Man on Horse Cart Assassinated by Guy on Motorcycle

Man on Horse Cart Assassinated by Guy on Motorcycle

In Bairro Pedro Raimundo, located in the Petrolina municipality, state of Pernambuco, Brazil, a man riding a horse cart with a woman was assassinated by a guy on motorcycle.

The assassin sneaked up on the victim from behind and shot him in the back, popping a few more rounds in the head at close range to finish him off. The woman ran for her life, and the donkey just kind of continued on his way.

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      1. You must be from the jetsons era, where Flying cars and teleportation is the way of transportation. “People using animals as transportation seems medievel”
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        This happened in a very small town. This isnt downtown rio de janeiro. Its a very mellow town. No need for everyone to have a car and not everyone can afford one.

        1. Here in The Netherlands farmer use tracktors.
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      1. @thedre, same! I like donkeys very much. They are very hard-worked in some countries, but are treated un-kindly in favour. πŸ™ Did you watch the video that @jewdickslasher provided above? About the Colombian ‘donkey fuckers’ this is an amazing bit of journalism and I would highly recommend it, to any BestGore members who didn’t watch it, to do so. Interesting and disgusting at the same time!

  3. Watching all these videos out of Brazil makes me very glad for the time I spent in other peoples countries, living under one universal set of truths. It is someone else,s neighborhood, they are probably very fond of it, so act accordingly.

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