Man Kills Stepfather Over Land Ownership Dispute, Claims Self Defense

Fatal Neck Wound with Nasty Cheek Wound

In South Sulawesi, Indonesia, a 36 year old man turned himself in to the police with a claim that he had killed his 55 year old stepfather in self defense.

The two reportedly got into a fight over a land ownership dispute and the younger one won. The stepfather died from fatal machete wounds to the neck.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Ha, a piss on the stab wound would had help the freshness for an open casket funeral for that dude! And maybe the cheek sliced was a personal touch for fucking his momma!

    Man he fucked that motherfucker up!

  2. Killer his name is anto / jumianto (30 years old)
    And who was killed was his stepfather named ridwan (45 years old)
    Murder occurs because the ridwan who is the anto stepfather, often torture the anto mothers named Rosmini

    1. So he killed him because he was beating/torturing his mother? I can get behind that. Good on him id do the same if some waste of life put his hands on my mother. Shit if thats really the case id say he held back cant say I think id do the same. Fuckers head would be gone haha

  3. Yea, i killed my step Dad too on Aug. 4, 2015… you guys can look the article up in The Charlotte Observer, titled: “Hickory Man Not Charged In Stabbing Death of Stepfather”.
    While it was self defense any day of the week, month, and year, I’d do it again if the circumstances were the same. It was my mother, him, or me… and the way I see it, any man attacks my mother or I, like he did, gets what they deserve… he tried to kill me first, and I bet now, he wishes he would’ve…

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