Man Found Stabbed, Shot and Stoned to Death in Caruaru, Brazil

Man Found Stabbed, Shot and Stoned to Death in Caruaru, Brazil

Good old Caruaru in Brazil. A day wouldn’t pass without someone getting killed there. This case of exceptionally brutal murder took place on Monday, January 2, 2011. 54 year old Genésio Vicente Calado was discovered by 3 soldiers who walked towards Military Park, passing Queimada de Uruçú (Urucu Barn) when they noticed a corpse laid on the ground. Quick look left little for guessing.

Body of Genésio Vicente Calado, a farmer from Coimbra bore signs of severe beating. His head and crotch were bloodied from stoning, he had several stab wounds and was shot at least 5 times.

Prime suspect is 50 year old Eronildo Lourenço da Silva (no shit). Victim’s wife was known to cheat on her husband with Eronildo Lourenço who not only fucked his wife, he also killed him in the end. This is where guy who put his cheating wife and her secret boyfriend in place should step in and revenge that poor fucker Genésio Vicente Calado.

I feel sorry for this old man. He probably didn’t even get pussy cause his wife was after somebody else and that somebody else eventually beat him to death… Life sucks and then you die.

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14 thoughts on “Man Found Stabbed, Shot and Stoned to Death in Caruaru, Brazil”

  1. Wow. With the whole da Silva thing (only about 5 murders/murderers over the years, having anything to do with Brazil have not had that last name it seems)
    If you grow up knowing not one person your who lie with a diffrent last name than you, it would feel like you are just a fucking clone. No real identity.
    So, brutality is what seems to set one apart than another, like a big geographical identity chrisis.
    The post about that 10 y.o. da Silva that murdereed, dismembered the lower 1/2 of his friend, and buttfucked him is a good basis that these people are among the ranks of the most fucked up humans on earth, and we have been perfecting doing fucked up things to others and to ourselves for a very, very long time.

  2. I dig how Brazil bodies have those paper pointers all over them. I bet there is a team of people in a room somewhere down in that shit hole right now with sheets of construction paper and sissors making a ton of things right this minute!

  3. Fuck, let go of the da Silvas! They’re more than 50% of the country. Imagine 50% of 200 million people. It’s only natural that so many news are about people with that last name. Even Brazil’s latest president was a da Silva.

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