Man with Knife in His Chest Continues to Fight Before Collapsing and Dying

Man with Knife in His Chest Continues to Fight Before Collapsing and Dying

Video out of Columbia shows a man fighting with a knife in his chest. From the information I got, he fought a good minute or so with the knife in him, before his adrenaline ran out and he succumbed to his wound (he collapsed and died).

The man he was fighting quickly jumped on his motorcycle and skedaddled.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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64 thoughts on “Man with Knife in His Chest Continues to Fight Before Collapsing and Dying”

  1. Pray tell me @hematochezia …how does one kinda die a little? Isn’t that like being a little bit pregnant? Both impossibile? Great song choice – you nailed that one! Now – if only the videographer had a better concentration span, and maybe turned his frickin’ phone horizontally, we would have caught more of the action. Thanks @refuse2renig for the clip!

  2. You went out good, sport. You lost but you get points for determination. ‘Course I can think of a few better ways to go out like getting stabbed to death by a hot naked girl but hey, that’s just me.

    1. Fuck Colombia and the people there to my kid is half..guess what she did to me the other day she hacked my credit for a bogus school loan and put me in a 6000$ debt and 12.000$ if I wouldn’t have stop hey if your one of them fuck you too” no offence”:-) your all cold hearted snakes

  3. For those of you who don’t know, pulling the knife out could have doomed the dude.
    Removing a foreign object such as a knife from someone has to be done by professionals who can prevent the patient from the bleeding out.

    1. There’s a town called Columbia in approximately half of the states in the US, remarkably. In this case it’s just a little typo as Mark has obviously shown repeatedly that he knows how to spell the name of the country Colombia. Quit being an ass.

  4. With migrants everywhere, western streets will look like this in near future too. I mean, it’s a trend in world: Less safety equals FEAR which government that literally serve Satan want.

    When things go really wild and brutal, they will come to offer a solution which will be a Orwellian Nightmare.

  5. the dude on the bike was chicken shit he was even a little bigger than the orange pant victim. in these places they got no issue sticking or shooting another. cowardly but effective without honnor.

  6. Very strange. It’s hard to tell who the instigator was, since they were both in defensive postures. I get the feeling that the attacker was the Orange guy, but how’d he end up stabbed? Was the other guy just lucky and grabbed the knife? I mean, if it was the guy on the bike that made the first move he could’ve just stabbed and ran for the bike. It was most likely over some stupid shit either way.

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