Man Knifed to Death by Stepson After Beating His Single Mother

Man Knifed to Death by Stepson After Beating His Single Mother

This post proves two things:

  1. Single mothers are a plague
  2. They are attracted to abusive types (no surprise they end up being single mothers)

The murder happened in the early evening of Friday March 29, 2013 on Rua Gustavo Monteiro, in Barrio Novo, Camocim de São Félix, a small town about 20 miles from Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil. The victim was one 44 year old João Torres Galindo who lived on the street where he was killed.

Police said the victim lived with a single woman and recently had a falling out with her and ended up beating her with punches and kicks. The woman was hospitalized which angered her son who assaulted his stepfather and knifed him to death. The stepson was caught red-handed by the military police and surrendered himself to them.

If the victim was a reader of Best Gore, he would have known what high a chance kids of failed women stand at becoming murderers and would have stayed away. This is not the first time we’ve heard of a stepson killing his stepfather.

For those who need help steering the fuck clear of the plague that is single mothers, just picture someone else’s ejaculate smeared all over her fucking cunt cause that’s what happened 9 months before she spawned the kid. There’s probably some rotting residue of his sperm on that fucking cervix still. You don’t wanna stick your own dick into that mess.

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53 thoughts on “Man Knifed to Death by Stepson After Beating His Single Mother”

    1. Damn you cock looks good…me want to slurp on it!!! S-L-U-R-P! Anyway, yeah l agree with everyone, don’t beat your wife up knowing she has an adult Son that can easily kick your ass to next Tuesday…or in this case, to your next life. It is just common sense….Also common sense to stay away from single mothers. There’s almost always drama when it comes to hooking up with women who have children.

      1. A CUNT. and b.t.w. i think i know why baked answered like he did because some women & men like rough sex play and thats ok as long as both parties agree. My ex Hungarian girlfriend was very violent and broke a huge glass ashtray over my head. Bleeding perfusely and yelling at her she backed up & stepped on the glass and cut her foot. The neighbours hearing all the commotion called the cops. And guess what ? I got arrested and had to go to court ( go-figure )

  1. Why do single mothers think its okay to bring men around their children? Go ahead and date but don’t bring them around your fucking children until you know you are going to commit to that person.

    I’m tired of stories where a woman has a 5 month old baby and her new live in boyfriend (who never works) was “watching” the kid while she was at work. Mom comes home to baby who is acting funny but does nothing and wakes the next day to a dead kid. Moms new dildo admits he shook the kid or slammed it against a wall because it “wouldn’t stop crying while he was playing video games”. Every god damn day. I wish they could force sterilization.

      1. Of course that’s the responsible thing to do but these women are anything but responsible. Having three kids with three different men. In the mean time moving the kids around from vag filler to vag filler and every new one becomes “daddy” of the month. All they do is fuck, pop out kids, and fuck some more. Kids run wild with no discipline while “mommy” is going out hitting the bars.

        I know these women make me sick also. I have a two year old and have never left her EVER so I could go out drinking or even to dinner (only time I have is to the doctors or somewhere necessary to be). I am waiting til she starts school so I can finish my masters. These women are selfish and put their wants and needs ahead of their children’s.

        1. You are the exception gcs, not the rule.
          I watch the program “The First 48” and am constantly hearing that the victim (usually black) has several kids… one guy even had 7 kids with 7 different women. I have to wonder about these women… are they THAT desperate.
          They must have no self worth to allow guys like that near them.
          Heavy sigh… hell in a hand basket.

          1. I know. My partner (her father) and I live together but are not together. He can go out if he wants and do as he pleases but after a few times when she was very young he decided nobody was worth the time away from our daughter. Not once has she ever been without one of us around.

            When I first found out I was pregnant I had state insurance because it was right after my car accident and the only place that I could get an appointment at was the “clinic” at U of Penn in the ghetto. I was the only white person and the only one without ten kids going wild. There was only one other partner there with his pregnant woman. A janitor passing by who knew him apparently struck up a conversation while I was getting blood drawn, according to my partner. They were talking about kids and the janitor said he had 14 kids with 9 women. The man said it was his 7th with 4 women. My partner was shocked, but not really. Not surprisingly I made sure to renew my Blue Cross insurance and went to a wonderful private practice in the suburbs where every woman was accompanied by her partner. Go figure.

          2. I have friends who are doing the same thing gcs… broken up but still live together for the children’s sake.
            I admire them and you greatly for that… must be hard though.
            Not many people take responsibility like that.
            As for myself I knew I never wanted kids because I knew I wanted to take care of my parents when they no longer could.
            I have been caring for my parents (who suffer/ed from Alzheimers) since 2006. It is now just me and Mum as Dad passed away (2 years ago today actually).
            I tried putting Mum in care until I realized what a toxic and unsafe environment it was… now she’s safely back home with me.

