Man Killed Next to Couch Outdoor


This happened on New Year’s Eve in Baraúna, a municipality in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. A man was killed next to a couch placed outdoor for chilling in the mosquito dominated space.

The photos suggest that the victim suffered severe head trauma, unfortunately I did not get any details regarding how he was killed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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23 thoughts on “Man Killed Next to Couch Outdoor”

    1. A Grouch, & Slouch, Out on a Couch, Sprout a Trout out his Pout Mouth. The Trout was stout, his throat felt drought, without a bout to spout the trout, he pout throughout, with one loud shout OUCH, and vowed logout! 😉

    1. @dutchy. Lol. I use to see one that was animated. And it said press play and you won’t make it two minutes. Yes it looked super real. I’ll never question them again. Haven’t seen that ad again!! Mark where is It?? Lol

  1. Am I officially desensitized when I’m more amused by the flip flops in the upper left hand corner before and after seeing the rotting, bloody murder victim?

    Viva la Brasil! Shit hole! Literally, the world’s shit tumbles into that place like God created an asshole on Earth for his cosmic 4 course meal to be deposited after he spends about 2 hours on his intergalactic toilet! WOOOSH! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, see you in Brasil!

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