Man Kills Wife and Slits Step Son’s Throat in Thailand

Man Kills Wife and Slits Step Son's Throat in Thailand

The only info I have on this set is that it is from a double murder. A man murdered his wife and then his stepson by slitting his throat. He may have used the same weapon on both the woman and child but no specifics have been released, including the killer’s name although he has been apprehended.

Why do this? You know? I’m primarily a nihilist, as well. Most would view men and women like myself as “lost” or even straight up “evil” due to our beliefs, but we actually tend to view life as very meaningful because this is all we have. Children and animals are pure beings and I would never, ever take out my aggression on a child, let alone murder one in cold blood. Despicable.

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    1. i can’t believe there are people who have the nerve to hurt/kill a child, i wish i had that red button that once it’s pushed all, and i mean ALL! the scumbag lowlife criminals, rapist, child molesters, killers, thieves, terrorist, etc, get wiped out from the face of earth in the most brutal and inhumane way.

  1. To be honest, i need a long time meditating and thinking very hard so i can value life one bit, because i can only remember the never ending process of life and death, how low tier it is in the astral plane, how humans have evolved too fast and degenerated in consequence of their actions, and comparing to their level of tech development… and yet managing to get easly influenced by masses and currencies, and not giving importance to certain feelings and giving too much, or too little importance to dull feelings like love and hate… breaking taboos so they can feel “confortable” and “fashionable”, and ending up destroying pilars of society in the same process… and so on and so forth… we’re not really living in the Information Age, we’re living in the Broken Age, right after the Corruption Age… and if people dont wake up soon, its all going downhill… its hard to explain really… but i’d rather see the world to cleanse itself for the grand restart, so that the third species can rise and learn from the mistakes of the first civilizations and ours… and not commiting the same mistakes we did…

    Sorry about this moment of thought… im recieving more energy bursts from the astrals than usual. 😐

      1. Very well said. 🙂 But thats exactly the routine that humans in general need to break so they can pass tp “Phase II” on their development, to cease to believe that realistic logic and natural laws drives them, and break its barriers… and not the oposite, living inside their confort zones and breaking taboos instead…

  2. In the second to last photo look at the far right of the cut and note the way the skin is split into three points before moving left into a clean cut. This was done with considerable force but also indicates the man twisted the weapon when he stabbed it into the poor kids neck.

        1. I did retire from the medical field last year but I still have all my resources so if you need any references or organ identification etc… please let me know I’m more than happy to help in any way.

          1. Never get the chance to miss it there is always some cause to utilize it. I only left the medical field to pursue another passion of mine so I’m going into wildlife biology now.

  3. no justification but an xplanation. the wife was a pain in the ass and the id was not his so he felt no love for him. the child represented that his whore wife had taken foreign JIZZ. some dudes are like that. very resentful.

  4. Fascinating observation, although one must ask if we’ve truly “evolved” when we witness actions like this. A thousand years ago man fought with primitive weapons and thousands would die, now computer codes can launch nuclear ICBMs to their intended targets in under a half our. Ain’t evolution grand?

        1. -_- does anybody have a costume ,other than a clown trust me I’d use my medical knowledge against you, I could borrow for the show..
          😉 I mean really sweetheart @Gnat I was going to leave the fondue at home >;)

          1. Actually… I was talking about the inmates being distracted @Am0ur… NOT saying I wouldn’t be though… 😉
            And if your allergic to chocolate… I could always bring Miracle Whip…


          2. Lol I figured what you were saying but this got a way better response * blows kiss* could bring both miracle whip does go great with chocolate… Maybe some berries as well hmmmm 😉

          3. You’re talking about Cool Whip @Am0ur…

            A sammich just isn’t a sammich without Miracle Whip…

            Just sayin’ sweetheart… 😉

          4. Nope talking about an old southern desert recipe its a filling for sugar biscuits and you do use miracle whip not cool whip 😛

  5. There is no real difference between killing a child or adult other than that which we perceive to be different.

    Morals and such are a values based system created to supplement and support biological necessity. That necessity being the protection of our vulnerable, the protection of our young.

    However, when an individual decides to violently reject life they often reject it?s biological necessities as well and that is why you see stories featuring suicidal parents who kill their children before killing themselves even though they may have been good parents previously.

    The above can be summed up with many psychological points but the end still remains the same, a breaking of biological necessity due to a breaking of mind.

    Then there is the psychopaths, those who have long given up having morals(if they ever had them) who act without difference.

    This also presents an interesting point, if soundness of mind can be measured by how we treat our most vulnerable it must stand that politicians and such are psychopaths due to their uncaring behaviour and actions and thus the system under which we live is also psychopathic due to its seeking out and recruitment of said people. The lunatics running the asylum as it were, where all the sick are made to look healthy and all the healthy are made to look sick.

  6. thats something i never understand on this situations.
    its : “why kill the childs ?” because he kill his mother ? wtf

    i mean, kill the women or the husband , ok, maybe its his/her fault etc…. but, the child … how can what happen can be the fault of the childrens ?….
    why not simply kill the wife/husband and voila ? not need to kill the child…

    (maybe not understand my pov, so here little explain :
    imagine a wife cheating her husband. the husband know about that . go in home and kill his wife and childrens…….
    kill the wife, ok . but the childrens have nothing to do with this.)

    fucking piece of shit that doesnt deserve to exist

      1. Seriously it’s a dam kid for God sakes. Speaking from the guy that useing a dam wrestlers display pic. I’d love you to say something like that in front of my face.

  7. I like to look at it like this, If “she” wanted to be with me, she would be but, shes not. If i was going to be a millionaire i would have been. Why lose it when you never had it in the first place. You cant change someone else only yourself. So projecting your rage on the innocent or undeserving is unacceptable

  8. A bit off topic but, i like to think of myself as reasonably level headed and sane. I’ve only “cracked” once in my life but, directed that flaw inward. I cant grasp how anyone could lash out on another much less a child. That would be a very sick individual

  9. It’s a stupid thing to do. Killing.
    If someone believe that he will die and all just vanish and his ass get away with it…? Hell no. You kill mercelesly and you did Big mistake.
    Consequences awaits in looong afterlife time. Serious thing, no bigotism at all.

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