Man Was Murdered With Gunshot to the Head – Got Eyes Taken Out

Man Was Murdered With Gunshot to the Head - Got Eyes Taken Out

On the morning of August 28th, 2013, a public worker for the city hall of São Miguel do Iguaçu, Paraná – Brazil, saw a group of vultures flying in circules in a specific area of an agricultural field. Knowing that this type of behavior could possibly only indicate something, usually involving death, he decided to investigate. He got closer and there he saw 23 year old Pablo Almeida de Souza with a gunshot wound in his head and his eyes missing.

He immediately called the police which isolated the area after arriving at the scene, and later on the IML (Legal Medical Institute) proceeded to investigate the occurrence.

At the time this report came out police still had no suspects nor motives for the homicide, so I tried to find updates on the case but there are still none to be found (like most of the times – the perpetrators are not caught, especially if it involves drugs), so if you guys find any news regarding it please, do share, and i’ll post it on the main article.

This got me thinking.. Could you imagine walking on a nice field, just shillin’, then stumbling on a rock and falling face first on this dude’s face? Then standing up in disbelief, your face covered in blood and brain matter and thinking “this shit did not happen”. Nightmares for the rest of your life – guaranteed.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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  1. Holy haysus!!!..this has to be one of the best post in a bit…thank you for this Portuguese….what did this poor bastard see to have to lose his eyes..for fucks sake pd imma have nightmares from this!!…Lmao…not REALLY but yeah thanks!!!

    1. lol wicked I think only you and me won’t have nightmares about this poor bastard… they say dead men tell no tells and from what I can tell blind men can’t tell if they fucking a guy or a chick XD

  2. I think that would make an ideal mask, I want his face. I have it on good authority that crushing eyes into a paste and spreading over your face leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated…

  3. Cut off his head and put it on the table. Then use the eyesockets for ashtrays. Or put dip for chips in them. He is so much more useful when he is dead, and I bet one of the forensics guys robbed his sneakers, the cheap bastard.

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  5. I swear this is the most creepy (creepyest? I have a doubt now…), picture I have ever seen. And I have seen things, in my life, wow…A lot of executions, blood baths, beheadings, murders and rotten bodies. But this here, is…
    No words…

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