Man Jumps on One Leg in Vain Attempt to Escape Assassin

Brazilian Man Jumps on One Leg in Vain Attempt to Escape Assassin

Man Jumps on One Leg in Vain Attempt to Escape Assassin

Here is a very rare recording of John “FlipFlop” Wick. The killing he allegedly did is not recorded….. but he rolls outta the heat like a real action hero.

I got no real backinfo, but the little talk by the guy recording the recording sounds Brazilian Portuguese to me. The CCTV footage shows an assassination on a guy about to board a car along with a woman carrying a child (his wife, perhaps?).

Before he can get in, hitmen arrive in their vehicle and one opens fire, apparently hitting the guy in a leg. He uses his still operational leg to jump to safety, but it’s all in vain.

The hitman follows him inside, and exits before the garage type door can close by diving under it. Dressed up to slut it out, the woman gets the obligatory pussy pass. She’s free to monkey-branch over to the hitman.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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63 thoughts on “Man Jumps on One Leg in Vain Attempt to Escape Assassin”

  1. Im sure she is a very nice lady. Just because she dresses like a whore doesnt mean she will be riding all the chads in town. Whats wrong with you mark? She most likely will be riding Tyrones dick along with chads.
    Shes a progressive cunt, this is 2020!

      1. sad reality, as a white man, does not know how a black person feels, but respect is good, there is a big difference between the peripheral cities and the city, Brazil has two different countries

        1. Yes I’m aware of the devide between both people and the land, it must be one of the hardest countries to live in, moreover trying to make an honest living, especially as how 99%
          of the people have nothing, be they rural or town and/or city dwellers.
          Having said this, they appear to revel in violent crime. Which they so easily turn to rather than working to improve themselves and those around them in their own neighbourhood. Be it the countryside or metropolis…

    1. I assume you don’t agree then that Brazil should have all the world’s ICBM’s pointed at it and the launch button pressed by a Disciple of BG?
      And the Portuguese/Brazilian chatter, do you agree it sounds like the mouth of the person is stuffed with a large penis?

    2. no, im brazilian and the average brazilian is socially disfunctional and morally permissive, always willing to take illegal shortcuts for his personal benefit without any remorse for the social harm he might be causing. I would say that that the good people in Brazil must be rare and stupid, cause they dont to anything to stop the bad brazilians from controlling the country.

      1. Because for those very few (if indeed there are any). Are in the minority, and unlike the circumcised one’s minorities are always historically persecuted.
        What is your point, or rather the point you’re trying to make..?
        Because I’m not seeing any rhyme or reason to what you have said.
        It is common knowledge, no big secret.
        We all should know who’s doing what to whom, doing something about it, making a difference is what counts.
        Not rhetoric. If you think that you in your own way, could make a little difference, then get on and do it.
        Bitching about it here counts for nothing.
        Actions speak Louder than words, remember that at least..!

  2. That guy (the assassin) was on a fucking mission. And his last second slide-out of that closing garage door was epic and looked like it could have came straight-out of the mission impossible movie, lol 🙂

  3. Brazil garbage dump full of negroids and their descendants mulatto bastards like colombia and venezuela the united states goes down the same path with so many zoofilica white women worshipers of black african monkeys

  4. I’d say the he finished the job. Seems about the right amount of time to catch a one legged hopper, shoot him 4 times and dive back out of there. The hitman wasn’t your typical brazilian killer kid which makes me think the target was more dangerous or important. Another dealer? cop? politician? The mother looks hot, hope she raises a boy hell bent on revenge.

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