Man Gunned Down Near His Car in Tlahuac, Mexico

Man Gunned Down Near His Car in Tlahuac, Mexico

On the day of this assassination, three individual people were gunned down in three different areas of Tláhuac, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Each of the victims was killed while driving, or sitting in their car. The fellow in these photos was driving when a car behind him closed in and passengers opened fire at his vehicle. He quickly pulled over and tried to escape on foot – not sure that was a good idea. He did not get very far.

He was killed near the corner of Tiburon and Lisa Streets, in the Mar Norte (North Sea) colony. Authorities are investigating the shootings to see if they are related to one another.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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16 thoughts on “Man Gunned Down Near His Car in Tlahuac, Mexico”

  1. He parked his car illegally, in my overflowing slop bucket of a country they would have placed a parking ticket on his cold and bereft of life corpse.

    It would not have mattered that getting shot at was the precursor for his parking misdemeanour, A stringent follower of local government regulations would have risked life and limb to safely park that car into a correct parking bay whilst making sure not to be too close to any other vehicle.

    The fact that he no longer belongs to the land of the living and now resides, almost like an hermit, trapped inside his fleshy, smelly little tomb is no excuse not to pay the fine.

    My local government would not have taken death has an excuse and would have had him in court facing the possibility of a much larger fine and, if unable to pay, a lengthy jail sentence.

    It would be an act of sheer folly to think that you can escape the taxman using your death as an excuse, you can never escape, never.

  2. “Authorities are investigating the shootings to see if they are related to one another.” Since when do they investigate homicides in mexico?
    By the way pretty big battle happened in reynosa, tamaulipas mexico sunday night. Not a single word about it on any news channel or website in mex. Facebook and twitter users that live there reported over 50 dead. Crazy that you have to rely on civilians to get the news round there. Wtf has happened to the media? NWO?

    1. Haha id probably overdose and end up here for all of you to see. That reminds me I should see if I can find my motorcycle accident pics and send em to mark. Its pretty gruesome. Had to amputate my leg, tore my wrist, shoulder, knocked out teeth. I took a hell of a beating. -oh and I was not on bars 🙂

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