Man Live Streaming Anti Government Protests in Nicaragua Captures Death of Another Cameraman

Man Live Streaming Anti Government Protests in Nicaragua Captures Death of Another Cameraman

An independent reporter covering anti-government protests in the town of Bluefields on the south coast of Nicaragua, captured the death of another independent reporter while streaming his footage live from a cell phone.

The victim was identified by Nicaraguan media as Angel Gahona. He was just describing a smashed ATM machine when gun shots rang out and he fell lifeless to the ground. It is not clear who fired the shot.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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77 thoughts on “Man Live Streaming Anti Government Protests in Nicaragua Captures Death of Another Cameraman”

  1. Seems to have been an assassination, I did not hear any subsequent shots into the crowd ?

    Whoever it was either had to be at very close range or one hell of a shot. Single gunshot right into the head. The only person that seemed close enough to the victim to pull it off without a long range accurate weapon was the guy live streaming. Smart phone in one hand, pistol in the other ???? the plot thickens

    1. weird. Some police had just walked by. You would think a cold blooded murder right in front of them would not be expected. Unless it was them, or a sniper from a distance. the shot sounded far away. but not that far away. Like across the street. You would think a guy would not take a shot with cops walking 50 ft up the st. Unless by some strange coincidence it was a stray. Unlikely, but possible.

      1. Apparently the cameraman’s gun had a silencer on it which muffled the gunshot making it sound as if it came from long distance.
        Clearly a case of just another gunhappy cameraman. Case closed.

    2. I do not believe that the camera man fired the gun.
      1) The sound came from a few feet away. Most guns produce sounds that is over 135 db level. This is why most hitman tend to tilt their head in adjacent with the gun while tilting their head in a downward motion to avoid the sound wave path while shooting guns.
      2) Bullets leave the nozzle with such velocity depends on the mass, its impossible not to register any kinetic activity from the video if it was shot by the same person. Not even a single jerk as the shot is fired.
      3) It was filmed in a dark environment so if the camera man had shot the guy, how come the video did not captured any muzzle flare?

      1. Agreed, Juan. It’s difficult to determine since the victim is off camera when he’s shot, but you can clearly see both men’s shadows. “Angel” (Onion, whatever, poor son of a bitch) is turned TOWARD the cameraman/alleged-gunman. The shadows are so clear, you would have been able to SEE him pull the gun.

        Additionally, there’s no entry wound on the victim’s face. He’s bleeding from his nose, but that’s no uncommon. He was shot in the back of the head. It’s pretty obvious from the way the blood is pooling.

        There were a LOT of people around. And cops. A stupid place to shoot someone THEN HANG AROUND and film some more. Gunman shot him, unseen, and walked away. Clearly, Angel pissed someone off, and that turned out to be the wrong person.

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