Man Kills His Two Children in North Cotabato, Philippines

Deep Gash Across Neck and Back of Child

For every ten piece of shit child killing mothers there’s one piece of shit child killing father.

This happened in Carmen, North Cotabato, Philippines. A father reportedly killed his two small children. That’s unfortunately all that is available in terms of backinfo at this time.

Looks like the children were killed by being chopped in the napes of their necks with a blade, possibly a machete?

Props to Best Gore member @xfiu123 for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. You know I’ve noticed that every time a woman kills a child/children Mark (or other person posting content), has something to say about how terrible women are and how they do this and that. Then when a man kills a child/children, they somehow still make it about how women do this and that so much more than men. So whatever, I’m steadily getting pissed on every post that does this through the couple of years I’ve been semi-silently browsing BestGore. BUT the more I see on this site related to these issues, I’m noticing, DAMN, they’re right, I’ve accepted it. So, I used to be so pro women and slightly feminist, but since being on BestGore I’m seeing reality and my eyes have been opened. NOW, I’m not saying all women are horrible, not at all, but A LOT of us can be so manipulative(I’ve actually caught myself being this way), cruel, backstabbing, evil, etc.. I’m seeing the fact that women are not perfect trustworthy innocent, etc….. Anyways I’m going to quit dragging out this “essay” and just end it with saying thank you BestGore for showing me things I would otherwise never see✌

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        1. @kaidizzy I do spend a lot of time on this site. Like all the other people I see all the time and I’m cool with that. I like seeing these people and that’s true and they know it. If it isn’t affecting your life, why worry about it?
          But we’re all kinda “elderly.” So pick other mean things to say to me so you don’t insult every other member. What’s elderly to you? 30?
          Thank you for spending enough time to read the comments I make. They are truly worth reading. When you’re elderly, you may even understand them.

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            I’m not worried about the age thing. Compared to you, I am a lot older. That didn’t piss me off. It made me think of being in high school and thinking 25 was super old. lol
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            Ok hope to talk to you soon

    2. Yeah okay women do it. But there are only two genders. Men are at fault just as much. A man does this and he doesn’t get the paragraphs of dick-hating-shame a woman would…about her vagina. I love bestgore but god damn does it suck for females. I love gore but, I can’t win. You want this to run your site, yet you have an issue with it being done. Men and women kill; why do women have to read “pussy pass” and shit like that?

      1. Women are exposed on BG, now it may be that males don’t receive that much criticism as they should, but at least here women can voice their discontent in a free debate and don’t be ostracised for it, now, go out there on the pussy whipped world outside BG and try to criticize women or point out good things about men to see how your life can even turn to hell…

      2. @goatportal Great name lol. Steffed. I think it’s unfair when you make a legitimate, mild complaint, and people act as if you said all men’s penises should fall off lol. Like I get called feminazi sometimes and REAL feminazis would hate me and even feminists would have issue with me. All I have to say is “pay gap is a myth” and feminists are ready to kill me. Ah, what to do.

      1. Thank you. And I know men are definitely not exempt, I mean BestGore is proof of that too. But damn I’ve had to deal with some pretty crazy women in my own personal life, and guys too, but way more women, (in MY PERSONAL experience). And I’m not going to apologize to people for feeling the way I feel about it.

  2. There’s evil women, there’s evil men. Have to say though, after seeing those idiotic, mostly female anti Trump protesters, I’m swaying toward there being many more nasty females than there are males.
    These pink wearing bleeding hearts are a silly joke, bleating over some unsubstantiated remark or other, while pretending to be utterly outraged.
    Any person taking their cues in life from these fucking morons ought to be placed in leg irons, preferably on a psych ward. OK, they’re not murderers, yet!, but make no mistake, these zealots would cause anyone who opposed their view, serious arm given the opportunity, of that I have no doubt. And therein lies the crux of the matter, their collective double standard bearing attitude. Do as I say, but not as I do.
    Makes me want to vomit.

    1. YEP I agree w u 1000000%. Someone posted this yesterday and I’m going w this to ease my mind. They said what if this child was going to be a mass murderer. Someone else said what if they were the next Einstein!! We will never know. It’s hard to comprehend this but so is almost all the shit we see on a daily. GOD BLESS

  3. I’m in narcotics anonymous and I go all the time. I love it. I’m a recovering junkie. So I’m super grateful to be where I am today. I am soooo open minded to all types of addicts and what they have to say about why and how they ended up in the rooms. There’s only one type that I hope does not temp sharing about how they hurt kids and or they molest children. I fucking flipped saying if one comes in And shares any of this i can’t promise they won’t be ripped apart. This is just a subject you cannnnot share w others and not expect a beaten. They will be on this site I promise if they share it. I know people are born the way they are. Straight, gay, FUCKING ax handling tranny, rapist, and pedophile!!! I can’t grasp the pedo shit!! I never will ever !!!!!!!!!!!! EVVVVVVVER!!! just like animals that can’t defend themselves is the same as children. That’s when I step In as a father and DEFEND!!!!!!!

    1. How can we hope to ever prevent such terrible crimes from happening again, if we can’t bear to look upon it because it’s distressing for us to do so?
      As adults, do we not owe it to these children to see what they’ve suffered? It really is sickening to behold, but it will make us work harder to help protect those in our society who cannot take care of themselves.

      1. Yesss sounds good to me. Just makes you wonder what happ to make this shit happ. Really deep down how does one do this? Also how do you prevent This? Picture a woman that was raped viciously and was impregnated. Is it the child’s fault ?? Nooooo. Is the sperm from a monster?? YESSSS. What is the outcome for the baby in a 3rd world country with no abortion?? Makes me think of scenarios like this after seeing it FIRST HAND.

  4. I understand that statistically worldwide women kill more babies but in highly developed countries it’s the complete opposite and often involves a suicide after (which is at least nicer) and none of this considers pedophilia. Those people are animals and do tons of sick shit everyday that would be unthinkable here. We need to stop comparing ourselves to them.

    1. & exquisitely beautiful. The current asshole in chief there is mostly making a bad situation worse, unfortunately supported by most of one of the stupidest populations on the planet. Philippines is heaven & hell right next door to each other.

  5. It goes to show that the fathers also murder their children, to. Some step fathers are worst. Most often fathers murder their children in custody disputes. That’ll show her! No child support from me! Now no one gets the little fuckers! Get ‘er done! Problem solved!

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