Man Livestreams Video with Corpse of Someone He Just Killed

Man Livestreams Video with Corpse of Someone He Just Killed

Man Livestreams Video with Corpse of Someone He Just Killed

I don’t have any backinfo about this murder case, but apparently it’s from India. There are three videos. Two were livestreamed by the murderer, who filmed himself with the corpse of someone he had murdered. The third shows the apparent arrest of the murderer with a crowd of onlookers looking to score closeup videos to impress their social media surrogates with.

Props to Best Gore member @zer0-76 for the videos. Here are the two livestreamed video of the murderer with the corpse:

And the video of the arrest:

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    1. Notice how in a ‘crime of passion/hate’ there has been repeated stabbing
      around the throat?
      Just like ? .. Nicole Simpson
      After someone* who had reason to really, really, really hate her (through
      jealousy perhaps?) attacked her throat like Mike Tyson with a blade
      I wonder who ? …. Hmmmm ….
      I hope her ex-lover hires some really good lawyers !

    2. Looking by the haircut, the deceased is a dude
      But seems to have floral patterns pants, and shirt tucked
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      And what IS that thing covering the lower part of the leg?
      Looks like a t-shirt with a lump of iron in it or something heavy
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  1. The scrooge did scramble down that flight of stairs like a rock star though . And for a moment from a security angle it looked like some celebrity figure was being escorted to the center stage for an opening act , but then , the illusion got swooshed off suddenly and what
    every one saw was a unibrow clown with blood smears on his cinema scope face and then the reality struck hard when the write up of the incident was readily read through.

    The central idea was to live stream knitting a sweater with the unibrow and make it to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not but in doing so; the mistress of horror struck a chord and live streamer realized its a bad idea after all .
    Next came the killing part which was easier than knitting a sweater and then the arrest followed later on which was even more
    easier than anything else witnessed so far by the BESTGOREIANS .
    As for the tongue twisting and hand banger of lingo the world atlas is still being looked at for its exact origin .

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    Hey OZ guy the crap you just read was meant for laughs .

    1. Me thinks that thing looking like a giant spider’s nest in the corner of that room is Indian version of a western hammock . Looks like the unibrow killer used to often nest there feeling like a giant spider.

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  4. Why do people photo, video, and even live feed their crimes? One time a badly knocked someone out on a trail in a secluded area, because this guy turned to walk directly in my path, so I thought I was being disrespected. I ran and hit him square in the face with an elbow with all of my weight behind it and I thought I had actually killed him. The last thing I wanted to do was whip out my cell phone and record what I had done. He awoke but had terrible amnesia, he kept forgetting everything I told him, it was insane. The only thing I got from him was that he wasn’t from the area and his first name. I sat him on a bench, ran to my apartment, got my car and drove him to the ER. I lied and said I accidentally head butted him and that neither of us were looking. I never got interrogated even with two cops standing right there by the nurses. They didn’t even ask for an I.D or my name. I was concerned, I got scared over what I had done and was praying for his recovery but I never found out what happened to him. The next day, I called the hospital and asked what happened to him but they wouldn’t tell me because I didn’t know his last name. No way in hell would I start filming what I had done or ever will for any other unpleasant incident.

      1. I tend to be harmless, unless blatantly provoked. I don’t make noise with my mouth, I just kind of explode violently. It’s only happened a few times in my life. I don’t get the noise making with words that seems common with most people, especially the recording of their potential fight or fight. Making threats with words just sets you up to be assaulted first. But this incident I truly regretted doing, I never found out why he did what he did, I don’t even know if it was on purpose but it seems like it was. What I did still haunts me from time to time.

  5. the neat placement of the FLIP FLOPS besides the body is probably due to some indian ritual practice, like the dead needs the flip flops to walk into nirvana or wherever place these ugly sons of bitches go when they die

  6. At first I thought the officer was holding an umbrella over the killers head, an I was like “how nice is that”, till I realized it was a fucking wheel brace he had!! Ready to skull fuck any one of these dress wearing DL faggots…

  7. I recognise this incident. It was a while back and i was wondering why it wasn’t up here yet. Let me give you guys some more information and prerequisites if you will.
    WhatsApp is a BIG thing here in India. Along with it are these tiktok kinda apps like helo and sharechat which helps people make incredibly cringe music videos with ease. So any video made by anyone is extremely likely to end up on one or the other groups on WhatsApp with the right content. Heck, i have even found porno on a local group for animal welfare. I always keep my eyes peeled for interesting stuff like this. Most of the time its absolute cancer with village idiots posting gay tiktok videos. Sometimes stuff like this pops up.

    With our sheer population we are able to push out app install figures in the millions and with relentless people forwarding videos, its quite unsurprising really.

    Now for the video. What an amazing story of incredible dumbness. This guys has a few screws missing. Kills a dude and makes a music video. Not that its even close to the worst I’ve seen on this site but i haven’t seen that many people be like ‘hey i just killed someone let me make a music video about it because why not’. It has a certain uniqueness to it. The incident was in a state called Kerela and i can indeed confirm the same because i am from this particular state. I can understand what the people are speaking and also read some of the sign boards in the background. India has an extremely diverse population so every state has a different language or dialect. There is a high amount of migration from the North/Central parts of India to the southern state of Kerala from what i have personally experienced. Its important to keep in mind that most of these people are uneducated and only travel some 2000kms for working as unskilled manual labour. It’s not uncommon for these people to have fights, gambling dens and petty crime groups to sustain themselves in a different state with a completely different language. Of course, most people know Hindi and English, but the native residents certainly have a attitude of indifference towards these people. The person in the video almost certainly a daily wage labourer and its highly probable that the victim was one as well. Maybe it was some issue regarding money or something really petty because hey, when did these illiterate people ever have a sense of rationality. Most of the video including the audio is chaos. I could make out words like “killed with a knife”,”Chicken shop”(This happened above or inside a meat shop i believe) from the crowd. The police officers were definitely a bit flustered and even though a friendly local points out that an ambulance is waiting near the shop, they walk out with the victim towards an already jampacked road. Given the circumstances, it’s a sure shot bet that the political parties in the area will spread the general agenda that the labourers coming from different parts of the country are a problem.

    I’m just an ordinary Indian guy. Ask me anything. Sorry for the long post and typos if ayn 🙂

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