Man Killed in Broad Daylight for Bumping Into Someone

Man Killed in Broad Daylight for Bumping Into Someone

A man walked into an establishment where he was a regular but on his way in, bumped into a guy who was there with 3 friends. That triggered a 4 on 1 beating during which one of 4 attackers pulled out a gun. The scuffle eventually escalated into the responsible gun owner shooting the victim dead.

According to what the reporter in the video says, the incident happened on Coney Island in Highland Park. The reporter also mentions that the victim’s name was Sean Harshaw. I’ve never heard of Coney Island but it would appear that it’s in Michigan.

This whole story seems too messed up to have been triggered by a simple bump into, which makes me wonder if there’s more to it. The attackers seem to have been waiting for the victim – maybe hired by someone to beat him up? But then again – why do it in broad daylight in front of what reporter says were other patrons inside the establishment.

While we may not know the whole story, I think there is one conclusion we can draw – can you imagine the hard on liberal apologists would get if the attackers were white?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Man Killed in Broad Daylight for Bumping Into Someone”

        1. i served in sierra leone,ivory coast and the congo with 2 eme,
          you havent got the first fucking clue of what you are talking about.
          the fact that this behaviour is typical of negroid africanus necessitates a stereotypical judgement lest we lose sight of what my nations genetic scientists have discovered about this species.
          look up-victoria university,new zealand-violence gene on google,it should take you there.
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          1. @eficaz You’re right about the lil wayne and wayne brady thing, but that can be said about any race. I don’t wanna start a bigass argument on this matter, I just wanted to say that the tendency to gang up on someone and beat them for no reason isn’t a racial trait. Call me a sheep, but that’s my point of view.

    1. Typical. Yet these fuckin nigger cunts are always complaining that police harass them or pull them over because they’re black. Well you aren’t doing you or your people any favors when you keep doing shit like this are you?

      Dress like gang members, act like gang members and talk like gang members then… Wait you are in a church group?

    1. NOT to be confused with black people in general. That’s the difference here…your seeing an act committed against an innocent person by a small gang of niggers out for “fun”. We can all hope that it will come back to each one of them ten fold.

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  1. Believe it or not, I personally believe that most Americans in one way or another understand… that Blacks are not normal Human beings, they are Dangerous and Feral Animals. Even many of the Sick Libs who throw white school children into rooms full of these subhuman animals understand that they are dangerous animals…
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    1. Racism is a mental disease and out of all the garbage you people are spitting about Blacks, the worst is by far YOU. How the hell are you going to twist your fingers to type the most stupid garage on a site full of evil acts done by all races of people, is beyond me? How the hell are you going to degrade a whole group of people of which you obviously don’t know a thing about when you are presented with the fact that all people of any race is capaiblity of the most horrible evil? It’s right here IN YOUR FACE! I can name at least 50 known serial killers, those who beat, torture and murder thousands of people and guess what ALL OF THEM ARE WHITE. If you want to hate on someone at least hate on those that have actually done something to deserve it.

      1. We are hating on those who deserve it @Evilna. In this post were venting against these individuals who KILLED an innocent man for no reason other than he bumped into one of them. I myself will rant and name call whom ever i see committing such fucked up violence upon an innocent. Be it black white or other. Also i deem the term “nigger” fair ground with any race, its derogatory for all the pieces of shit that walk this earth. And yes White folks seem to be adept at serial killing i’ll give you that. Though creative at killing, no comparison to Mexican cartel members. They are some serious mothers. But at the moment these niggers are the focus of our anger, so deal with it.

      2. @Evilena, You said “Racism is a mental disease”.. The American Psychiatric Association has never recognized extreme racism as a mental health problem. It’s the form and not the content of peoples beliefs that determines whether they have a mental illness. You quoted Marks statement which contained words such as “seems”,” makes me wonder”, and “maybe” and said “That statement right there should proof that this wasn’t a random act”. I highly respect Mark and I’ll grant you hes probably right, but if you were as you said “a DDA for 20 years.I put a hell of a lot of people in prison”, then you should know that a persons suspicion’s are not “proof”.Other statements you made lead me to believe that you have previously viewed this site, if so, then you should have been aware of the extremely wide range of opinions and views that members have on this or any other topic. You will probably never sway anyones opinion, you certainly won’t by trying to ridicule them.

      3. @evilena you need to stow that racism shit because people here are talking about the niggers that give the decent black people a bad name. Its niggers in this video doing this, so they are obviously going to be the target for attack. If it were white or mexican people in this video they would be getting the same treatment from our members here. Look at the comments on the 3 maniacs 1 hammer video, mexican cartel videos and all the syria propoganda videos. If they are the stars in any featured video they will get attacked. Its the same for police videos, if there is a police brutality video, we will fuck him up in terms of comments and opinions, yet if there is a video of a cop getting shot dead in the line of duty we will also feel sorry for him and hate the person who shot him, we are a very diverse lot who knows the difference between right and wrong, and in this video it has Niggers with attitude giving decent black people a bad name.

