Man with Mental Problems Stabs Woman Inside Clothing Store in China

Man with Mental Problems Stabs Woman Inside Clothing Store in China

Man with Mental Problems Stabs Woman Inside Clothing Store in China

Somewhere in China, a man said to suffer mental health problems stabbed a woman in the neck inside a clothing store.

The saleswoman took a bit to realize what is going on. Then squeezed herself tightly past the crazed man like that was the sanest route to safety.

Both the stabber and the victim were barefoot in the store. Makes you wonder if she maybe was his privileged wife who was taking too fucking long looking at clothes.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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          1. mentally ill, that’s like 65% of the American population.
            high as balls,.. that accurately describes 70% of college freshmen on a saturday night, the frats…
            Let’s hand them some chopsticks!!

          2. 在中国,女人很喜欢逛街买衣服。当女人试穿了衣服,只要你夸赞说穿起来很好看。这些女人大概率都会买这件衣服。

          3. He says: In China, women really like to walk around shopping for clothes. When a woman tries some clothes, you only need to praise her by saying that it looks good on her. Then these women will most likely buy the clothes

          1. Eww! I HATE sushi. The first time I tried it my ex dragged me to the sushi place when I was on 7 hits of acid. The food was crawling around and the whole experience threw me into a bad trip. Never again.

      1. @CoyoteSam (Or should I say CoyoteUgly?)

        Oh there’s a difference, but I don’t suspect a dumb hooker like yourself to realize that… For instance, Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world, also one of the most secular (non-religious) countries… Eastern Asians also have the highest IQ, among every other race including white Europeans… but whites have a higher IQ than south Asians, and Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia are South Asian countries and also have pretty high crime rates, as everyone already knows IQ plays a role in all of that, along with how religious a country is. Plus, Japanese culture is amazing and beautiful… So are the people.

          1. if you live in japan, you have to put up with a shitload of japanese fuckwits, fukushima radiation and american rapists. yeah, great fucking country alright.

          1. Hahahaha. Svarg you are on point.
            I love when Asians try to show their “genetic and cultural superiority”.
            Those rice munchers sure are good for a laugh.

        1. @Richard
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    1. Ha ! Yes, that exact scenario has run through my head a couple of million times whilst shopping with fussy females who don’t realise their arse is going to look huge in whatever they put on……..

        1. Is that actually a problem? I think too much focus is placed on fat ladies’ poop chutes.
          Nothing like a spinner. It’s fun to fuck while standing upright holding the chick in the air (sans wall support).

  1. Not unusual to be barefoot here in Australia – may be the same in China. But then again, if you’re trying on slacks and need another size, you’re not going to put your shoes on to walk out of the change cube to find the next size up……or down (as the case may be)…….

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  2. poor chink probably got frustrated couldn’t do more to his unsatisfied wife, if i married to that Asian chick, i’d zipp out my tusk and let her stand on it to reach to top of the shelf if require.

  3. Women literally have the minds of children. Why? Because they’re SUPPOSED TO BE in order to take care of the Man, his children, and his home.

    The world sucks right now mostly because women are in a fallen state and Are attracted to beta orbiting males who bow down to these idiot women every whim.

    Women are to serve mankind. As helpers. They’re designed for that purpose alone. They’re supposed to be endlessly kind and always doing good deeds.

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  4. Never understood the attraction in bare feet freshly shaven underarms are super hot to look at however & a massive turn on. Licking & smelling is disgusting its just the sight which is sexy can’t help but stare at women doing hair in public

  5. Disappointing.
    I was wanting to see ISIS levels of gore on the floor and all we get is a few drops here and there.
    Fucking incompetent couldn’t even hit an artery despite stabbing her in the neck.
    It isn’t that fucking difficult you muppet!

  6. I’m sorry to disappoint you all but that is certainly not the case here.
    I am a Vietnamese so I know this happened in Vietnam and it was not a mental case but a robbery.
    They were a couple. The man is 17 who was working at a restaurant and the women is 22 who is student at a college. Their parents do not agree with their relationship so they fled to somewhere else and because they had no money so they planned a robbery.
    They had scouted that shop and because there was only one female employee they decided to return again in the evening in order to execute their plan.
    Thankfully the female employee only suffered minor injuries. Seeing the video shared on Facebook they decided to go to a police station and confessed their crime, at least that was what they told the police. Now they are awaiting their trial behind bars.
    Thank you for reading and sorry for the long post.

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