Man Found Stoned to Death in Kashmir, India

Looks Like He Was Rotting for a Few Days Before Being Found

Man Found Stoned to Death in Kashmir, India

Maulana (religious title given to Muslim scholars in South Asia) Haji Muhammad Yusuf was stoned to death by a person named Shafi after a dispute over money. The incident happened in Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

The killer also allegedly poured acid on the victim’s body. Although his peeling skin also suggests a few days of putrefaction.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the pics:

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  1. would have keep the acid and use it AFTER stoned the guy, and not inside of him…

    guys look dead for days.. but his clothes are freaking perfectly clean ( specifically the pant.. as we tend to pee and poop when we die, natural reaction of the body )

  2. Returning from Canada, or the U.S. From a Long Weed-Smoking Holiday, he made the Fatal Mistake of Telling them,,, Hey Guys,,, Waddayasay We All Go-Out Deep In The Bushes Man, I Want To Go-Out And Get Meself Completely Stoned To Death Man???? So,,, WADDAYASAYYYY HOSEI ?????????

  3. Holy fuck I first scrolled through this when I just woke up, couldn’t even work out what was going on… Now I see that black mushy splodge is actually his face… Although it’s still an improvement from when he was alive

  4. So why the fuck did they feel the need to put bandages around an obviously dead person’s head? I mean he was obviously in that state when they found him, was it to hold the last pieces of skull together that were left? I don’t know but it seems senseless to me.

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