A Man is Killed and Stuffed in a Suitcase to Rot

A Man is Killed and Stuffed in a Suitcase to Rot

The remains of a murdered man were found in a pink (could it indicate something?) suitcase near the city of Satuba, state of Alagoas (yes, Brazil again). The suitcase was dumped on the outskirts of the city and the putrid smell attracted a few locals who happened to be passing by.

In less than a week, this small city has registered four murders, and the residents are afraid this could be the work of a serial killer, even though police can’t confirm this possibility at the moment.

A local woman, whose son is missing, claims to be unaware if he was involved in illegal activities, although it hasn’t been established if he is in fact the victim found in the suitcase.

Police suspect that due to the increased police forces on the nearby city of Pilar, criminality has migrated to surrounding cities. It’s a simple concept in the mind of a criminal, “well, hum… I can’t commit crimes here, too many cops… Oh I know, I’ll do it over there! Yeah, that’s it! Less police = good”.

I once had plans to visit Brazil, but honestly, I wouldn’t go there anymore even if I was paid.

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Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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          1. Uli land, aka Uruguay is one of the most awesome countries in the world, and also one of the safest in Latin America. They surely have the baddest president in the world. Not unlike our Zionist wallowing pigs.

      1. I visited Brazil and Im going back in a month. There are cities in the US considered more dangerous than any in Brazil. Its a beautiful country. As with any place that have people you are bound to find danger and violence.

    1. @d2
      if the cops cant identify suitcase man they’ll definitely bring her in to the morgue to see if this is her son
      *and if it isnt they will still get DNA off the mom to see if it matches up to DNA on the dead man, cause maybe her missing son is committing these rash of local murders.

      1. I was about to say, I doubt they would bring the mother in to identify him unless it’s clothing of some sort or jewellery but if not I’d hope it would go to DNA, no one deserves to see their loved ones like this.
        I’m hoping I was right? Was I? Anybody? Nope? Ok

        1. @It was me, I’m thinking also the family would know the significance of the pink suit case if anyone doe’s…
          I’m leaning toward gay dude and pissed off lover / lovers, hence the bashed in skull and colorful suitcase.

      1. @killthefilth see now, if I were the murderer that is exactly what I would want you to think! “Mmm yes, I’ll out him in a pink suitcase so that they’ll suspect the killer is female or gay. Ah yes, that’ll throw ’em off! MUAHAHAHA!” <– Evil laugh

  1. this hitman has still much to learn
    Portugese dude what you think when world cup starts in brazil. Will it be safe for tourists
    Lot of times people say before WC that lot of dangers there but then nothing happened. Its only talk to scare people away, but i agree brazil is more dangerous place and should be take more seriously

        1. Yeah I like half gay remark…
          So that would mean he takes it in the ass but doesn’t suck a dick or….
          He sucks a dick but don’t take it in the shitter…
          lol,, you certainly can have some fun with that one…

  2. It’s a scientific fact that gay men decompose differently to those men who prefer their hot dogs to be placed in a bun.

    In death they tend to have a more petal fresh and party pretty look to them and the putrid stench of decomposition takes on a more coconut and candy note with just a little hint of mandarin orange and pink grapefruit on a fine summer’s morning.

    My conclusion, the dead man was indeed a fan of the Broadway musical Cats and the man who killed him was also a life long fan of The Village People.

    The pink suitcase tells me that the killer was old fashioned because the colour pink is so last season, polka dots and strawberries would have indicated a trend following young person, as it stands the police should be looking for a man in his mid forties who wears leather jackets and has a handlebar moustache.

  3. I think this was a misplaced festive cargo shipment to the Body Farm in Tennessee. Sometimes shipping companies lose packages. With their recent bad press during the holidays, I’m not surprised.

    For the record, I had no such recent issues with my shipping. My kitchen sink arrived with nary a blemish and in only three days.

  4. death is ordered chaos. it has its own structure and rhyme, and yet the experience is different every single time

    she wraps her slender arms around my waist, her eyes, begging me to stay.
    “take me,” she whispers.
    “i am the corpse, and you are my grave.”

    shed not a tear at our passing breath
    for life’s greatest reward is death

    obli 1-9-14

  5. With all of the festivities quickly approaching and folks visiting from all over the world by the millions there in Brazil during the next 24 months or so, I am going to try and get some of the gray plastic remains container concession, since I can’t get in at a decent price on flip flops and machetes are on back order. Oh, I almost forgot about bricks, blocks, batteries, electrical utilities, latex gloves, antibiotics, condoms and infant formula! We should get into those types of supplies soon, as well.

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