Man Hanged by Foot After Being Dragged Behind Car by Houthis in Yemen

Man Hanged by Foot After Being Dragged Behind Car by Houthis in Yemen

In the Middle Eastern mess of a country that is Yemen, the Houthis executed a man by tying his body to a car, and dragging him through the city of Ibb.

After the man died the horrible and agonizing death, the Houthis sprung his beat up body on a wooden pole, and left it hanging upside down by a foot.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the pics:

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29 thoughts on “Man Hanged by Foot After Being Dragged Behind Car by Houthis in Yemen”

        1. The photo of children looking at him hanging there made me consider how he probably saw such awful sights himself in youth, yet it didn’t prevent him from committing a crime later in life.
          I s’pose statistically, every now and then an innocent person will suffer such a fate. What a dreadful thought…..!!!

    1. If this sort of shit happened in Australia it would be in the news for weeks and it would take a while for the outrage to subside. This is a completely normal thing to happen over there and used as a deterrent for “crimes” committed like the beach bat was used in my school back in the 80s to deter us from misbehaving. These cunts are still living like they were in 1000BBBS (before bible bull shit) except they are using Toyota’s to drag people instead of horses. No wonder the whole world thinks that these people are Neanderthals, they are a bunch of blood thirsty monkeys with no fucking brains and need to be exterminated, there are fucken kids there for fucks sake how is this normal???? Life is too precious fuck off you monkeys.

      1. the reason why these guys act like cave men is because of the mongols during the golden age of islam europeans were like cave men to muslims the mongols invaded and burned down all their research and threw books into the river turning it black from the ink setting them back to stone age instead of trying to get back to where they were new scholars come out and said no need to follow science its a sin or bad or something like that

  1. Houtis executing some smelly fuck had certainly good reasons. Houtis in yemen (brave fighters in flip-flops hating zio fucks and saudis) fight daesh cunts and saudi “soldiers” (who get kicked 24/7) but have often paid a heavy price for their resistance, such as being beheaded on videos by the saudi backed daesh “moderate fighters” (thx Obama, Clit-on and McCain).
    “death to the US, death to Israel, curse on joos” is their credo.
    Go brave houtis!

  2. Hmmm….something similar happened in my country too – guy was tied to a car and dragged through the village, until he was simply left without an ass – all the flesh from his thighs and buttocks was simply scraped out.
    He died after several months in the hospital.

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