      4. No bitch.
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      1. Blacks make up 13% of the USA Population.

        Blacks account for over 50% of the murders that happen in the USA in a year.

        It’s a racial thing. Look at South Africa. Look at London (London riots, anyone?) Look at Toronto, Canada.

        Blacks are a plague. Every country, every Continent. They are savage, feral, uncivilized animals.

        Evolution skipped them.

    1. The racism on this site is worse than any of the pictures of beheadings and stoning and bodies handing from bridges and car crashes I have ever seen on this site. But the ignorance is even more worse than that.

      “This whole story seems too messed up to have been triggered by a simple bump into, which makes me wonder if there?s more to it. The attackers seem to have been waiting for the victim ? maybe hired by someone to beat him up?” That statement right there should proof that this wasn’t a random act. But nooooo, if Blacks are involved they are going to murder us all. It’s ridiculously stupid.

      1. The only racist person I see here is you. Weighing people with the same scale is not racist. Anticipating the use of preferential language when subject matter involves certain ethnic group is. You are a fucking racist who can’t stand when people call a spade a spade.

      2. The UN Human rights declaration states that we can believe and say anything we want. Freedom of Speech and and all that. On this site we believe and say anything we want, it is our human right to do so. So if you don’t like it,Evilena, you can bugger off.

  2. If those guys were white, this would have been labeled a hate crime lol. A bunch of fucking coward, thug wanna-bees…yeah..cause you’re tough when you and your 3 friends kick someone who’s down, then you pull a gun? That doesn’t make you tough, it just makes you reckless, foolish, and idiotic all at once. I am not racist in the least( I have numerous black friends) but I can tell you there is a massive difference between a nigger, and a black person, just like rednecks/trailer trash compared to white people. Last fight I got into maybe a year ago now was with a black dude out front of a liquor store, what caused it was similar to this. I literally asked him ( kindly) to move out the way so I could grab a 22 for the evening. He moved ,but obviously took offense, and I just continued about my self. As I walk out the door to head home ( only 3 blocks away..) I was pretty sure I heard him yelling to me ” ay white boy….ay pretty white boy..”, but I just kept walking cause Baltimore is a bad spot to be white at night[alone], and before I turned around I got hit in my upper back with what ended up being something for a car jack. He hit me again in my left shoulder and so we started wrestling, and I got him into a tight ass head lock( I was really pissed, I wanted him to pass out) and I asked him if he was done and all he kept saying was he couldn’t breathe ( if you’re talking, you’re breathing.) and some busted ass bitch came out ( his girl, go figure..) and started yelling at me to let him go so I did, and i just hastily walked home. Nothing ever happened after that, and I still live at the same place, and I go to the same store almost everyday. I lucked out with minor scratches, and a tiny bruise on both parts where I got hit.. I was sore for about a week. I’ll pray for this man here who lost his life to thugs. I also won’t take for granite how lucky I am here. I remember seeing a video( it’s on BG) of a tourist getting mugged by people in Baltimore…they took his keys and everything..

  3. Doktor Tulio almost banged one of these coloured american females last month in one of his nocturnal safaries, its the only trophy missing in Tulio’s female racial trophy collection…these are difficult to find back in Banana Republic…

  4. This does not surprise me at all. It astonishes me that it would happen in a restaurant. The guy obviously could have brushed it off. Instead, the guy decided he wanted to act tough and beat the guy with his friends. Now that’s something I would like to call niggers gone wild. I’m getting so sick of these people thinking that we owe them something. Nobody owes them anything. If you work hard enough for something, you’ll get it. Shits gotta be earned. I remember back when I was in middle school, a quite similar incident happened. The guy didn’t pull out a gun or anything. The black guy bumped into this white guy that I know and the white guy body slammed the other guy. We all just got up to see it from the table. (As you know of many fights that happen throughout our lives) This is something that always happens everywhere. It makes me sick..but that’s life.

  5. If you all just watch carefully; the first camera angle shows three of them watching intently out the window while a fourth casually leans against the counter- waiting for the victim. A few seconds before he enters they suddenly move away from the door and take up a spread- out position to ambush him. This was no spur-of-the-moment thing. And at the second camera angle the attacker approaching from the right already has a gun in his hand right at the beginning of the attack. This was a beating and murder. A hit to send a message.

  6. No comment I have nothing against black people I only hate Allah shitbar. Don’t know how many American here in BG and why the heck they have a black president for another 4 years if majority of white american hate back or they called nigger.

  7. My soul aches with the knowledge that so many humans are simple enough to truly believe that it’s acceptable and rational to grossly generalize an entire culture. How sad.

    That being said, this shit is deplorable. Not more deplorable than the fact that there are so many crabs in this gore bucket that are so narrow minded, but deplorable nonetheless. I long for the days of yore, when people could knuckle up, get a fair one in, and live to go home and put a bag of frozen peas on whatever was swollen. 🙁 <3

      1. Amen, CorpusDelecti. I always liked the old Irish traveler way of doing it. Have a fist fight, loser admits defeat and lives another day to become a better man. Try that shit now. If you survive the knives and guns, you better have eyes in the back of your head or move far away.

