Man Killed in Toritama, Brazil – Dies Making Weird Hand Signals

Man Killed in Toritama, Brazil - Dies Making Weird Hand Signals

A man identified as 29 year old Jose Bezerra Jr., aka “Junior”, was shot and killed outside a residence on Bom Jesus street in the Independente neighbourhood of Toritama, Pernambuco, Brazil on the night of May 25th.

According to military police, two men on a motorcycle rolled up to Junior and opened fire on him, hitting him at least eight times. Junior died at the scene doing some weird hand motions with drunken death stare. Motive and suspects are both unknown at this time, although given the nature of these sorts of murders in the “third world” areas of Brazil, it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that he was an ex-con with a gang or drug dealing past. Just the nature of the game.

Also, check the unibrow. Tragic.

47 thoughts on “Man Killed in Toritama, Brazil – Dies Making Weird Hand Signals”

  1. Eh, those hand signals in combination with his gay pink shirt, his drunk stare and unibrow just tells he tried to fall in the most dramatic way possible… 馃槅 “Oh, im dying, goodbye cruel world… *blergh*”

      1. The “MaybeHitmanMaybeNot” or whatever he was called? The one that says that he fought in Iraq, Vietnam, WW1, WW2, Napoleonic Wars, etc?… Yeah theres just one way to find out, by comparing his unibrow DNA. 馃槅

    1. “He was doing the Favela Flavor Flav.”

      I don’t know about that…

      Flavor Flav always reminded me of a skeleton wrapped in black electrical tape…

      I think ‘Junior’ was doing the Macarena… That’s why he got murdered… 馃槈

      1. Gnat,

        Respectfully, I would counter your hypothesis with the proposal that favelas in Pernambuco are not to 1993 culturally yet, which was when Macarena had its initial early release in its most popular form. Hence my educated guess of Flavor Flav, who possibly began doing his famous death throws hand gestures in his dance during the performances of Night of the Living Baseheads as early as 1988. It’s entirely possible they are not to 1988 yet either, but cultural references during or after 1993 there are highly improbable.



        1. I always thought the reason Flavor Flav did that stupid dance was a good cover for trying get those flies off him @Harumph… But I see what you’re sayin’…

          Yeeeaaah Boy!!!…

  2. The guys on the bike were obviously fashion police, which makes this one a justified murder. The brow, oh the fucking brow, what is it all about !?!, fucking Liam Gallagher on steroids !!. Do they not have clippers down in Toritama !? AKA( matariot ). At least he wore his cap the right way round, so points for that.

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