Man with Guts Out Rolls on Side of Road Next to Lifeless Comrade

Man with Guts Out Rolls on Side of Road Next to Lifeless Comrade

Man with Guts Out Rolls on Side of Road Next to Lifeless Comrade

A guy with his guts out rolls in the dirt on the side of the road, as his comrade appears lifeless on the road. There are weapons near them, and some of the people around them wear military fatigues, giving rise to an assumption that the wounded and the presumed dead were shot by the military in some form of clash.

At 0:24, a guy wearing flip flops with military pants kicks the protruding guts guy to take a picture of him. This type of treatment also suggests general animosity between the groups, and not that the downed men are victims of a road accident.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. I’m thankful this day to bestgore for all the Brazilians, and other shithole dwellers gore content Mark brings us on the daily basis.
        Join me in prayer for mark so that this year he keeps on providing more content for us all!

          1. Appreciate the shout-out, my favorite Monkey Man! No need to thank me, cause I get pleasure out of the content itself 😛

            In my mind, Mark, you and everyone I don’t hate, are at a large round table feasting on the utmost BESTest foods … drinking the utmost BESTest alcoholic beverages 😀

  1. There’s a film in 5th world called
    ‘The Flip-Flop’
    It’s a Brasileiro film done in conjunction with an Indian Studio. Anyone who watches it dies within 24 hours in the most 5th world style death usually disembowelment, train, runner over and pancaked with intestines pouring out with brain matter or death by machete. And every time a lone flip flop survives unscathed.

  2. @vincitomniaveritas

    Our Friend, And Great B G Sister @african-angel has got Lots Of Class Man, sending us all such A Vast Amount of Good Content, & Doing-So for so many years now, That I Would Love To Give Her A Big Thank-You Kiss On Both Cheeks, if ever i got to meet her in Person!

    And I Still Say To This Very Day That She Probably Looks like This Hot African Goddess Mark, You? 😉

          1. @Seraphimserenata

            Yeaaaa!!! Now You’re Talking Brother, but as long as *OUR Tongues* Don’t Get Anywhere Near Getting Tangled Together, cause I A Frenchman, and I French-Kiss, lol, 😉

      1. Lol, Well said, My Good B G Sister @african-angel

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    1. Oy vey, that’s right goy! Not only Europe but Western Civilization as a whole needs to be culturally enriched. Your country will die without multiculturalism, and that’s why you need to welcome millions upon millions of them with open arms. They are the saviors of mankind! No borders for White countries, no one is illegal. *intense hand rubbing*

      1. OYYY VEYYYY! You are literally the real shoah and persecuting me with your very antismeitic words. I have to now sue you for your intolerance and the suffering your words have caused me. muh 6 gorillion goys definitely died, and if you disagree I have to shut you down. *nose grows larger, hands catch on fire from rubbing so intensely”
        — LOL Nice name bro.

  3. Why the fuck do people keep complaining about “foreigners” coming to “their” country, and ruining things? These fucks didn’t do anything to earn that land. They just happened to be born there. “They” are nothing more than slaves there. There is some serious brainwashing going on to instill fear. Wake the fuck up people. If the powers that be are purposely sending foreigners to “your” land, they are doing it to scare you. From reading comments around here, it’s working like a charm. Other poor people are not your enemy. It’s rich people that you have to worry about. If you want to build a wall, build it around Wall Street.

    1. @honkeykong

      I hope you know who you are referring to when you mention “the powers that be”. And yes, they are indeed sending foreigners to our land, not to scare anyone but to replace, while making sure that they will forever stay in power after the process is done. Or at least they hope so, that’s the plan.

      The term foreigner is too broad, it can mean any foreigner from any land. It is not any foreigner though, is it? It’s not Japanese. It’s not South Korean. It’s not Australian, or Canadian, or from one nation of Europe to the other. It’s from Africa and the Middle East mainly, and you know that.

      You are also right about the brainwashing used to instill fear, which is present on all sides of the political spectrum by the way, but you gotta be either extremely brainwashed or extremely in denial if you already can’t perceive which side uses this tactics the most in excessively disproportionate amounts when compared with the other sides. Not only fear-inducing tactics but also censorship and physical violence against those of different opinions. The levels are so beyond the limit that a need for actual arguments and factual data are not needed anymore. All that matters now is feelings and politically correct discourse. Facts are racist, free speech is hate speech.

      Last but not least, you are also right about that last one, my friend. It’s rich people we gotta worry about. Stinking rich would me more appropriate. The likes of Soros and Rothschild and all the vultures of Wall Street. The same ones who are solely responsible for financing that particular side I was talking about in the paragraph above. The same ones who own the globalist mainstream media to brainwash the population even more with their political agendas and globalist propaganda meanwhile covering up the crimes of their side, omitting important information, taking things out of the context or altering facts – and that’s only when they are not straight out lying to our face.

      As I have said many times before, it is not useful to only fight the symptoms – we need to eradicate the disease. Otherwise the symptoms will keep coming, each time stronger and in greater numbers. However, completely forgetting about the symptoms or pretending they do not exist or do not cause harm on their own is not the right way to go.

      True change can only come from within ourselves. Nothing will change if we do not inform ourselves correctly and seek the truth and improve ourselves, all out of our own volition. Don’t worry though, we are living a period called “The European and American Renaissance” and the things are indeed changing. Slowly, but they are. The last 2 years are the proof of it. People are indeed waking the fuck up, finally.

  4. That guy was still alive with guts hanging out while the other was dead with no guts, no cuts just bullet holes probably….i wonder why the first guy in the video got it worst than the other? Maybe he wouldnt give out blowjobs to the gay flip floppers where as the other one did?

  5. @HonkeyKong, so I’m assuming that you think all those good poor people create jobs, Create manicured suburbian lawns with White picketed fences, and safe school classrooms of higher learning? You’ll never get a fucking job/career from a POOR PERSON! The average rich White man isnt your enemy. Its the soros and Rothschild Jew pricks and It’s the stupid poor people and their Hate Whitey propaganda that keep the common negro/spics down. WTF RETARD. GET OVER THE FACT THAT WALL STREET GETS ILL GOTTEN GAINS. It’s been that way from day one and will be that way till day zero! That has zero effects on your life. They aren’t giving you jack shit. And why the Fuck should they. You aren’t giving me or your fucking neighbor any of your money. Are you? Hell no you’re not. And I’ll bet a dollar that you don’t even give to some charities in your community. Fuck off with your whiny rich people are evil bullshit. Go earn a living instead of being JEALOUS OF OTHERS. YOU WATCH TO MUCH FAKE T.V. SHOWS LIKE THE KARDASHIANS AND NBA WIVES GARBAGE. YOU ARE NOT THEM AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. You commie socialist retards and your liberal utopia bullshit. It’s fantasy at best and moronic at worst.

      1. Think he was trying to mimic a turkey for Thanksgiving… gobble, gobble, gobble. Must’ve been a little too convincing cus’ those guys have already shot, plucked and gutted him. They’ve just gotta cut the head off, stuff him and stick him in the oven.

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