  8. let’s be objective, your average british/scottish/irish CHAV is 100% WASP (or gaelic, haha) and I tell you that they are by far more dangerous, violent and deranged that these blacks. Even the middle-class version would outclass them. Not to mention other fauna, like russian and eastern european hoodlums, they make the GHETTO look like the fuckin hamptons and they are pretty blonde. Do not underestimate FLESHY VIRUS of all varieties capacity for ape-like senseless violence, my goreaddicts…

  9. I wonder if Mark could put a word cap on the comments, it seems that some people like to tell there whole freakin life story on here. I understand people want to voice their opinion and change peoples opinions(and thus the world!) but please take a chill pill. Its starting to take too damn long to scroll down to see if someone else has read my mind and posted my comment *cough cough* La Demonia De Silva

  10. I have something for all you bleeding heart suburban or rual living rich fucks who were told it’s wrong to feel this way towards these monkeys. You need to live next to them in the Hood and work your ass off to just watch them steal from you and kill each other then live off you getting everything for free, and if something don’t go there way it’s because there black you people need to open your eyes. I know it’s not just them doing it. You don’t owe them a damn thing. WAKE UP.

    1. I absolutley agree with you. I am so sick and tired of them playing the racist card. I live in a very rural area to purposley avoid the crimes they commit. People need to open their eyes and look around, back in the 70’s even 80’s Detroit was a beautiful city but since then has been over run with nigers and in just a few short years totally destroyed an entire city and now they are crying because of the deplorable conditions they live in, there are blocks after blocks of vacant abandoned houses that in just about every one contains a dead murdered body. Serioulsy take a look around at the condition of all the communities that are populated with a majority of black people every single one of them are high crime, drugs, murders, rapes etc…These conditions do not exist in white populated communities. I work in Detroit and due to the fact that these nigers commit these crimes in groups I have to carry a ccw just so that my husband has a little comfort knowing that I have a half way chance of protecting myself if need be.

      1. Philly’s the same way. Only a matter of time before the entire city is occupied and destroyed, neighborhood by neighborhood, and my childhood home barred up or burnt out like my father’s and his father’s before him. It’s absolutely deplorable.

      2. I’m actually shocked that a Caucasian woman feels like this (I assume you are Caucasian). Our women are.. Well, I won’t go there. I don’t have a lot of good to say on the subject.

        Anyway, it’s not just Detroit. It’s a huge swath of America, and it’s vastly becoming the entire Country (And not just the USA, either.. Canada, England etc. are falling prey to this).

        Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Oakland, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, etc. All across the USA city by city, state by state, this infestation is happening. Can you imagine what the USA will look like in 50 years? The thought is shocking, depressing and utterly sad. Not a Country I’d wish to start a family in. To think what our Children will inherent because of our inaction.

        The blame is on our Governments (Weak, Spineless, Liberal, PC Controlled puppets), our Media (Owned, a filter through Jewish interests.. Who hate Caucasians because of WW2) which brain-washes/socially-engineer the Caucasian race within the confines of our Countries, and our Women who so easily succumb to the brainwashing hence-forth known as White-Guilt/Caucasian Self-Hatred.

        Look up any City in the USA that has a high crime-rate. It’s going to be black infested, and be under the control of Democrats.

        And our people do nothing, say nothing. We sit there like lemmings being lead to the slaughter, which quite frankly, we are. How much has to be taken from us? What do we leave behind for our children? How many of our great cities, our great Nations have to be destroyed before we wake-up? Will we ever wake-up? I don’t think Americans will, I think Caucasians in the USA are done. They have no fight in them.

        It has to come from Europe.. And given the situation they are in.. I doubt it comes at all.


  11. I train my daughter now from birth to never look directly at a nigger (it can create a “chimp out”, and never go anywhere unarmed.

    Of course she’s two and can’t quite say “nigger” yet but does point to the TV and say “wowilla” ((gorilla).

  12. In my city of Philadelphia (where the demographic make-up is 41% white to 43% black), I coexist with a lot of members of this racial group. I can’t begin to recount the numerous occasions where my friends and I were targeted by a larger group of aggressive blacks. Whether we were being harassed or jumped, it always seemed to occur when we were outnumbered and helpless.

    There was one time where my buddy crashed his bike and a few of us stopped to help him up when this whole group of them came out of the woods, drunk, looking for a fight. Before things escalated a bunch more of my buddies showed up after hearing the news of the dude’s crash and they quickly dispersed. Point is: there’s no such thing as a fair fight with blacks. Either they outnumber or use firearms – if either of those factors are missing, they’re tame. It’s so fucking hard not to be racist in this god damn city.

  13. I am biracial and half the time I don’t even want to claim by black side because of people like THIS. Seriously, thugs and hood rats are what give black people a bad name. It’s sad and absolutely infuriating. I hate that all black people are looked down upon, but I mean, look at what they’ve done to themselves? It’s sad that a respectable black person will still be criticized because pieces of shit like this want to run around killing each other just for the sake of doing it. I HATE IT! And pull your pants up, no one wants to see your nasty ass!

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