            It’s a pleasure to meet you gcs15 🙂

            Rest In Peace Dude… I love you and miss you XOX

        2. Yes we absolutely tired of these kind of things. However, these kind of things are the nature of animal, at lease mammals.
          If a child is not of his house, a male would be really negative about the kid since he has nothing to do with the kid, plus an significant pressure that he will gain that tremendous responsibility in breeding somebody else’s children, if he want to mate that particular female who is the mother of the said kid.
          When animal change their reproductive partners, what will often happen is that the male would get rid of the offspring of the last sex mate of its new partner.

          1. That seems like a nice arrangement. Kind of like an open marriage. Not as much baby mama drama, but still present in your spawns life and having the in house pum pum. having your cake and eating it aswell.

          2. @sil, yes like lions. When a new male takes over the pride he kills all the offspring of the previous male and chases off the young males in the pride. By killing the offspring he initiates the female going into estrous and carrying on his own bloodline.

            @cheap thrills, yes it’s open. I think monogamy for life is a ridiculous concept but I completely understand wanting to settle with someone for children, financial, and other reasons. When I was pregnant and the baby was first born I would get angry he stayed out all night. Now IDC. As long as he’s there when she’s awake, why should I care? Children do better in a stable two parent household, we both agreed we don’t want new “mommies” or “daddy’s” coming around and leaving. What we choose to do in our personal time is our own but our top priority is the same.

  2. the murder happened……………… always a good introduction to a story. Mark, I get the impression that you beat off often cuz you don’t wanna stick your dick where other ejaculate has been. don’t blame you bro. jizz is nasty stuff.

  3. I don’t know, but I don’t blame the son in this situation. Obviously poor choice of husband by the mother, nothing shocking there women like to be treated like garbage and then when the same guy beats the shit out of them everyone is shocked. But if someone beat up my momma I would do the same, maybe not kill him, because I don’t want to do the time.

  4. Abusers aren?t narcissistic enough because if they realize the second they hit the woman their life is over, they would never do it. But alas, the world is full of abusers and victims who go through the dance until someone ends up dead or in jail. I have anger issues but I?d never hit a woman because I care about me too much to ruin my life. Tsk Tsk.

    1. Anger issues here too. Especially when a job that requires to deal with Moronic customers. Even family members are the ones that can trigger a episode, and then they ask why the Hell I don’t even visit them at all. Today, I punched the wall with my right hand, not a good idea physically, but emotionally I let go some steam.

  5. At least we know this guy loved his mother and would not let anyone hurt her. This prick got what he deserved, and, honestly what was he expecting? For her son to just sit by and let his mother get beat on? Pft, his life was clearly insignificant to begin with. Good riddance to him. I hope somehow the son can get off on a deal plea or get some kind of self-defense case. I bet his mother loves him 100x more than she did now. I would love my son if he did something like this for me. (I don?t have kids nor would I ever be a single mother, but let?s just pretend.) As brutal as it is.

  6. I’ve never met a single mom that wasn’t hard working and dedicated, including my own. Especially my own, for that matter. It’s never that surprising when men bail on their families because it’s so common. If it wasn’t for all the single mommies taking care of shit men couldn’t handle where would we be? Dead or in an orphanage, that’s where. Saying single moms are scum is just illogical and obviously not thought out very well.

  7. I have to ask, why this hate against single mothers? I honestly don’t get it. I live in Norway and have no clue to why being a single mother is bad. – Over here we do a hell of a good job with or without a partner 🙂

    1. Everywhere that is not Norway, is not Norway. As a US citizen, Norway, in comparison, is a little larger than the state of New Mexico. As a hazel-eyed blondie I could walk the streets there without getting butt-raped or kidnapped and having an ear or eye mailed home for ransom, like in Brazil or Thailand. Most importantly, Norwegian’s don’t wear flip flops.

      HOWEVER… My dad died when I was two. My Norwegian-blooded mom dated an angry wop from Brooklyn who enjoyed beating us for eight years, until he died from a heart attack, t/g.

      So it’s not hatred against single moms, but you are all scarred by the stupidity of most single moms in that a lot are single for a reason. Mainly, mating with other ignorant people or being dumbasses yourselves, forcing a pregnancy to save a relationship or some other trash excuse, like religious belief or letting everyone cum inside you because it feels good.

      Brown people, especially those with flip flops, are inherently evil and ignorant, with the exception of the handful given the gift of intelligence. India is full of stupid people who die in crazy ways. We watch them all here, every day. China, Thailand, Brazil, Iraq, etc… Pick a South American or Mediterranean land mass.

      Unfortunately the sad truth is those with brains are beaten until stupid by flip flops or sticks or stones or burned or whatever, because the dumb fear intelligence and / or being made to look stupid in the light of the brightness of knowledge.

      So why am I in my 30’s and single, with no kids? FEAR. Fear of psycho women. Fear of giving away half my life to a disgruntled woman. Fear of having a kid used as a tool against me.

      There are so many kids abandoned by not just dads, but mom’s, too, living in shelters, wishing they had a home. Why go to a breeder for a dog when the pound has tons?

      So Jeanette, it isn’t so much hatred of single mothers, than it is venting towards ignorance.

      So why are you here?

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