Man Hacks Two Children and Their Father to Death Then Hangs Himself

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Man Hacks Two Children and Their Father to Death Then Hangs Himself

In the Province of Masbate in the Philippines, a man went ballistic on a family and hacked to death two children and their father. He then hanged himself presumably out of guilt.

The killer was reportedly drunk when he got into an argument with the children’s mother (and wife of their father). The argument took place in a store where the killer was buying a pack of cigarettes. The woman was there at the same time and was unable to find her wallet. She apparently accused the drunk man of stealing it off her.

Enraged, the drunk man went to her house and hacked her family senseless before realizing what he did, and committed suicide.

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65 thoughts on “Man Hacks Two Children and Their Father to Death Then Hangs Himself”

        1. @honkeykong & @drstrangelove
          What A Complete piece of shit, and cocksucker he was to kill those innocent kids. 🙁
          Iv’e always said that if you are going to off yourself, then do it alone, and without any kids around to see-it, let alone getting killed by him.

          He was probably fucking the kids Mom, fell in love with her, but when she rejected him, and did not want to fuck him, and suck his Pencil Dick anymore he completely lost-it.
          And that was his way (The Loser) of getting her back. 🙁

          1. Oh I agree.

            Good job hanged himself (if the hanged guy was in fact the killer).
            Once you do something horrific like that, you don’t deserve to live another millisecond on this planet.

          2. your on point there brother that was evil revenge of some type ,throw in some yabba ,i think its called pill that drives them insane ,think some crush the pill and smoke it…drink ,drugs only amps up whats inside..bad is bad no excuse…this man deserves death and he ran to embrace it…cunt of a cucked man..when i babysit my freinds kids i would kill to protect them ,on site there and then..iv got warrior bloodline.

          3. I really believe there is a special (kind of hell) place these people go to when they die! Killing innocent children is an evil that even GOD probably cannot forgive! Hopefully the hell they go to is a place where Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson act out their depraved fantasies for all of eternity on them!
            Lol- maybe Roxi is the hostess that checks them in upon their arrival one day… “hello I’m Roxi hail satan laudate daemonium- follow me please”! She gets out the steel whip! just kidding!

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          2. @ royal flush
            A creamy bucket?
            You’d rather suck a creamy bucket?
            A creamy bucket of …??? Yuck dude seriously? Your LOLs are funny but seriously why you getting gay? That’s sick man…fucking disgusting to respond and act gay! Thought you were better than that! Yeah you get into arguments a lot but I didn’t think you were gay!

        1. @drstrangeglove
          Don’t forget box of 300 crayola crayons! Non toxic and goes well with the bottle of elmers glue for kids in case they try to eat and sniff it-Tell it how it is bro! Kids now days- they think because mommy/daddy got it- they are just fine and rich! Would love to film half these kids the day their parents toss them out and leave them to fend for themselves! Until then, they are safe in the basement behind the keyboard trolling! SMH! The human race is teetering on the brink of extinction!
          For the record- I think you’re right! No job – no girlfriend…handouts! ha ha ha

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      1. Ikr, imo a man should learn how to use his fists, self defence is one of the most important things, I’d be so sick if some guy raped me because I couldn’t even throw a punch.. if you can’t defend yourself then you’re literally just a walking free anal rape for someone

    1. Agreed! I carry a Schrade! It’s good German steel that sharpens well, hold its edge, and cuts through metal! Good balance too! I’d loan it to the cartels if they filmed better vids! A little clearer, more lighting, less irritating music, and less shaking and rapid jerk movements! They could borrow my knife! Lol… but I’m worried they might like it to much and i won’t get it back! I do strongly recommend karambit knives too but strongly advise training before using them! Not for beginners! That curved blade does immense damage by design! I’d also throw in a larger memory storage card so the damn videos don’t cut out with edits!

  2. It just does NOT get any better than this. I’m relaxing on a comfortable sofa with some Shitmans Beef spread sandwiches followed by 3
    Aunt Bastards Yorkshire puddings n gravy viewing quality Gore.
    What more can an hombre ask for?

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        1. Technically every race has a percentage of really “emotional” people but I do think men are slightly more emotional than women, depends on the situation really but fair point lol, I kinda wish I had emotions tbh I’m kinda dead inside lol thanks Clozapine aha but Cubans take the cake for most “passionate” people imo

  4. This is literally the only picture I ever turned away from on this site. I’ve seen dead babies and kids before felt disgusted. But this one maybe, because it was done with a blade so violently. Maybe , because I’m so high on wax I may as well be doing hard drugs. I just don’t know the man who murdered his offspring should be killed. Suicide ain’t just slaughter is.

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