Man Gunned Down Another Shot in Leg in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Looks Like He Took One Directly in Heart

Man Gunned Down Another Shot in Leg in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Man was gunned down and another shot in the leg on the afternoon of Saturday February 2, 2019. The crime took place on Petropolis Avenue, in Guarus, Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to the fire department, a team went to the site and found a 36 years old male already dead. The other another was taken by a local to Hospital. The military police investigates to identify possible suspects, but until now no one has been detained.

Props to Best Gore member @xxxmike for the video and pics:

Gallery of a few pics:

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59 thoughts on “Man Gunned Down Another Shot in Leg in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

    1. I’m thinking of starting a company in Brazil , I’m going over there to sell a sort of light footwear made from dense foam rubber , which attach to the feet with a fabric strap … either across the bridge of the wearers foot or indeed interlooping over the big toe .
      I’m not sure what to call them yet but I’m certain that nobody has had this idea , I may name them after myself …. Philipe Floppe , does anybody want in ?

  1. That guy sitting down with his leg all fucked up looks like millions of Mexicans around Houston.
    You just wanna take a hammer to all of their heads and crack them open and watch them die then deport their bodies back to fucking Mexico.

      1. Use a car or a sword or a hammer. Don’t use a firearm as this will just give the zionists more fuel for their propaganda drive to remove the tools which will allow a chance for goyim to survive.

  2. If a possible suspect is someone suspected of being suspected, what then would be an alleged possible suspect?

    For absolute 100% coverage against being sued, better “a purportedly alleged possible suspect.”

        1. There is something savage in their minds. Perhaps the non-stop violence of Brazil gives the offfenders some sense of control. Perhaps it makes them feel as if they are powerful when their life is weakness of mind and ability to escape where they are and the squalor in the nation which they, in fact, created.
          With their 70-80 IQ, none of them are going to be developing the next apple, or With their limited mental hardware they can’t even manage to render a concept of how to build a proper house and implement proper sanitation.
          Brazil, unless I someday wish to get killed in some horrific way, I shall never enter.

          1. I totally agree. Countries like that offer nothing to the world. I’ll happily watch them kill each other from the safety of a real country. Hehe ^.^

  3. is the second guy get “accidently” shot while they shooted the first one ? or a ricochet of some kind….

    and of course.. he didnt see anybody.

    “i was just sitting here and suddently the other guy just died, i saw nothing, i hear nothing, for a moment i thougth that he just opened a ketchup bottle with too much pressure from his hands and his blow on his face…took me fourty hours to figure that he was dead… i still dont know how he died with all these ketchup on him.”

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