀

  3. There’s a possibility that he could of drowned due to a flood. It looks like there is some kind of foliage wrapped around the branch in the main photo. This may indicate higher waters at some earlier time.

    Since he was found in a canal and there was a hydroelectric damn present, he could of been dragged violently downstream, when the damn was opened up. He may have sustained his injuries this way. We all know water is heavy, and people can be dragged downstream at a high rate of speed.

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