Man Gunned Down by Four Gunmen in Front of His Business in Goiás, Brazil

Man Gunned Down by Four Gunmen in Front of His Business in Goiás, Brazil

Man Gunned Down by Four Gunmen in Front of His Business in Goiás, Brazil

On March 14, 2020, a man identified as Miguel Reiner da Silva was gunned down by four gunmen armed with pistols and shotguns in front of his beverage distribution company in Jardim Belo Horizonte, Aparecida de Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. He was 26 years old and reportedly had ties to drug trafficking.

Police believe his assassination was an act of retaliation for the killing that happened a few weeks earlier. There was a WhatsApp audio circulating on social media in which it was said that he would be targeted.

The investigators said:

The execution was in response to the death of a young man in the Setor Expansul, which took place last week and the owner of the distribution company was the mastermind of the crime. According to information we obtained, before opening the business, the owner of Breguelo was selling drugs and had already been shot.

He got killed in the early afternoon and around 10pm, police got a call tipping them that the killers were celebrating the crime in a motel. When the police arrived, they found two criminals in a suites with prostitutes. One was shot on the spot, one tried to run but was gunned down in an alley. He was transported to hospital where he died. The other two involved were not located, but the police believe they were in the motel too.

Here’s a CCTV video of the killing. It certainly looks like he expected someone to come after him, as he took off as soon as he noticed a suspicious vehicle pull up. Props to Best Gore members @pedro-hawk and @lilcig666 for the videos:

Another angle CCTV video of the killing:

A messy POV video filmed by one of the killers:

Aftermath of the killing:

Here’s also a fight video, which is said to feature the same guy:

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  1. 4 guys, 2 with shotgun and 1 with a mac 10 or soemthing similar , and pistol.

    that would be a real shame if the guy survived to that XD.

    slap a bike helmet, and his friends will came back to kill you.

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  2. And this guy thought he was never going to have a visit paid to him? He was undoubtedly full of himself. Probably the type with a loose ego. Wonder if that’s the only shirt he owns if it’s the same one his wearing when he’s gunned down talk about being a drug dealer with no better clothing.

        1. Thank you sir. I’ll be here all week (unless I get the virus). Now please excuse me, I just got a new stun gun in the mail that I need to try out on myself. (I’m bored.) It looks like his shirt has a target on the pocket, they missed that, but they didn’t miss his face. (Irony)

  3. Like all the different camera angles. Now if we could only get more people to participate when there’s a jumper – seems like 1 in 10 of those videos is actually any good.
    It would be nice to see some really high quality, up close jumper vids.

  4. Most impressive part of it all was how that BIKE DIDN’T EVEN FALL OVER during that scuffle. That would have been a real chore of it had. What a good dirt bike.

    As for everything else, just Fleshy Virus problems

  5. Atleast he died wearing different shorts and a new pair of flip-flops but
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  6. The last guy who shot him was pretty redundant by the time he got around to pumping some lead into the victim. Almost as redundant as slapping a guy round the head when he’s wearing a crash helmet.

        1. Good friend, there has been so much to do… I’m surprised you’re still sticking around BG but it’s refreshing to have rational/reasonable people like you, as opposed to thoughtless haters

  7. I still fondly remember the Brazilian Olympics that was held a couple of years ago. The swimmers and boat racers kept colliding with corpses and severed body parts and the athletes and international fans in general kept getting robbed at gun point by the locals.

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    I sure hope its this treasonous media that is flaming panic, and its all just inflated hysteria, that after several months we will be back on track to recovery. But I have to be realistic and logical and this just isnt the case. the trucks bringing in supplies WILL start getting fewer and fewer and grabbing anything I see at the stores regardless of price is only going to get worse and worse..

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  10. This is so odd when i saw the video of him beating up the dude in the motorcycle helmet about a month or so ago i was thinking to myself man what if thats where he works or his home??? Whats stopping those guys/guy from coming back and getting revenge he has to live in some type of fear or worry …..and i come across this…. mmm mmm mmmmmm

  11. The dude is hurting and needs help! Why is he just filming the guy on the ground. Don’t you see him staring at you with eyes open and saying f’n help me ??? That must have hurt a lot. Geez

  12. The one in the last video That didn’t do well that went first . Needs to be smarter When on cam a educated individual when working needs to know when not to be identical . Someone that checks stuff out about incidents would find something very interesting putting eyes on .

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