Man Hacked to Death with Machete Found on Vehicle Rooftop

Man Hacked to Death with Machete Found on Vehicle Rooftop

A man was found atop a vehicle seemingly hacked to death with a machete in Sattahip, Thailand. The victim was a navy sergeant so it is speculated that he may have been killed by a group of pirates who recognized him. After Somalia, Thailand enjoys some of the world’s most active piracy in the open seas. Thai pirates are scumbag thieves picking on fishermen and sailors while they are far away from any form of help.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Man Hacked to Death with Machete Found on Vehicle Rooftop”

  1. Makes you wonder why he was butchered on top of the cap…
    Perhaps the killer found it easier to work 2 feet higher off the ground…
    Could be he was held down as he was sliced an diced..

    Could be he crawled there to die…

  2. Is it my overactive imagination or does that machete have a demonic face near the end of the blade.

    Maybe once a blade has shed enough blood it becomes evil just like the Legend of the Muramasa.

      1. Hah kinda looks like a face. By the way i was trying to watch an old vid on the last page, the ass explosion or whatever it didnt play but i coud hear wierd noise like something was playing it was no pop up either almost sounded like loud breathing and maybe mumbling i turned it down on my speakers and when i did the volume maxed right after i put the slider all the way down. freaked me out like someone had hacked my comp remotely. I logged out then back in just in case and watched a different vid. anything strange like this ever happen to you guys while viewing vids?

          1. @bolshevictim

            errmm nooooo…no they are creepy as
            we were referring to the guys that drive around crazy pickup trucks with strange roadkill attached all over…creeepy

  3. In the early 1980’s there was a large exodus of Vietnamese ?Boat People? trying to escape the Communist regime after the fall of S?ig?n in 1975. Many of the people did not survived due to drowning, thirst, hunger and THAI PIRATES! They were notorious for holding hostage the boats, raping the girls, and old women and toddlers were thrown overboard. Many of the young girls were kidnapped and brought back to Thailand to work as prostitutes. My aunt was one of lucky ones ? the pirates stopped her boat and robbed everyone but gave them fuel. Her boat was later picked up by a commercial Japanese vessel where she became a refugee in Japan and been living there since . . .

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          4. You hesitated and had to think about the sombrero, so it probably had Mexicans involved in some way. Was there a mariachi band playing at any point? See how good I am at this.

  5. Definitely looks like a used tampon. What’s that fetish for menstral blood called, menophoia? Something like that. Anyone ever see that dumb ass chick, Giavonna Plowman, AKA tampon Girl? Ate her own used tampon in FB? And when people reacted badly, she faked her suicide? What a dumb cunt!.

    1. @jdamien

      I didn’t realise she faked a suicide but I did happen to see her tampon video and that was just disgusting…although I think secretly she enjoyed it…she did get a little too much into it. Why did she do that anyways…was it a dare?

    1. @gutspilled

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  6. is anyone else having trouble with BG updating its page?? Mine is stuck on yesterdays…so in order to see the new things that Marcus has posted I have to wait until someone makes a comment in one of the posts and skive in that way. I cant seem to get it to refresh and its driving me nutty.

      1. yeah I tried logging out and loggin back in, rebooting my computer, running a scan…nothing is working…so it must be some glitch…its super sucky to say the least

        thanks for the help πŸ™‚

  7. yes, thanks to the guy pointing. I was looking at a small area up to the left of the picture and completely missed the real focus of the pic. Imagine my surprise when I realised I’d missed a whole body. A whole different dimension to this picture now.

    Anyone new to this looking at pictures lark, here’s a tip…look at what their pointing at, it could rock your world.

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